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Trump Talked About Making America Great Again

Updated on March 16, 2019
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I couldn't get behind Sanders because he didn't run under his own party and I felt it was wrong. I felt the same way about the Tea Party.

Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump in the 1970's
Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump in the 1970's

Tricky Trump makes up his past

Donald Trump has long talked about the fact that he had to work hard; he had his father help him a little bit to get started. And from the beginning, it was all a lie.

Donald Trump's story is about a mother that was an immigrant, although his mother may have been an immigrant, his father was wealthy and when Donald Trump talks about working, it has never been the same time of work like most Americans.

Donald Trump grew up in Queens, but not like everyone else. He attended a private school where his father was a board trustee. His temper and behavior according to his father, landed him at the New York Military Academy until he graduated. He went on to attend Fordham University for 2 years, where he said he was the smartest in his class; which turned out to be a lie. Trump had a 1.28 average, at best a C student and then went to Wharton University in Pennsylvania. How someone with that low a grade point average could get into Wharton would be a mystery, except that Fred Trump gave the University a grand donation just before Trump was accepted.

When Trump graduated from high school, he received a position in his fathers company; Elizabeth Trump & Sons, where he worked during the summer's in school and saved over a a million dollars from his summer pay. In 1968, and fresh out of college and Donald Trump began making a multi-million dollar salary.

Fact: Donald's father funneled money into the accounts of his children and by the time Donald Trump was 8 years old he was a millionaire. When he turned 17 years old, his father gave him a stake in a 52 unit apartment building making him a multi-millionaire.

Trump never hung out with the guys, he wasn't known to spend time with anyone beneath his means. And to this day, he still doesn't.

Skirted the War- Shame on Tricky Trump

Donald Trump skirted the war, no matter what he say's, the facts are facts.

Trump says, he built a beautiful Vietnam Memorial in lower Manhattan for which he contributed "tremendous" sums of money. Trump was a member of the commission and as such, he attend the opening meeting to launch the project and then again with a reporter in tow that was doing a story on him. So, from a "private" donor of $1 millions dollars was donated to finish the project and when the story came out, it was known that Trump was the donor. Those were the only two meetings he attended out of twenty they held. Once again Trump was patting himself on the back.

Is that suppose to comfort the families of those that lost loved one's in Vietnam, while he partied and earned millions as they fought and died.

Donald Trump avoided serving his country. To hear him say it, it was the luck of the draw. "I got chosen high on the list, #356 out of 365 and so he didn't have to serve."


  • He filed 4 student deferments that kept him from going to Vietnam.
  • 1968, he graduated from Wharton University and filed a medical deferment that he had bone spurs in both heels. He said he had surgery. Fact: He never did and admitted it to his "Fixer", Michael Cohen. Adding that he wasn't going to Vietnam, he wasn't stupid.
  • 1968, he was already worth over $1 million dollars and working full time for his father's company, Elizabeth Trump & Son's.

Trump was quoted as saying that "he would never forget that he was at Wharton University watching the draft numbers being drawn."


This would have been impossible because the drawing took place in December of 1969, eighteen months after he had graduated and had been working at his father's company. Since he had attended a Military school and graduated, it was most likely that he would have been taken sooner because of his experience. And when Donald Trump was asked which foot he had spurs on, he couldn't remember. Trump was, however, allowed to play squash, racket ball and sports on his deferment, but he wasn't allowed to fight for his country.

Is Trump unstable or is he playing the American people?

Did you ever notice how when "the Donald" talks, it's always about "Me, Myself and I". A shrink could have a field day analyzing the borderline personality disorders of this individual who holds the highest political office of this country.

While many American's saw early on that he did not hold the morals, the intelligence or the desire to respect others, many chose not to.

Donald Trump showed a flat out disrespect for women and his supporters made excuses for him. One can scarcely find information on his mother or their relationship, but you can find much on his crass description and feelings for women, even more so if they are not subservient. When Rosie O'Donnell made a comment about his business history, he called her a big fat pig. When Megan Kelly of Fox News was doing her job and asking him questions during a debate, he called her a bimbo among other things on tweeter. When a NY Times writer published an article about his financial problems, he sent her a copy of the column with a circle around her picture and the "the face of a dog" written over the picture. When his ex-wife filed for divorce, she accused him of rape, then downgraded it to feeling "violated" by her husband.

