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Donald Trump is Like the Bad Boyfriend Part of America Won't Break Up With

Updated on December 26, 2017

In a lot of ways for a part of the country, Donald Trump is like that boyfriend a teenage girl doesn’t want to let go of despite all the signs screaming, “He’s just not good for you, girl.” He was never a good choice for president, but misplaced hope and a romanticized delusion put him where he is. But it’s time for that section of America to wake up and see what the rest of the sane world has been seeing all along. However, an unprecedented cult-like adoration just can't let him go. And just like a teenage girl in love, the more hated he is, the more he is loved, defended and protected by those under the spell.

Most people are caught in something called a Hegelian Dialectic. Most people are ensnared in a system that creates all the issues, keeps us fighting passionately on a “side” while the real rulers do as they wish as most of us are blinded by meaningless distractions. Some of these distractions, like the government subsidized "War on Terror" have us hating Muslims and of course fretting over the evil scourge of illegal Mexican immigrants. And so, Trump has become a demagogue for people lost in tribalism, people who really have no idea what is going on. Regardless, Trump has become a savior for those caught in these delusions and as the country has become more divided than it’s ever been, things are getting increasingly out of control.

A Time to Remember

Many of us from New York City have already had a taste of Trump’s judgment. For starters there are lots of small business owners who claim Trump has stiffed them and taken full advantage of them. Many claim Trump had them do work and he simply decided not to pay them. He was able to do this because he’s Trump. He knew it was cheaper for him to get them tangled up in court rather than pay them for their services. His powerful lawyers would just drag things out for months and even years. They, knowing they can't afford to battle him in court, just eat the loss. These stories surfaced during the campaign but most Trump supporters brushed it off. They were true.

"USA TODAY Exclusive: Hundreds Allege Donald Trump Doesn't Pay His Bills." USA Today. Gannett Satellite Information Network, 25 Oct. 2016.

Bigger than all of that was what Trump did in the '80s to stir racial tensions, very memorably so. The darkness he was capable of was seen by those with spiritual eyes, but ignored by fans of his businessman persona and by impressionable simpletons. In 1989, five black teens were accused of raping a white Central Park jogger. When these men were arrested and jailed on limited information, Trump used his money and power to help corral people away from even bothering to review evidence and he called for the death penalty. Famously, Trump took out full page advertisement in four New York newspapers inciting this rhetoric. It was filled with anger, tough talk and how criminals everywhere should be in fear.

Trump overzealously spent $85,000 and put huge ads in The New York Times, The Daily News, The New York Post and New York Newsday, under the large and boldfaced heading, ''Bring Back the Death Penalty. Bring Back Our Police!''

Seeing that tensions were getting too hot, the then Mayor of New York, Mayor Koch had stated ''that hate and rancor should be removed from our hearts,'' to which Mr. Trump retorted: ''I do not think so. I want to hate these muggers and murderers. They should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.''

This rhetoric resonated mostly with white males. People of color, however, felt the hate and knew something wasn't quite right. Regardless, the climate was getting nasty. 13 years later while these teens were loathed and were languishing in jail, bombshell DNA evidence proved they had nothing to do with raping anyone. Soon there were protesters and demonstrators livid at Trump for what he did and the hornets’ nest he stirred. Trump’s response was chilling. Even though his grandstanding was toying with people’s lives, he still wouldn’t admit fault or apologize. He stated, “They confessed. Now they say they didn’t do it. Who am I supposed to believe.” You believe the evidence. Trump was a privileged adult male and he was meddling with the lives of 5 inner-city teens who had done nothing wrong. Those kids had gone through hell, and Trump couldn’t even bring himself to apologize to them or address the issue again. This should have told anyone with sense that something was very wrong with this man.

The terminology hurled on the teens were disturbingly racially charged. They were called "animals" and that they were “wilding”. But the truth was that they were innocent teenagers thrown before the world to be hated by all. Donald Trump showed us even then that he had a propensity for stirring up racial tensions, making the environment dangerous, and most importantly, that he was wrong. His presumptions, his opinions, everything---he was wrong. Donald Trump has never apologized even to this day. People are blindly following this man as president today.

The Road to Undeserved Political Power

When Trump first began to meddle with politics, it wasn’t to bring attention to environmental issues, bringing jobs back or since he was a New Yorker, figuring out new solutions for the MTA as tolls and subway fares keep spiking. Nope. What was his platform? Birtherism. Trump strategically began to build his base appealing to dimwitted simpletons who thought they didn’t check Obama’s ID before becoming a US Senator, never mind president of the United States. For those who still don’t understand, we have some of the most powerful intelligence agencies on earth. You cannot run for high offices with them not knowing where you were born. And no, a black man can’t run for president while secretly born in Kenya. Through birtherism, the government was learning just how stupid some pockets of the country were and what it would be able to pull off on citizens. Trump most likely knew it was a non-issue, but Trump commits to a plan and he performs the task at hand to seal the deal. He was building a platform being an outspoken voice for the slightly racist, uneducated, angry and drowned out.

