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Does knowing the Bible Make you a Good Person?

Updated on August 11, 2016

Are you a Good Person Because you Know the Bible?

People read the bible supposedly to get close to God, to know God, and to know his son. Hither though people can read the bible for different reasons. Good and bad people can read the bible. Reading, or having religious thoughts does not make you a good person. However doing the work of God and carrying out those thoughts defines who you are. Let us meditate on Luke 10:25-37. In this illustration a lawyer stands up to test Christ. He say's to Christ, "Who is my neighbor?" Christ replied giving an illustration, "A man was going from Jerusalem to Jericho and he fell into the hands of two robbers. The robbers stripped, beat, and robbed him leaving him in the condition of being near death. A priest just so happen to pass by on the same road but when he saw the beaten man he crossed over to the other side and carried on his way. A levite also was traveling the same road on foot and crossed over to the other side as well after seeing the beaten man. Further more a Samaritan was on his journey and saw the beaten man on the road. He felt compassion for the poor soul. The Samaritan poured wine and oil on the mans wounds and afterwards carried him to an Inn to take care of him. The following day the man payed the Inn keeper to take care of him, and said he would pay more money when he comes back. Christ said to the lawyer, "which of three men traveling on the road is the mans neighbor that was beaten." The lawyer replied, "The one that showed him mercy." Christ said in response, " You go and do like wise."

The moral of this illustration is that any one can know the bible, and have religious thoughts. but it is the work of those thoughts that will define the goodness in you. To have knowledge of God's words, to go to church every Sunday, and to quote scripture does not make you close to God. Thousands and thousands of people go to church hoping to get into heaven, while there are thousands of homeless people on the streets. The way to serve God is to not only study the words of God, but to do the words of God. The bible says that faith with out works is dead. James 2:14:26 goes on to say that what does it profit someone to have faith but no works. It further goes on to say if your brother or sister is destitute of food and clothing and you speak religiously to him, " Go in peace and be warmed and filed." What good are the words from your mouth is going to do for that person? Faith without works is dead.

What message are you sending, only knowing the word of God without works

What message could a person be sending when he or she thinks that all they have to do is know the scriptures to get to heaven. Firstly you have to have the mentality for it. Persons just can not say, "I am going to start doing Gods work so that I can get into heaven." Having that mentality is saying that you are just doing the work so that you can show favor in the eyes of God and get into heaven. This thinking is saying look at me, I am doing this. Showing Godly works have to come straight from the heart and not the mind. There is so much evil in the world today, and some of that evil exist because good men sit and do nothing.

There are some church organizations that tell their congregation not to associate themselves with people who are not of their religion and share their same ideas. This can create narcissistic personality types. When people put on that personality it will grow into a characteristic of, " I am better than you." When a church does this they have set themselves up as the authority before God, and the people carrying that personality has set their ego up before God. Having a narcissistic personalty is unhealthy and dangerous. Promoting this idea breeds people that look down on others that are not their specific religion and think that they have the authority to look down on others because they are of their specific religion. These types of people are blinded by their own ego's and do not realize that they have a responsibility to their God to do the work of their God. Looking down on people who are not your religion is not doing the work of God.This narcissistic personality type will grow to feel that it has a sense of entitlement, treating those outside of their religious family bad and only treating their fellow conformist right. When the Samaritan helped the beaten man on the road, he did not first ask,"are you a Christian?" He did the will of God.


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    • pan1974 profile image

      April 15 months ago from Columbus,Ga

      Thank you

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 15 months ago from Shelton

      a very well written hub pan..:)