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Will Trump Start World War Three

Updated on May 28, 2019

Trump is on the Verge of Starting A war

Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States. President Trump is lacking in experience, knowledge, and skills in what it takes to be the president of the united states. Donald Trump has been in office less than 90 days, Syria air-base was bombed and Afghanistan and now in consultation with South Korea. What will happen in the next 50 days plus will America be in a war with North Korea?

April 6/ 2017 Ivanka Trump and her husband sat beside Inping the president of China at dinner getting approval from the Chinese government for three trade marks, giving it Monopoly to sell her brand jewelry, hand bags and spa service to the world second largest economy. Trump daughter is volunteering her time in an oval in the White House with access to secret files and making decisions about the faith of America..

In Syria 59 missiles gilded across the skies into Syria, president sat eating a piece of chocolate cake, boosting about how good it was , with no concerns about innocent lives and those precious little babies being killed. Trump has no military strategy his strategy is to blow the ----- out of them.

.Trump now is praising himself for ordering military to strike Syria with missiles without congressional approval, Nato was not is obsolete now it is.Trump is now trying to black mail democrats about Obama health care package by not paying providers. Donald Trump is a man who is posse power and will manipulate anyone until he get it.

in the first 50 days plus his first major bill was pulled, he tweeted in the weep hours of the night that the former Obama wire-tapped his hotel, his travel ban was blocked and his rating is down. Trump is a man that don't like losing he will lying and manipulate to get what he wants but is this the president that America wants or deserve.

Is Donald Trump out to deserve the legacy of the first Afro-America president because he was proven wrong about Obama birth place? Doing the 2016 election Trump flip-flopped through the debates downgrading women, Democrats, Republicans, Muslims and others. Some of Trump. rallies turned into violence acts with his supporters believing that Trump would give them what they wanted.

President Trump promised the American people that he would make America great again by creating more jobs, creating better help care, and protecting this country front nations of destruction.

President Trump the 45th of the United States is a loose cannon and could possibly start world war three by being careless and objective. It's time for Americans to demand that Donald Trump show his income taxes, if not what is he hitting.



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