John McCain, who was all politician but still too much of a man of character to feed into the nonsense, nobly stopped to correct a small town, uneducated woman who spit out some of the rhetoric. That is what a leader does. Not Trump. Trump validates ignorance and evil in people if he can use it. Trump fans the flames to earn himself relevancy, if even for all the wrong reasons. Of course, birtherism was another issue that fell by the wayside as everyone who needed to look into it already looked into it a million times over. This was an international embarrassment to the intellect of our country. The issue also distracted and diverted the attention away from more important issues. Still unethical and wrong again, people were still lining up in his corner and momentum was building. People who wanted to hate had a firebrand.

What do you get when you put a greasy slick, New York City billionaire real estate mogul before small town people like this? You get someone who sells them a bridge, and tells them what they want to hear. You get a cult leader. A new lord and savior. And no, none of this was going to be good.

The Reason the Sane Wouldn’t Vote Trump

Now this same troubled person jumped into the presidential race of 2016. Trump has given every reason why he should not be elected president, but it didn’t matter because half of America was already buying the snake oil. Below are just a few reasons of many why Trump would never be accepted by a sensible number of Americans.

  • Treatment of Women

His treatment of women was abysmal. He made fun of their looks and their weight. He objectified them routinely, even his own daughter, which was disgusting. And to top it off he was accused of rape and sexual misconduct. Not saying any of it is true but look at what baseless accusations of rape did to Bill Cosby? Trump high stepped over all of it.

  • Mocking the Disabled

Then he famously mocked a disabled man which, frankly I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was no way to lie out of that, but he did. The journalist had a disability with a smaller arm. Trump crooked his arm and stuck his tongue out acting disabled. The crowd cheered him on. Again, the world was watching us and the man was running for POTUS.

  • Blatant Bigotry and Xenophobia

Trump has helped turn up the heat on Islamophobia. This is the unfortunate truth: Many Americans just aren’t very knowledgeable. Most have no idea what truly is going on in the world, primarily in the Middle East. Many don’t understand that it is their own government indoctrinating them with displays of possible danger from Islamic extremists mysteriously hailing from, well, anywhere in the Middle East. We don’t know. So the weak-minded easily give in to fear and propaganda. Trump knows this and he lets it rip. Now Trump has pushed this agenda for division and our clueless or brainwashed half is clapping and cheering in the belief he is making us safe.

During the election Trump also implied Mexico brings over its rapists and drug dealers. This taps into age old stereotype projections that white supremacists have been pushing about minorities through American media for decades; defining groups by their worst members. This is a throwback to regressive-minded thinking. In fact, it’s a form of regressive stupidity. Every race or ethnic group has its percentage of crime, we’re all just people. Trump is pushing the false notion that some people are “the bad guys” who bring a different set of problems. He implied that the Mexicans coming over are not hard working people looking for opportunity, which the vast majority of them are. He caters to the small-minded belief set that there is an influx of drug dealing rapists and gangs. Do they exist? Sure they do. But he is using the dregs of these people to define the rest and he is exaggerating the problem. In short, Trump is a con man and he knows what he’s doing and knows that its effective. Because illogical racism and bigotry is in the DNA of the country, people foolishly go for it every time.

  • The Compromised Image of the Presidency

The bar and image of the United States presidency has been terribly damaged forever. Donald Trump had absolutely no experience in government, law or politics. He is a reality TV star who once even appeared on Wrestle Mania to fake beat up Vince McMahon. His main qualification was being a well-known successful business man, a business man who declared bankruptcy several times, and who had a rich father, a successful business to inherit and lots of money to start with. Was America serious? Apparently. It gets worse; his current wife is his 3rd wife, and she has porn pictures with other women. I don’t have to research to know that is a “first” for the first lady of our nation. And it’s embarrassing.

American Trump supporters did not listen to reason or even allow Trump to prove his trust and competence in the area of his one main asset. Trump refused to reveal specific things about his business dealings, and he refused to release his tax returns. Every other president in recent times has. And his followers just blindly accepted this. If you don’t want that type of scrutiny into your affairs, fair enough. You just don’t run for president of the United States.

We want to be respected internationally, but we dipped low. Very very low, all to feed half of our nation’s delusional imagination in the grip of a cult of personality.


America: You Can Do Better

Believe it or not, many Americans believe he is some sort of savior sent by God to restore America to a time of glory. It’s scary.