During his campaign for President, he made up hateful nicknames for his opponents.

Some say he's a narcissists, but if you really take a look at Trump, he's a player. He loves to play people because it makes him feel important, strong and better than them. In his 1987 book, Art of the Deal, he told America that he "played to peoples fantasies" and he called his lies and exaggerations; "truthful hyperbole".

Trump plays with people's lives because he can, his supporters gobble it up.

Just look at how he tried to play Nancy Pelosi and wanting her to hold the highest position in Congress, he'd even give her his vote if it would help. When she became the Speaker of the House, he tried to play her and quickly found out that he'd played the wrong card on this one.

Trump's business sense

When it comes to business "the Donald" loves to say three words "I'm really rich", To hear him boast, he's worth $10 billion. If that's the case why did he file his election paperwork stating that his worth as $1.4 billion, $70 million of it in stocks and $265 million of it in debt. When questioned, he said it "fluctuates". $10 billion is quite a bit more than $1. 4 billion.

Sadly enough his voters believed that there is that much fluctuation in business or that "the Donald" has a tendency to stretch the truth, but they were alright with it.

Business dealings:

  • 1988- Because of pour business decisions, he was loosing his fortune.
  • 1991- His business was bankrupt, but he covered his personal finances. Banks & Bond holders lost hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Late 1990's - his dad dies and he inherits approx. $300 million dollars.


  • 1990's- Trump Princess Yacht and Trump Shuttle
  • 1991- Taj Mahal
  • 1992- Trump Plaza
  • 2001- Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts
  • 2009- Trump Entertainment Resorts
  • 2014- Trump Entertainment Resorts again.

Trump said it best as to how he handles his business. When he gets in trouble financially, he "uses the laws of this country to pare debt." In other words, he defaults on his loans and negotiates for less, leaves his investors hanging and moves on until the next time he needs to pare debt.

One question, lead to another on how he would run this country. If he was worth $10 billion dollars, why file bankruptcy in 2014? And when asked by Bannon to donate to his election,his son-in-law Jared Kushner said he didn't have to donate.

Filed bankruptcy.
Filed bankruptcy.
One of his many toys.
One of his many toys.

Trump making America great for him

Since Trump took office, he has turned many Americans against all that this country holds sacred. Freedom of Speech has come under attack by President Trump. Anyone who does not show him in a positive light he refers to as "Fake News"

He has tried to undermine our own government in the eyes of Americans, by calling our FBI, CIA and other intelligence officers derogatory names and demeaning their worth.

He attacks anyone who doesn't support him as an enemy.

And the worst of them all as a so called Patriot and an American who hugs the flag:

  • He has sided with Russia over America.
  • He has sided with Saudi Arabia over the murder of an American journalist
  • He has sided with North Korea over the torture that lead to the death of an American student, Otto Frederick Warmbier, who was held captive for 17 months and tortured to the point of being brain damaged, not responsive and in a vegetative state.

In 2014, Trump was on the verge of losing everything, his shows ratings weren't where they use to be, he had filed bankruptcy on several of his business endeavors and he was going broke; that is as broke is for a billionaire. He wanted a change, he longed for how "Great" it was before 2014.

Running in 2016 to "Make America Great Again" was for making Trump's America great again. The rich man's America and since his appointment to President, because Trump didn't win the popular vote, Trump has made it where Trump and in turn his allies are having a "great" America, with tax cuts and money coming in hand over fist. Not to mention his children whose wealth has grown by the millions since Trump took hold of the highest office in America.

In Trump's America, the poor must go and the middle class must pay for everything so they cannot afford to move up and succeed. He has proven this time and again as he strips funding from programs to benefit the rich. He has frozen federal hiring, to keep more money in his coffers and undermine those offices due to lack of work force.

In Trump's America, he sees himself as King and ruler.

A true American Patriot would never side with another country over our own or its people. America is better than that and can do better than that.


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