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Donald Trump: A Less-Than-One Term President

Updated on June 7, 2017

Donald Trump

The Election Process

Donald Trump was elected under curious circumstances in that he was not the preferred choice of the Republican Party. The fact that he was not a conservative, a ife-long Republican or even a politician made his candidacy unusual at best and strange at most. trump did not fit the mold of a typical presidential candidate which caused many to believe that he had no chance of winning the Republican nomination let alone the presidential election. But he did to the surprise of political experts and Trump himself. In a election night coup Donald Trump overcame overwhelming odds to become the 45th president of the United States.

And then reality hit.

Donald J. Trump

Reality Check

When Donald Trump assumed the office of president in January of this year he thought that he had a handle on how to perform as president. he gave the impression that he thought running the country would be a piece of cake which is no surprise because that is the same impression that he gave during the presidential campaign. But when he actually sat down to the task of being president he got a rude awakening concerning the gravity, difficulty and enormity of the job and it was clear to see he was overwhelmed by it. To combat and cope with the enormous and weighty aspects of the job he took to vacationing in Florida at his resort there. Clearly he had underestimated the complexity of the position and was looking for an escape from it.

Trump Family

Trouble Brewing

During the 2016 presidential campaign rumors starting circulating that Democratic Headquarters email servers had been hacked. These rumors were validated when private emails exchanged between Democratic Party leaders began to be leaked to the media. One email from Leon Podesta was particularly damaging in that it had a significant negative response from the public. It was suspected that Russian officials had something to do with the hacking but they vehemently denied any involvement. In addition presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to be defending them on several occasions going as far in one debate with Hillary Clinton to declare " a 400 pound person sitting on their bed" could be responsible. Later is was discovered that Russia had something to do with the incident and later after the election Donald Trump found himself smack dab in the middle of the controversy surrounding the activity.

Former FBI Director James Comey

Trump Gate

In addition to the investigation into email hacking an investigation regarding the embassy attack in Benghazi was initiated due largely to Donald Trump's continual pressing of the issue. Nothing unusual was found but by mere fact that the investigation was performed cast a huge cloud of doubt over Hillary Clinton that she never recovered from causing her to eventually lose the election. Trump was elected but that was the beginning of his sorrows.

Just weeks into his first term as president Donald Trump found himself coming under suspicion for his role in the Democratic email hacking incident. As more information became known it was revealed that Trump and members of his staff and family had a hand in the email hacking scheme to the point of trying to cover up their involvement and interfere with the investigation which is a felony punishable by jail time.

As it stands now the president and some key members of his staff are facing serious allegations regarding their involvement in the Russian hacking scheme. If found guilty of involvement Donald Trump could be facing impeachment charges of obstruction of justice which is the very same charge that was levied against Richard Nixon which forced him to resign from the presidency. If faced with the same dilemma Trump could do the same thing. At any rate even if he is not brought up on charges Donald Trump's presidency has suffered serious damage that it may not ever recover from.

Will he make it to the end of his term? Who knows but one thing is for sure, if he does make it he will probably limp across the finish line.

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