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Donald Trump The Man That Has Turned This World Upside Down

Updated on July 9, 2017

The Holy Man The Upside Down Preacher

You might be wondering what this has to do with President Donald Trump, right? I guess I would also be wondering the same thing too. It has been my experience that when I get a message inside that I don't always know what the meaning is, that is until much later. Sometimes it comes in bits and pieces.

"The Holy Man The Upside Down Preacher" Is my message I received on this beautiful Sunday morning back in May in the year of 2015. As I ponder these words what comes to my mind is a man of God who preaches in a way that turns this world upside down. I am not talking about a radical preacher but a preacher or man of God who makes a difference, so much so that it changes a persons entire life. It also changes a place, a time, a moment, which stays with us always and is never forgotten. I suppose that can be radical but the power to make change is more of what I am getting at. Men of God come in all shapes and sizes, in other words from different backgrounds. One who acknowledges God as his God, and isn't ashamed of his testimony of Him and who God is.

But for the life of me it wasn't until Donald Trump became president that I realized that this was going to be the man that God was going to use to make this CHANGE. To turn this world upside down.

Ok I know some of you are saying "this man is no man of God" I say to you, who are we to question God's Holy purpose? None of us are perfect; only God Himself.

45th President of the United States

The Cyrus Of Today, Donald Trump
The Cyrus Of Today, Donald Trump | Source


The Trump family back in Germany were Lutherans, and his mother was a Presbyterian in Scotland. His parents met and married in a Presbyterian church. Donald Trump was a child attendee at Sunday school at this Presbyterian church. He believed in receiving the Holy Communion. For those that don't know what Holy Communion is, it is a sacrament of faith to Our Lord's Last Supper with His disciples. He gave them bread with the words "This is my body" and then with wine saying, "This is my blood", "Do this in remembrance of me".

Today President Trump has relationships with many Christians that are spiritual leaders, for example: Paula White, James Dobson, Ralph Reed to name a few. Many Evangelical Christians have expressed that they feel that Donald Trump's heart is in the right place, and his intentions for the country is pure. They believe that he is sincere in wanting to make change for the better.

I can honestly say that with all the time I have spent researching and studying Donald Trump, I believe in my heart this is the man that God is using to make change. Sometimes this means change, which don't always come easy. There will always be many oppositions that will oppose everything that Trump is trying to do. When a person doesn't see the entire picture on why these changes need to take place in order to save what may be a blessing down the road. They will fear it and then they will hate anything that means change from the norm of what they are use to. Even if it means sacrificing us to STOP that change from happening.

Donald Trump is a very strong willed as well as healthy man. In his lifetime he never once smoked a cigarette, drank or took a drug of any sort. That is really rare to find in modern society. Yet Donald Trump never tampered with any of these things that most of us at least tried once. We always reap what we sow. And Donald Trump always did alright for himself.

He believed in the positive message and always applied it to his life and to truly try to be the example for himself and his children.

Donald Trump Isn't a Politician

I myself have never been a politician, and I am still not one. However, this is the first time in my life that I actually followed someone closely as I have with Donald Trump; now the 45th President of United States. This is the first time that a President has my attention. Donald Trump the billionaire who had absolutely no political skills but is possibly now the one that can turn our country around from falling and going under.

I admit that when I didn't really know who he was besides from the TV show "Apprentice" I only watched it maybe a couple of times. In fact it was boring for me. And when he was first running for president he actually got on my nerves.

But it wasn't until I was personally driven to really check him out and research all of the facts, and then I was lead to support him. Not until I came to study his background or read on many good things he has done for others, I have come to know his heart. I knew very well that our country was headed in the wrong direction. It may survive what lies ahead if we have a strong man with a voice, to stand up against all wrong and corruption that is coming at us from many sides.

Okay, I know what your'e thinking, but why a man? Well I knew it couldn't be Hillary and it took me a lot of time and research to realize that Trump is the man that God put there for His Holy purpose. Why else would there be so much opposition? It has happened all through the bible for those that believe in the Bible. The disciples were always lied about, even Jesus was called a Devil. Matthew 12: 24 But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this man casts out demons.”

In Trumps case he is getting it from the media, celebrities, democrats and even within his own party. Which by the way I am neither Democrat or Republican, I am an Independent. I really don't think I will ever become a Democrat again as I used to be. Their example has turned me off completely, and such a shame.