Half the country is mesmerized into a cultish mentality and it keeps getting worse. A dark psychological spell has been cast. This sect of the country has turned their backs on their more conscientious friends and family to support Trump. They turned away from human compassion and decency to justify bullying and bigotry. They turned away from Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep to throw their lot in with Antonio Sabàto, Jr. and Scott Baio. Yes, Americans are idealistically in big trouble.

The elites have worked on this for a long time, even injecting it into predictive programming on Oprah, The Simpsons, etc. And now a huge portion of the country is psychologically in an alternate reality and in the land of the lost. Unfortunately, America is going to pay for this stubborn ignorance.

Again, part of America is like a teenage girl who just needs things to play out a little longer for the haze to wear off and the maturation to begin. Bur for now, no matter what people see and hear all around them, as the world mocks us and as the chaos unfolds, people are still holding firm to their man. Unfortunately, we as nation all have to go along for the ride.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      14 months ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      The fact that Mike thinks this is a great article makes it a DEMOganda one.

      For example

      "The bar and image of the United States presidency has been terribly damaged forever. Donald Trump had absolutely no experience in government, law or politics."

      The US was in decline from the 1970s til it hit bottom in 2008. Then in 2009 basically a community organizer from Chicago skimmed the country along the bottom. Look at Chicago and crime, and now that ex president want to put his library there. While those there don't want it because it will cost a $100 million dollars to the taxpayers.

      In 2009, the new president instead of trying to help the victims of the economic collapse helped the banks and the financial companies that caused the collapse instead. These bankrupt companies were infused with taxpayer money, which their upper management gave themselves 7 figure bonuses.

      They called themselves key figures so they could get these bonuses. Yet, they were the management that bankrupted their companies.

      The economic class was a joint effort of republicans that repealed the Glass Stegal act that became the mechanism to allow the democrats desire and goal to give everyone a chance for home ownership. It didn't matter to them that many of these people couldn't afford it. They used Fannie and Freddy to develop low interest low payment loans that broke the bounds of lending. Many of the loans were variable interest, and this is where the Federal Reserve made it possible by not raising the interest rate while the bubble was growing. All of the safeguards in lending were removed or twisted. If the FRB had raised the interest rates quarterly, many of these loans would have failed. And if that happened, we might have averted the economic meltdown. Other loans, had negative amortization meaning that what would have normally been required as a down payment, was now added to the loan. So before they moved in the loan had negative equity. The other loans dispensed with the normal 10 to 20 percent down payment. This down payment is the bank's parachute if the loan fails. But, with the removal of that requirement the banks lost everything.

      Moving on to Wars. The last one hundred years the US has been involved in almost continuous war. Wars that we didn't even win.

      My point is that the country was run by professional and well nested politicians, and this is what their experience did to the country. The fact that Donald Trump was not in politics means that he wasn't responsible for any of this. Although, he inherited it, and he is now doing a great job improving it and moving the country out of the much and mire deposited by "Politicians".

      Both parties were bad for the country, and they even continue to be bad today. Instead of helping Trump they are set on returning to the old way, and why would we want to go back there.

    • DruStory profile imageAUTHOR

      Dru Story 

      2 years ago from NYC/LA

      Thanks for stopping by Kathleen.

      It is a minority of people that somehow seem to force their way. The silver lining is the show of solidarity of people waking up and resisting this. If nothing else, he is been resisted at every turn and his transition is not smooth.

    • Kathleen Cochran profile image

      Kathleen Cochran 

      2 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Well said. But what is done is done. Just like with Bush - the Sequel - who didn't win by the most votes either, when the damage is done folks will turn to the Democrats to clean up the mess. Then they will forget - again - which side screws things up and which side puts things back together again. The only consolation is that it is a minority who keep doing this. If we could get the National Popular Vote Movement on the books in enough states we could negate the Electoral College and stop the madness.

    • DruStory profile imageAUTHOR

      Dru Story 

      2 years ago from NYC/LA

      Thanks for stopping buy guys. I've seen those comparisons to Hitler. The main similarities is the people so easily sold on Islamaphobia and illegals immigrants as the main things we need to tackle in order to make the country great. Going after marginalized groups of people, building a wall etc.. Very troubling how people just skipped along with his xenophobia. And thank you peoplepower73!

    • peoplepower73 profile image

      Mike Russo 

      2 years ago from Placentia California

      Bravo! This has to be the most complete and clearest article that I have read about Trump. What really scares me is that he is much like Hitler. He is blaming Muslims and Mexican's much like Hitler blamed the Jews and others who did not agree with him for his countries ills.

      He has turned people who have lost their jobs into haters of others, like the "elite urban people", liberals and supporters of Obama. He is a master at branding everything and everybody and dividing and conquering. He did this while campaigning and is doing it now.

      He is creating chaos by fulfilling his campaign promises. I wish he wouldn't do that, but he is playing to his base who listen to Fox News and all their other right wing outlets. I'm sharing your article. I think everybody should read this.


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