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Being a Doomsday Prepper When You're Broke. Cheap Prepper Ideas!

Updated on May 15, 2016

Doomsday Prepping When You're Broke

No matter why you have decided to start prepping, I'm glad you have made the decision. Prepping can be really expensive or really cheap. Everyone thinks they have it right. They believe they know the best tool, the best food, the best first aid, but when it comes down to it your choices are:

  1. Go broke buying what everyone says are all the best items.
  2. Spend what you can getting the best of a few things and going frugal on whatever else you can afford.
  3. Go completely frugal. Maybe you won't have the best of the best, but this way you can afford as many items as possible to prepare you.

Personally I would like to have as much as I can without breaking the bank! So I go completely frugal. There are many ways you can save money. You have to start thinking outside the box. So you can definable be a prepper when you're broke!


What to Look For When Buying A Prepper Bug Out Location on a Budget

Have you decided if you are going to bug out or bug in? Well if you have yet to buy a home, and plan on doing so, look for a home that already has some of the things you need in a bug out location. By doing this you can save on costs by not having to have 2 homes. You can also look for a home that already has fruit or nut trees in place. This can save on food costs because you will be able to can what you have growing in your own bug out yard.

Look for a home with a basement. This will give you a place away from sun to store your food and water without worrying about waste than can be caused if things get too warm. A home with some built in shelves already in the basement will save you even more time and money.

When looking at the yard you will need there are a few determining factors to look for.

  • Is there a fence already in place?
  • Can you see the house from the road or is there enough tree coverage to keep your home hidden?
  • Is the house close to the road?
  • Is there enough space for growing crops such as wheat or corn?
  • Does that space get enough sun to make it workable?
  • Is there enough room for a few animals such as a guard dog, chickens, quails, or even goats?
  • Is there a water source such as a stream?

Finding the right home to buy can save you thousands in the long run. A stream alone can keep you from ever needing to use your public water supply to stock up. Of course you will need to purify, but at least you won't be running your water bill up in the process. Growing your own crops is an amazing asset. Growing things like wheat and corn can take care of a large portion of your food supply. I've even seen homes for sale that were foreclosed that still have a ton of tools in the shed. So search for a home thoroughly.

Cheap Bug Out Bag Supplies, Weapons, and Food

  1. Learn to Coupon
  2. Shop at thrift stores
  3. Get defense items at pawn shops
  4. Go to yard sales

I'm sure you have read the long lists of things you should have in your bug out bag. Most of them can be bought cheaply as long as you are willing to work for it. Always remember to buy your bag AFTER you buy what will go in it. The last thing you need to do is invest in a bag just to realize all of your items will not fit. So wait to buy the bag, but when you do, DON'T pay full price.

Buying a Bug Out Bag

  • Clearance from a place that specializes in camping
  • Discount website like eBay.
  • Thrift stores often have really nice bags for under $10

As for the things that go in your BOB, learn to coupon!

Things you can stockpile with Couponing

  • canned food
  • protein bars
  • first aid supplies
  • matches
  • Band aids
  • gauze
  • garbage bags
  • bug spray
  • wet wipes
  • toilet paper
  • batteries
    I have all of this in my stockpile and BOB, and all of it came from my couponing obsession! I can often stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon to get band aids for free. The same goes for a ton of things us preppers want to stock up on. If we ever do reach the end of times, I have enough mustard and tabasco to feed an army!!!!

Finding good knives and hatchets

  • Yard sales
    Personally I have found that the older the person having the yard sale, the more likely I will find something good for prepping. Older ladies often sell off their husband's fishing gear and tools for pennies on the dollar.
  • Pawn shops.
    For the rest of your defense items at pawn shops. Pawn shops often sell guns, hatchets, and machetes for half the normal price. You often can do layaway plans at pawn shops also, which will allow you to pay a little each paycheck until you have it paid in full. Also once you get used to dealing with the same pawn shop for a little while you can negotiate prices a little better. ALWAYS remember to be really nice to the person running the pawn shop. They can really become great for getting all sorts of weapons and tools if you take time to build a rapport with them.

Water can be saved no matter your budget. You can use empty soda or milk bottles to store water in. It is best to add about 5 drops of bleach to the water per gallon to guarantee any left over's from what was in it before are fully gone. There is a lot of worry about the safety of these types of bottles, but as long as you keep them out of sunlight you should be fine, and lets all be honest you won't be alive long enough to get that cancer some people say you can get from these bottles if you have no water to drink.

Top Cheap Prepper Foods You Can Coupon For

Type of Food
Shelf Life
Cambell's Soup
18-24 Months
Sauces (not vinegar based)
2 Years
Canned Tuna
4-6 Years
10+ Years
10+ Years
10+ Years
10+ Years
10+ Years
8-10 Years
Sauces (Vinegar Based)
5-10 Years
Protein Bars
1-4 Years

I am NOT an expert!!

I am by far not an expert in survival. I am a real life, mother in a family of 5, doing the best I can to save as much as I can in case there ever comes a time when I will need it.

This is also not a complete list of things you need to stock up on. These are tips to help you save money on as many items as possible. I know what it is like to have to stick to a budget. So I want to share as many of those tips with you so you can peruse prepping without worrying too much about messing up a tight budget.

Read as many articles as you can on the subject so you can learn as much as possible before the time comes when the internet no longer exists.

What Are You Prepping For?

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    • profile image

      Adam 7 weeks ago

      I am prepping for a solar flare or pandemic influenza, those scare the life out of me.

      I think the solar flare would be the worst to happen though!

      Check my blog post for how I am prepping for a solar flare

    • drpennypincher profile image

      Dr Penny Pincher 23 months ago from Iowa, USA

      Good idea to combine "cheap" and "prepping"! One of the disasters I worry about is sudden economic collapse. It is good to be prepared, especially if it doesn't cost too much...

    • profile image

      Ankurpatel1397 2 years ago

      Nice hub