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Dr. Uses Hitler as Example

Updated on December 14, 2011

Dr.s Using Very Poor Judgement

I am in the process of applying for SS Disability for injuries
that I have had with lasting repercussions and the process is
quite a drawn out affair but during the process I have learned
several things about what is required to do so. It seems you
have to be going to a Doctor on a regular basis for something
they can't do anything about and taking a mountain of
prescriptions again for something they can't do anything about.
I was turned down for disability due to their so-called Dr.'s decision.

If you have already had surgery for one thing, or two things, or three things, or four things as I have and they say nothing else can be done except fuse two joints in low back and neck surgery is needed. I've had surgery I don't want to go through that again if I don't have to, besides every time you go into surgery your risking your life.

Your still supposed to be going to the Dr. even if you are not working, and just running up one bill after another. You have to do it again or be on a walker or cane or some kind of special device to get around even if you can walk without one, but use special shoes and are living with the pain on a daily basis. I fall sometimes because of the pain and imbalance problems. When I look upward because of the pinchednerve in my neck along with the two herniated disk I have a problem with a constant uncontrollable twitching and constant pain in my hands along with numbness and electricity. If I make the simplest, wrong move due to the pinched nerve In my back I am on my knees do to the pain in my low back which in my diagnosis is another two herniated disk. I also have tinnitus so bad i have considered drastic measures at times.

I had a Dr. whose name is Dr. Jairo Antonio De La Hoz, that runs
the Family Practice at 5233 Ricker Rd, #101, Jacksonville, FL 32210,
who is one of the nicest people you would want to meet but does
not use any technical equipment when he does injections. He gave me
several injections for my back in 2006 when my back went out as I
simply bent over the hatch back of my car to retrieve something
from the trunk. I was on a cane because walking was not easily done.
Two weeks later as it was getting tolerable, he sent me to the
therapist by the name of Dr. Moon at Health Ex who proceeded to
chip a bone in my back sending me to the emergency room on my knees,
leading to back surgery. When she chipped the bone she also did
permanent damage to my left hip during the procedure in which she
moved my left heel to my crotch and pushed down on my knee with all
of her weight. The pain was so intense I could not walk from my bed
to the kitchen. I had to have the bone chip removed and a disk -
lamenectomy done at that time leaving a pinched nerve in my back and the Dr. saying it would occur again.

In May of the same year I acquired Planter's Faciitus in my left foot
and Dr. Del La Hoz tore the ligament in my left foot when injecting

me for Planter's Faciitus and I have had problems with the foot ever since that time with ongoing pain and balance. I later got it in the right foot also. In 2009 I fell do to the balance problem pulling a lawn mower over my right foot breaking the big toe and knocking the nail completely off.

What made the initial procedure worse was the female Dr. that worked Del La Hoz at the time told me it was a hit or miss business! That knocked me for a loop. When I asked that he not charge me for the mishap, he said he had to and when I mentioned I had to get an attorney he kicked me out of the building and was going to call the police to have me removed and was very rude to me as if the shoe was on the other foot.

Well to get to the point, recently I went to Dr. Ciceron V. Lazo
of Jacksonville whose office is on 6028 Bennett Rd. at the request
of the Social Security Administration to check out that what I was
saying wasn't a lie. They sent me to a Family Dr. for Specialized
information. Go figure. What floored me was when he asked me the
extent of the pain in my back and when I said, when the nerve is
pinched it was a "10" as I make a slight bending motion he promptly
gave me a tongue lashing about the meaning of the ! to 10 pain
theory saying that "Hitler and the Russians had researched this
and you can not live with a "10".

During World War II, the Nazi regime in Germany conducted human
medical experimentation on large numbers of people held in its
concentration camps. The total killed were 11 million. In particular,
Josef Mengele's experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz earned him
the nicknames "the Angel of Death" and "Dr. Death".

During the Stalin years over Russia, it turns out that, with the
exception of the war years, an exceeding huge majority of people
that entered the Gulag left alive. Judging by the Soviet records
we presently have, whether they be accurate or not, the quantity
of folks who died in the Gulag between 1933 and 1945, while both
Stalin and Hitler were in power, was on the order of 1,000,000,
perhaps a bit more. The total figure for the whole Stalinist period
is likely between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000. The Great Fear and other
shooting actions rubbed out no more than 1,000,000 people,
potentially a bit higher.

If this is what Dr. Lazo is refurring to I will up front say he is
in the wrong profession or he needs to go back and get re-educated
on his tactics because he is nothing more that a crude, unprofessional,
quack and if his decisions are what the Social Security Disability
Board depends on, they are a definitely using the wrong sources,
as is the rest of our Government.

The Dr. making this comment caught me off guard or I would have been more actively vocal with this unprofessional so-called Dr. Lazo! It really makes me sick to my stomach that he would use such an example and how does he actually have a clue what someones pain is? When the nerve is in a pinched state it is no less than a ten and then I can not get around safely for three days to a week or more and I have to use a cane to walk.


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