Give Donald Trump Our President A Chance

If we can't support and respect the man that the Lord put in office then how can God bless us for not respecting His choice in who He put in office.

A Nation Divided Will Not Stand

Donald Trump won because many of us went out and voted, it has absolutely nothing to do with Russia

Our Country Was Heading Toward A Financial Crisis

I believe our Country was heading toward a financial crisis. Obama Care may seem nice to have but with all of the free handouts it is eventually going to fail. I understand that we have to help the poor, but not at the expense of the middle class that are now suffering because of their high premiums. And why should the rich be penalized because they are successful? I don't have much but I rather pay a little so that others don't have to pay out because of my situation that just isn't fair. There has to be a solution for all the people not just some of the people. I also have seen many abuse the system and that isn't right either. Our country will falter unless we have someone who can help fix it. And I can't wrap my mind around how we finally have someone who has given up everything (doesn't have to) to try to help us from failing and going down this slippery slope. This man is Donald Trump, he has the ability to make changes by using his God given gift to negotiate, in other words making deals to fix our economy, etc.

Financial Crisis That We Are Facing Today

Radical Islamic Extremist

I also believe that we need to clean up our country from radical Islamic extremist from trying to take over our Country with their Sharia Law agenda. What puzzles me is when I see many defending open borders? All Trump wants to do is enforce the law that is already there but no one cared enough to enforce these laws to keep our country safe. They are more interested in caring for everyone from other places coming in then they are of us who are from and/or already here. I just wonder if we would be as welcome over there in their country, the way we welcome them? Most likely not. There must be laws in place because without them there is no order.

Try studying the Sharia Law and see if many of you are on their same agenda. They will kill you if you're gay, Christian, Jew and even a Muslim if you refuse to abide by their extreme laws. Even before studying their way of life I knew with my own convictions that our country is at risk and is being targeted by these extremist. I now challenge you to study their belief system very carefully and to do your research on their agenda and purpose for the United States, as well as the entire earth.

Brigitte Gabriel's Epic and Brilliant Answer To "Most Muslims Are Peaceful..."

Cartels Are Running Rampant In Our Own Country

The Cartels are destroying our youth and they need to go back from where they came from. This is what I don't understand about parents who want open borders, to protect illegal immigrants. Yet our children are dying everyday from an over dose of drugs because of some of these things they are doing, strong example is by bringing in various drugs. Not only that but what about human trafficking, or exploiting our children by using them as sex toys? It is sickening. It's heartbreaking to be aware of what is really going on, yet see no one else is really paying attention to these crimes. For the life of me I do not and will not ever comprehend why anyone would want these behavior or belief systems coming in freely, especially when our children are being affected by all of this in the end.

Immigration Is Out Of Control

Immigration should be fixed, because it is obviously out of control. I sometimes go for walks and see so many of our own people born here, being homeless and it brings such sadness inside that our own people don't have a place to sleep. I am being realistic having children of my own (from my second marriage) who's father is from Mexico. So you can't say that I am being racist although many will claim that I am and that is okay.

I have seen illegals here (a few that I even know personally) work the system to get what they wanted. In fact I have an ex sister in law with a fake social security number. Fair is fair if we get in trouble with the law for fraud, right? Then why isn't the law enforced when illegal immigrants are doing fraud, and that much more? You are very welcomed here so long as one does it the legal way. That is pretty reasonable.

Yes they work many hours of hard labor, but they are hardly slaves. Also, many make it in this country by having more than one family living in the same household; that is a smart way to economize and how to get the most of their money. Some make good money because they are willing to work hard for it. But there are many who do work the system and get away with it. I have seen it time and time again, not all but some just like many of us do which doesn't make it right for anyone to do.

All Donald Trump is doing is enforcing the law that is already in place. Which all our leaders should be doing. It doesn't make us inhumane by any means. We actually welcome anyone who will love our country and want to make it their own, as well as assimilate to our way of living. But for that to happen it has to be through legal channels.

In order to fix our country we need rules, we need borders, let our love start with us then extend to others. Doing it the legal way making sure that we know who is coming in is indeed the right way.

Even Heaven has a gate to enter through.

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa — 'Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.
Mother Teresa — 'Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home. | Source

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