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Donald, The Trump Card We've Been Waiting For

Updated on September 15, 2015
RJ Schwartz profile image

I'm on the right side of politics and enjoy a good debate on government, the economy, common sense, and the rights of the people.

The man and the momentum

Donald Trump, the businessman, the patriot, and potentially the Republican nomination for the office of President of the United States, is bringing his message to the American public in an unusual but refreshing way. He is unafraid of backlash, saying exactly what is on his mind and the mind of so many Americans. The Washington elite have been mismanaging the affairs of this country for far too long and he has stepped up to break the establishments ironclad grip on control and bring real action and real reform to how this nation is governed. The darts are being thrown from both the Republican and Democratic parties and the media is fueling it as they collectively hope for him to fail.

Yet, with each barb printed on-line, and each pundit making claims that Trump is finished, he and his brand grow stronger and his message resonates louder. With the second televised debate being held on Wednesday, September 16th, Mr. Trump is well positioned and ready to wield the knockout blow to many of the lower polling candidates. With Rick Perry already dropping out of the race, citing a crowded field and his voice not being heard over the thunder Donald Trump generates. We expect that the super PAC’s funding all of the other candidates are expecting some stronger results or that cash flow will dry up and the chances of those low polling ones will disappear and they too will withdraw.

Taking Charge Like a Great White Shark

The dominating presence Mr. Trump has cannot be easily replicated. His amazing personality and “take charge” attitude have been honed by years of experience in the high stakes world of real estate and business development. In those arenas, you are either a shark or bait, and Mr. Trump is one of the Great White Sharks. He stays on the attack, not allowing his weaker opponents time to build a defensive strategy against him, yet simultaneously making appearances and interacting with regular Americans. He takes the time to give praises and thanks to those who are part of his legendary ascent to the leading spot in the polls and offers a big dose of American bravado on how strong his candidacy really has grown to be.

What makes Trump special is more than just his magnetic personality and straight shooting language; it’s also his timing, which has been incredible. He opened up and made bold statements about the sorry state of our country’s immigration system and the unabated flow of illegal immigrants into our country without apologies and without fear of retribution from anyone. The unemployment rate has been terrible for an extended period of time and many people have ceased looking for work as there aren’t any jobs. Crime has been exploding in many cities and despite the mainstream media and current administrations attempts to cloud the reporting, greater and greater percentages of these crimes, especially the violent ones are being perpetrated by illegal aliens. Our welfare and public assistance programs are taxed beyond capacity and the use of these programs is dominated by immigrants both legal and illegal. People are angry and they want someone who will speak up for them. They want someone who will fix these injustices and turn support back to the taxpayers.

The Establishment Has Failed Us

Donald Trump has built his candidacy on the simple principle of stopping the “dumping ground” mentality the world has seen during the Obama administration with America being the benefactor of so much pain and suffering in the process. American citizens are fed up with being the world’s caretakers. They are sick and tired of seeing their tax dollars spent on programs to support people who are here illegally and have no intention of participating in society other than to take from it. Citizens and legal immigrants are being pushed out of their jobs by H-1B visa holders who will work for much lower wages and live like slaves. Our economy is being exploited and dollars earned here are being exported to other nations, denying the reinjection of cash that American businesses and services are seemingly due. American citizens are suffering from real threats such as starvation, the loss of their homes, and weakening of their families and also from emotional damage caused by the years of despair and anger at watching our current crop of politicians so easily give our nation away.

The establishment has failed us in more ways than we can count. Other than what President Obama rams through the system with Executive Orders, there have been no real impactful pieces of legislation passed in seven years. Obamacare can be considered impactful, but negatively to a degree that it’s destroying the entire healthcare system while the insurance companies grow stronger and wealthier. The Iran Nuclear legislation is a mitigated disaster with long-term failure written all over it. The education of our youth has been hijacked by common core, and we see deterioration in both the standards our youth are being held to and a Liberal slant on the curriculum being taught. History lessons are selectively edited to take all patriotism out of them and injected with modern viewpoints which are partisan in nature. Race relations are dangerously unbalanced as the politics of separation have pitted one group against another I n what could be all out war in the streets should it be allowed to continue. With special interest groups commanding most of the current docket, the rights of the many are being trampled by the newly minted rights of a very miniscule few.

