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Don't Be a Fool. Pick a President Who Can Rule: My Opinion of a Few Candidates 2016

Updated on December 1, 2018
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


The Beginning of Our Doom: George W. Bush

Where do I begin, because quite frankly, I have always hated politics/politicians? Oh, there have been some through the years that I have admired for their thoughts on life and how to make it better. One of those is our current President Barack Obama. Granted, I think sitting in that seat he has faltered a lot through his term of leadership. I care not to look at the negative of that or even discuss the issues of those, because who the hell, with any common sense, would actually believe that he could fix every single issue this crazy place we live in called “America” has made. He had to take up the reigns of George W. Bush. Come on, we all know how stupid he was folks! He made a mess of things before Barack slid into the spot of leader position. Just for that alone, we should commend Mr. Obama for even attempting to find us a cure for the mess he made of our establishments. I’m posting a video of Georgie to show you what I mean by this statement. I used to get so uncomfortable if I watched one of Georgie Boy’s press conferences. The blooper reel I show here will show you why. It doesn’t lie, it was the reality of how he was. That’s all I’m saying!

He Reigns...Well, For Now.


A Common Sense Leader On Gun Control Issues

Barack Ain't Whack!

However, I’ll mention a few things about Mr. Obama that is worth bringing up. Since he has been in office he has passed; Health Care Reform, Passed the Stimulus to help economic growth, He ended the war in Iraq, just like all you haters wanted him to, and now you complain he’s pansy ass when it comes to starting a war to fight people like ISIS. Come on, you either want a war, or you want someone to try to fix a problem without losing all your sons and daughters in the process. He has ordered airstrikes and maintained considerable allies with other countries in order to bury the senseless terrorist group. Even before ISIS came to pass, he did send our great military known as the Navy Seals into action to take out none other than Osama Bin Laden, and he did that. The fact is, I don’t believe anything any President can do to bring a change in any area of our "America," will be enough for American citizens. You want miracles, and they don’t exist. I researched and found that Obama, while in office, has done at least 300 positive things to help our nation. Even more, I just don’t know the specific count.

Look At This Idiot...Is This Really Who You Want to Run Our America


I'm Not Racist or Egotistical...Riiiigghhtt...LOL.

And People Are Actually Voting For This A**Hole!

The Devil Himself: Donald Trump

And now…let’s talk about what is happening at this moment in time shall we? You crazy people who are always talking about and crying over wars, racism, economic growth, and getting rid of terrorism, are choosing to elect Donald “F**king” Trump of all people to run our United States. Are you kidding me?! He has already said he’ll start a war for you. Yeah, he will go into ISIS territory and take them down, at the expense of losing so many more in the process, and making more enemies no doubt. Yeah, he’ll take care of stirring that pot of destruction for us, to where we will be at war with everybody not just ISIS. And racism, Oh, he will deal with racism alright. He will build walls, burn bridges, stop immigrants from coming here. What in the world are you people thinking? America is the Melting Pot! We stand for unity among all nations, and everyone who wants to be an American citizen the freedom right to come here and work for that right. I’m getting frustrated just writing this. I have seen, more terrorism from our own people than I have of actual terrorists. No, I’m not saying we haven’t had terrorists’ attacks here, that would be idiotic of me to say after 9/11. However, when you measure up the destruction of killings here, it is more by our own than not. We will become the real “Purge” movie; you know, since Mr. Trump thinks that a gun law to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people is ludicrous. He will have all of us strapped with weapons, and all the crazies out there shooting and killing for the fun of it. All I can say is; Wake up people who keep voting for this racist ego-driven maniac just because he is a billionaire, you are about to learn a great lesson at the expense of us all if you don’t snap back to reality.

Bernie Is The Definition of INTEGRITY!


An Impressive Life Story; Great Resume

My Vote Goes To........Trumpets Please!!

Again, politics smolitics…I hate them all, but with how people are viewing things now, I guess it’s time to put in my vote. We have lost every common sense here. I’m almost embarrassed to call myself an American. Common sense is all it takes to realize right from wrong people! It’s all it takes to see a snake in the grass versus a true devoted candidate who would genuinely try to help us. Therefore, I will go ahead and put in my vote for Bernie Sanders. He is the only one I see with common sense and knowledge to bring us to a decent living. No, he will not solve it all, he has said himself he will not be able to solve every issue, but that is what motivates me to vote for him. He has common sense, and he tells the truth as he sees it. However, I do believe he will give his best effort to find solutions for all problems we have here, and that’s good enough for me.

The videos I post are imperative to getting my hub in a whole, so please watch them all. And I hope you think my poem is, well...Brilliant! LOL.

Cool! Art Garfunkel is backing Bernie, and letting him use America!


Campaign ad

Americans, Non-Americans, I don't care, tell me...

Who would you vote for out of these?

See results

Don't Be Fooled

Are we in shambles

in this United States?

Yes, and without unity,

we will remain in defeat.

I say, believe in peace,

and love, believe that

God is the true President,

and he works up above.

Believe we only need

someone who knows

him inside. God will

then help this person

to guide.

It does not matter if

they are black or white,

man or woman, Jewish

or not.

We cannot judge by race

or religion. We are all his

children; you must seek a

common vision.

However, in saying that,

there will be one who

will coerce the devil’s


He will excite you

with a plan to take all

your problems away.

This will be your test of

observance; your test

of your own ability to

see a serpent.

For if you fail this test

of common knowledge,

you will sell us all to

Purgatory I promise!

Great song for Bernie's Campaign. I'm such a fan of Simon and Garfunkel

© 2016 Missy Smith


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