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Donald Trump – an outsider’s view

Updated on November 16, 2015

I was first aware of Donald Trump when, in a highly publicized divorce, his first wife Ivana let the press know what she coped with. His second divorce, from Marla, reinforced this impression.

Then came the Trump Tower and other self-aggrandizement business ventures. He built big and fell big. Since, unlike some high-tech companies, Trump did not appear to have any intent to control people or even businesses, his love and acquisition of money became simply an amusement for those of us not involved.

He got publicity by agreeing to be part of television advertisements that showed him as blunt, slightly self-deprecating, and very self-indulgent. This led to the well-known television shows, where he was allowed to be rude, self-important and Machiavellian.

But now to enter the political arena? My first reaction was that it was a joke. When it became evident that he was serious – and was being taken seriously – I had to speculate on his reasoning. It should be pointed out that he ran for President in 2000, affiliated with the reform party. He first considered running in 1987. These are points few seem to remember. Perhaps now there is less opposition, which says something about our current political “leaders”.


The first point is that someone who is dictatorial in his personal and business lives would certainly enjoy bullying an entire nation. The choice of the Republican party is logical – this is a big-business party which supports the concept of keeping the federal government out of corporations.

But I am left with so many questions.

Trump does have a history of connections with prominent Democrats. Perhaps he is busy undermining the Democrats’ opponents one by one? And enjoying it!

Certainly it is refreshing to have someone shout all the complaints we all have with abandon. But can we really picture this bellicose approach to international relationships? Would this be the end of the term “diplomacy”, something Trump seriously lacks?

Just which toadies would Trump put in his cabinet? A herd of yesmen collecting paychecks for not thinking on their own.

No matter which party dominates Congress, would there be any sense at all of cooperation between the legislative and executive branches? Or instead would we be facing another four years of stalemates as he offends everyone?

The judicial branch would most likely shoot down anything Trump manages to get passed. Will he get an opportunity to seed the Supreme Court with more toadies?

How will the rest of the world view and cope with Trump? Most likely he would inherit the image similar to Charles DE Gaulle – a paper tiger and a windbag. Other nations are more concerned with what the United States can do for them rather than the reverse. Would he approach them with threats and insults, as he does his own countrymen?

Speaking of terrorism, how would Trump cope with Islamic terrorists? Would he indulge his aggressiveness by going after them? Or cheer them on as they eliminated “stupid people”?

Most prominent big-business leaders and economists are loath to enter politics, mainly because they are accustomed to having their opinions carried out. They are not interested in the compromise necessary for politics.

It seems to me that Donald Trump should leave the political arena and return to the few friends and family he has left.


© 2015 Bonnie-Jean Rohner


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