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Dominic Cummings: Scientifically Qualified?

Updated on April 26, 2020

What exactly is the point of Dominic Cummings? Is he the same as what Alistair Campbell was to Tony Blair? Some Machiavellian, Svengali who is the power behind the throne?

It would appear leaders down the ages, have their right-hand person or henchperson (all things being equal these days) and today's leaders are no different.

When Boris became the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, Boris was no different, his Machiavellian spin-doctor was one, Dominic Cummings.

Many a raised eyebrow happened, when the press found out, Cummings was working from No 10, along with Boris. The official title of Cummings job is as a political strategist and Cummings was also behind the Vote Leave campaign. Cummings has been in post working with Boris since July 2019. The other job title Cummings goes by is Boris' Chief Advisor.

Cummings also served as the chief advisor to Michael Gove and before that, he was dismissed from his post when working with former Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Dominic Cummings despite his (one would have thought) right political leanings and Conservative association, Cummings denies this. His views in his own words are: "not Tory" but, "libertarian, populist and anything else", whatever anything else means?

Speaking of populism, Cummings blamed the European Union, for the rise of far-left and right populist movements within the countries, that make up the, EU.

Many see Dominic Cummings as a dangerous man (who also took to isolation because he caught COVID, presumably from Boris, some time ago) and is the real power, in, No 10.

The controversy came up this week about Cummings sitting on the sub-committee of Sage (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). They are the body of 23 scientists, currently, advising the government about the handling of COVID, in the UK.

It is alleged in a report, that Cummings and his friend from the 'Vote Leave' campaign, Ben Warner, attended meetings as part of SAGE. If true, in what capacity were Cummings and Warner attending the SAGE meeting? Were they there representing the government so they could report back to Boris? Are they even scientifically qualified to be there?

Shadow Health Secretary for Labour, Jonathon Ashworth, has questioned why Cummings and Warner were allegedly at the SAGE meeting/meetings.

Again, according to the report, Cummings and Warner attended the SAGE meetings from 23 March, when the country went into lockdown.

The question, has to be asked, where now is Dominic Cummings? Since he went to ground suffering from Coronavirus. Also, if he well is again, is he currently serving in No 10, while Dominic Raab, is, carrying out the work, of 'Acting Prime Minister'.

Meanwhile, it appears Bozo the clown, is recovering at 'Chequers', but as of yet, there is no mention, as and when he will return to being Prime Minister.


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