Our Energy Sector is being decimated with forced closures of coal fired energy plants, mountains of regulations to try to stop fossil fuel development, and a money losing strategy of investing in so-called green energy systems. Government agencies such as the EPA, the IRS, and the NSA are being leveraged to a level never before seen and destroying lives of regular Americans in the process. Thuggish tactics and overstepping their rightful jurisdiction are now common practice for these empowered agencies. Our military has been quietly reduced in size and most of our seasoned commanders have been replaced by hand-picked men and women who are sympathetic with the Obama platform. These examples are just a few of the failures and if and only if we had one party in charge for the whole period might be able to be understood. But, that is not the case, because even with the balance of power shifted toward the Republicans in both houses, the injustices continue. Americans are starting to see that the problem is not with one party, but with the system itself.

Build The Wall Mr. President

The American media has denounced Trump as being xenophobic and a hate monger because he wants to uphold existing law and put up a border fence along the 1900 miles separating the United States from Mexico. Yet, this idea is quite common and has been part of world history for millenniums, with the Great Wall of China and Hadrian’s Wall in ancient Rome as two telling examples. The anti-wall crowd is losing momentum as events around the world unfold and more countries are taking similar actions on both securing their borders and stopping the flood of non-citizens into their countries.

Current reports are that there are 65 nations with existing walls or current building projects in the works for no other reason than to stop the flood of people into their lands, illegally whether they claim migrant status, are sneaking in illegally, or asking for asylum. Although many of these people are looking for a better life, they are trying to do so at the expense of taxpayers and citizens of those countries. Other groups are more sinister in nature with known criminals, gang members, drug dealers, murders, and sexual abusers are lumped into the hordes of moving humans. Military forces are being deployed to defend these borders and what are now physical clashes along these lines will soon erupt into chaos with mob violence resulting in a human toll of unimaginable levels. The walls are a symbol of security for these countries and when it really comes down to a “me against you” point, the wall will serve to protect “me.”


The flow of the almighty dollar and the ethereal jolt of power are the yin and yang of politics in America today. There are very few “good men and good women” stepping up to serve rather than take from this great nation. Greed distorts the ones who might have been successful at stopping some of the bad and they are gobbled up by the political machine. With no term limits, people have made a lifetime career of holding office, certainly not something the founding fathers could have foreseen. Many are certain that if things continue that the United States will crumble and go the way of so many great empires in history, corroded from within until total collapse occurs.

Donald Trump offers a chance to the citizens of America. Many might not like what he is saying because he does so in a loud and politically incorrect way, but the fact remains that he speaks the truth. Immigration both legally and illegally is hurting our nation. The current leadership has failed its citizens. The economy is being neglected. Common sense has been shelved at the expense of the masses. Regulations are stifling entrepreneurial investment and job creation. People live daily with uncertainty over everything.

Brining Back America, Strong & Proud

This is not the America we grew up in. That America was filled to the brim with hard working men and women who understood that the freedoms they had were granted to them from the great sacrifices of those who came before them and they were willing to make sacrifices as necessary to insure that continued. Patriotism and love of America was not only a given, but it was an accolade worthy of the highest praise and position of honor. The flag was revered and not trampled and burned by our enemies as they fear American retribution. We welcomed immigrants who came here legally with the goal of assimilating into our culture and becoming an American, not just moving to our land and taking from the providing hand. This nation has a history of doing the impossible, of rising to the challenge when things were at their darkest and emerging victorious, not apologizing and bowing down to other nations.

Americans don’t want to be the same as everyone else, we want to be better, because we work harder and longer and faster than anyone else – we have earned our position as the leader of the free world through the blood, sweat, and tears of our citizens. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to shout it out at the top of his or her lungs reminding the rest of the globe who is on top. Enter Donald Trump, a success story and iconic businessman, a leader and patriot, a visionary who doesn’t know the meaning of failure. Ask yourself this one question when you look across the field of candidates running for the office of President – Do they have what it takes to lead in the way America deserves to be led? Only one person has that esteemed honor, Mr. Donald Trump.

Last Man Standing

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Every day is one day closer to seeing Barack Obama out of the White House. We need leadership to right the ship we call America. I believe Donald Trump is that person - he may have some shortcomings, but he know how to surround himself with people who are winners, closers, and clean up men and women. Please feel free to comment either in agreement or if you wish to post an opposite view, I approve all comments and ask you keep them civil. Thanks for reading.


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