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Donald John Trump

Updated on August 23, 2017
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a businessman and media proprietor. He was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America on 20th January 2017. He is one of the oldest persons to assume the office of president. Donald Trump had been involved in politics for a long time with different political groups and parties. In 2015 Donald Trump applied as a Republican nominee for candidacy for presidency of the United States of America and emerged as a front runner for the presidential nominee for the Republican party by 2016. Most of Trump’s campaign policy was driven towards emphasis on strengthening America as a world leader. A lot of his pre-elections campaigns consisted of populist agendas. His stance has also been described as nationalist. A lot of rallies of Donald Trump had huge number of supporters or crowds attendants. His opponent was Hillary Clinton who was chosen as the Democratic nominee. According to reports Hillary Clinton seemed to have done well in presidential debates and her presidential election campaign. She was given an advantage over Donald Trump in many states. In 2016 Donald Trump won the United States presidential election by winning more electoral votes than Hillary Clinton although he lost the popular vote. He became the fifth president of the United States to assume office after losing the popular vote. Hillary Clinton, who was the frontrunner in the exit polls, was expected to win the election. However Donald Trump’s victory came as a surprise for a lot of people. Donald Trump won the states of Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and few other swing states which helped him to clinch the majority of electoral votes. The majority number of electoral votes was 270 and Trump won 304 electoral votes.

Electoral Votes in 2016 Presidential election
Electoral Votes in 2016 Presidential election

General Policies of Donald Trump

In the energy sector the policy of the Donald Trump administration is to make United States of America have its own energy generation sources so that their dependence on the arab countries is minimised. The plan for energy generators is to create a surplus production in United States so that they may sell it to other countries. United States of America withdrew from the Paris Agreement which pledges countries to reduce green house and carbon emissions. This led to criticism of United States.

During the election campaign Donald Trump has called for reduced number of foreign immigrants in United States of America. The foreign immigrants who were banned from United States belonged to certain countries ad sections. After becoming president, this policy was imposed. As the policy was imposed it became difficult for citizens of many countries to get in United States. Due to several litigations that were filed, opposition to the policy and courts accepting a part of the policy, a limited effect of this policy was seen.

Healthcare is an important issues in the United States and Donald Trump administration’s policy is to remove the existing Obama care with a comprehensive health care program. Trump favours a better education policy for primary and secondary education. Trump administration favours a free trade system in a fair environment and Trump administration’s policy is to create a different tax rate system in the United States .

After assuming office Donald Trump passed certain orders which were aimed at deregulation. However due to some opposition and other reasons, following complete deregulation is not very easy which is opposed by many observers..

United States has been a leader in world politics for decades and Trump’s foreign policy is to have a better relationship with its allies. Certain suggestions from Trump were also aimed at having a better United States - Russia relations. However United States’ relationship with North Korea and few other countries remained turbulent.

During the election campaign and after assuming office, a lot of Donald Trump’s policies have been criticised by many observers. However support for the same also exists.

Trump Tower
Trump Tower

Life away from Politics

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. He obtained a degree in Economics and ran his family real estate business. With time he turned his business in an empire which is estimated in billions today. He started his television show and has written various books on businesses. Donald Trump received a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame in 2007. Trump owns many properties and estates in United States and has many ventures. His business and ventures have been in different fields like sports, education, modelling, casinos, acting and others .


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