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Donald J. Trump Makes a Joke of Russian Meddling

Updated on June 28, 2019
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America must always come first, never side with the enemy. Our Flag is what unites us and should never divide us.

Trump and treasonous acts

In law, treason is criminal disloyalty to the state. It is a crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's nation or sovereign.

Trump has gone on many tirades several thousand on twitter since his election. Whenever he feels slighted or the pressure of an investigation or just when he doesn't like someone they have committed treason, according to Trump.

Trump is a President, not a king who's subjects must bow to and yet he acts as though they should and when they don't he lets the wrath of treason flow.

  • Democratic lawmakers who didn't clap at his State of Union Address were un-American and treasonous.
  • In April, when Democrats are working with Mulvaney a member of his administration on a border deal, Trump accuses the Democrats of treason because of "their" border security policy. Even though Trump and the Republicans held all the power for 2 years to pass immigration laws and did nothing.
  • He called the Mueller investigation "treason" and wanted all those involved to be charged. The investigation was put in place by the Republican Party, Mueller, the head of the investigation is a Republican.
  • Trump called the Obama era FBI "treasonous" and called for them to serve long jail sentences. This was merit-less. Just another of Trumps 10,000 lies.

Yet not one of these "treasonous" acts he cried out about had anything to do with disloyalty to our country. Not one of these had to do with a cover up on our nation.

Now Trump continuously sides with Putin over our own country and today, on national television, he makes the sanctity of our countries elections a joke. With all the facts pointing to meddling from Russia, formal indictments against them for those acts and Donald J Trump representing America makes light of our countries elections.

As a true American and Patriot, we should all be disgusted at this behavior.

The bro-mance continues. Putin and Trump.
The bro-mance continues. Putin and Trump.

Donald Trump bro-mance with Putin continues

Donald Trump landed at the G20 OSAKA Summit of 2019 and ran into the arms of his bro-mance, Putin.

During a media moment, Trump almost gushed when he said, "We have a very good relationship."

Putin, more professional, said that they had much to discuss.

When a reporter then asked Donald J. Trump if he would talk to Putin about not meddling in the election; he chose to make a joke of it. He leaned over and light-heartedly said "Don't meddle in the election."

This is the President of the United States, treating the Russian President with kid gloves.

An American President that supports his country, would have answered with something more professional; may saying something like "we have much to discuss and the elections will be part of that discussion"? To turn it into a joke, just showed the world what a joke of a President Trump is.

Trump makes light of Russia meddling

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