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Don McGahn, Former White House Attorney

Updated on May 18, 2019
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As an American, it is worrisome to see that the President would knowing break the law without a blink of an eye and ask others to do it.

Don McGahn
Don McGahn

Don McGahn was an important part of the White House Administration's legal team. Trump confided in him and what Don McGahn testified to in the Mueller report is of great importance since he had first hand knowledge.

Don McGahn served for 21 months as part of the White House Counsel under President Trump. His path to the White House took him through the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), where he worked for seven years.

In 2008, George W. Bush nominated him to be a member of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) where he worked to deregulate and block regulations. Where he was very good at the job he was given until his resignation in 2013.

He then went to work for the Jones Day law firm, where they represented Alfa-Bank and businesses belonging to the Oligarchs, like Viktor Vekselberg and OlegDeripaska who were involved in the Mueller investigation with ties to Putin as well as Trumps inner circle.

He would then become a part of the Trump team.

  • Served as Trump's Counsel during the election in 2016
  • Served as General Counsel of the Presidential Transition Team
  • Nov 2016, Served as White House Counsel for the President- Elect's new administration.
  • Jones Day- represented Trump's campaign dealings with Robert Mueller and received a waiver to speak to his old employer regarding the case.
  • McGahn recommended the Supreme Court Nominees, Gorsuch & Kavanaugh
  • McGahn and his team of lawyers, 14 from the Jones Day law firm that work in the White House, coming there with McGahn.
  • McGahn recommended Alexander Acosta to the position of Labor Secretary

During the two plus years that Don McGahn worked for Donald Trump's campaign and then his position at the White House, he was a part of Trump's team. Working to keep Trump out of legal trouble, until Trump put him in the position of having to decide whether to do what was right and legal or put his career on the line.

He chose to save his career and left the White House in late 2018.

As the Mueller report was released, Trumps anger towards Don McGahn began to show in the number of tweets he posted regarding Don McGahn, in true Trump fashion trying to discredit someone who told the truth about Donald J. Trump. And is trying to make sure that he doesn't testify before Congress, why? Because he was on the inside and close to Donald Trump and how he ran the White House for the time that he was a part of his legal counsel.

The scary part of this whole ordeal, is the fact that stands out the most, is the ties that Trump and the Republicans have to Russia.

And even with all this background information from the investigation and for Don McGahn, first hand knowledge; he quit his job but did not want to testify against Trump, to the point that subpoena's were mentioned.

Don McGahn spoke to the Mueller investigation team

Mueller's view on obstruction

Is Trump continuing to obstruct?

Though the report has been completed and turned over to the Attorney General, the report itself has left many questions unanswered and opened up the investigation by Congress with many leads as to the obstruction by President Trump and his newly appointed Attorney, General.

Attorney General Barr has taken on the responsibility of protecting Trump, opening himself up to all types of speculation. Especially when using divisive words like "spying", when in fact is was and is an investigation.

The job of the Attorney General is that of Head of the Department of Justice. Supports the heads of the executive departments and overseas governmental legal affairs. By delegation from the Attorney General- the Assistant Attorney General is in charge of the office of legal counsel and provides legal advise to the President of the United States.

Together, Trump and A.G. Barr have obstructed and continue to obstruct the investigation by the House in refusing to turn over documents and or appear before Congress for questioning and ordering others to obstruct as well.

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