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Donald Trump Is Making America Great Again

Updated on May 4, 2019
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I have devoted my life to studying human behavior and social evolution. I love sharing the best of my knowledge with those interested.

We Will Rise Stronger and Better


Our Country Requires a Strong and Politically Incorrect President

When it comes to select the best choice for you to vote for the presidential candidate, you have to be objective and pick the one who will be best for the country. This selection sometimes is against your personal beliefs and likes, but keeping a level head will help you to make your mind and surely make the right choice.

I support the presidential candidate political slogan. “Let’s make America Great again,” I think our country requires a strong and politically incorrect president. We need to start calling things by their real name. We need to stop hiding the truth behind fancy words or false diplomacy which the only intention is to diverge our attention from the real national issues.


Do You Think USA Social and Economic Problems Are Improving During Trump's Administration?

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Our National Social Problems Have Been Hiding for Years

Our national social problems have been hiding for years
Every single election since 1900 the percentage of voters has been less than 60%. Our society has become so cynical that most of us don’t pay any attention to government policies, new laws or the country budget. Our national social problems have been hiding for years. The gap between the wealthy and those in need is skyrocketing. Our economic and moral values are weakening every day. Our country has lost the world’s respect and its leading role.

The founding fathers sacrificed their lives to create this wonderful nation. Bloody fights had attained the freedom, justice and brotherhood ideals. Our ancestors paid the ultimate price to establish a democratic system with the same laws for all and privileges for those who deserved it or earned it.

During the last 15 years, we have given up all our ancestors attained rights. Our freedom and fundamental, citizen rights have been decimated under a false safer society. Terrorist attacks are the flag that the over controlling government uses to let us feel frightened. We are afraid of everything, and this sense of helplessness is forcing us to surrender our freedom. People of our nation are willingly resigning to the bill of rights.

Civil Rights


Donald Trump's Presidency Is Finally Waking up America

Donald Trump's Presidency will finally wake up America
Communist and extremist groups are alarmingly growing in number throughout the Union. No one has spoken up to call for an explanation. We are too busy to care. We believed that by not getting into it, problems would fix by themselves.

I think Donald Trump's Presidency will finally wake up America. People today are beginning to realize that government policies affect every one of us. Those large corporations are leading our economy and society. That the ignorant masses are easily lead. Political parties are disconnected with their voters. They follow their private agenda. The National Interest has become the interest of a small group. We are running to the abyss.

Will be Donald Trump's admnistration better than Obama and Bush?

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Donald Trump Can Make Us Rescue Our Nation

Donald Trump as president of the USA would show us the disastrous effect of corporate leaders. The disadvantages of political extremism and the danger of totalitarian ideologies.

I honestly believe Donald Trump can make us rescue our nation. He can show us that we need to rebuild our institutions and fix our inequalities. We could learn social responsibility and social empathy. Maybe we will engage and become committed citizenries. I am confident. We will make American great again.

3 out of 5 stars from 2 ratings of Obama's administration was

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