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DriveTest Strike Ontario

Updated on October 31, 2009
Can't do your written or practical test.
Can't do your written or practical test.

DriveTest Strike Ontario

DriveTest Strike Ontario We as many people know now the DriveTest strike in Ontario now over 9 weeks old is become a big problem for motorists. This has been very upsetting for many people. Lots of people who are waiting to get there G2 license so they can drive by themselves are unable too. People who want to do there written tests have to wait to apply for a license. Also people interested in a career for commercial driving “truck or bus” are now stuck waiting. Driving schools are losing business and companies who require fresh new drivers are left waiting. Many people who are upset, teenagers who already have purchased their first car and paying insurance on it to have it rot in their driveway. Some driving schools are now laying off their employee’s and estimated 4000 driving tests a day are not getting performed.

What is DriveTest

DriveTest is the company which you can apply for a drivers license in Ontario and can complete the appropriate road tests to achieve the license. You can apply for written tests of G1 M1 and commercial licenses “A, B, C, D, E, and F” and Z endorsement “Air Brake” and the exit driving tests to complete these license classes. Serco Des Inc purchased DriveTest from the Ontario Government back in 1993 for a 10 year contact, $114-million deal with the province.

Why are they on strike?

The main issue is with job security and Serco Des Inc which owns the company wants to turn it into seasonal employment. Their current contact doesn’t recognize job seniority and security which is the main concern of the union. Money is on the list but not the focus they don’t want to lay off senior staff before part time or contractors “students”. I believe these are very acceptable concerns for the employee’s unfortunately the strike is affecting the public. The Union is focused on goal of resolving the seniority and security issues.

What can we do?

Well there is not much if you need to do a road test, the government has extended the licenses once the strike is over you must book your test. If you need to do a written test there is hope. In Toronto there is the big Service Ontario location at 777 Bay ST, Toronto “College Park” which is the only place in all of Ontario to complete your written tests, this location is not owned by Serco and still owned by Ontario. So hopefully you can write your test and when the training is completed the strike will be over. Remember to bring your forms of id with you, your medical certificate “commercial license only“ and a form of payment either cash, debit or credit card. Please call ahead to make sure there open before making the trip up there and be aware of long wait time. This is a fact because a week ago I drove up there to write my A/C/Z learners permit and had to wait over 4hrs and write the tests in a room with a bunch of annoying people so be prepared. Also try to contact your local government and voice your concerns, there might not be much they can do, but it will let them know that it’s affecting a large number of people in Ontario. Well my final thoughts are this needs to be resolved now so nobody else has to suffer. Is Ontario the only place that has the Driving examiners or has this happened somewhere else too?  Please check the links posted below for more information.

How should the DriveTest strike end?

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    • profile image

      Bestboy 8 years ago

      The bad labour system/worker-emplor relations decrease the competitive ability. The govement tax us, but did worse job.

      4-month strike, the govement says: it is not my matter, it is the problem between workers and employer. SOOOOOO, stupid.

    • jamesluc6 profile image

      jamesluc6 8 years ago

      Serco is to blame!!! Also the governent needs to regain control, I think Ontario is the only place in the world where the drive test examiners go on strike for months

    • profile image

      affected too, but... 8 years ago

      Agree with Martin and Elie,

      We own a driving school, its affecting us too, but the contract between our Ontario Govt and Serco Des Inc. should have not allowed this situation to happen in the first place. Better steps should have been put in the contract to protect our provincial workers before selling it to Serco. Its not all the strikers fault after all, Serco doesnt want to come to the table from the sounds of it. I think they will just hire new workers and to the heck with the old ones.

    • profile image

      big momma  8 years ago


    • profile image

      AngryTeen 8 years ago

      there was 10 year contract in 93 and another one in 2003 so i am betting that in 2013 there will be another contract so if they just get back to work job security won't be a problem

    • profile image

      bubbles 8 years ago

      the strike is stupid the need to stop it right now and get back to work it is causeing problem for everyone. IT MUST STOP NOW....

    • profile image

      Greg B 8 years ago

      What the hell you talking about, C.R.?

    • profile image

      Christian Rozencruz 8 years ago

      Cursed are they that despise the worker who toils for daily bread while the true sloth plays in the manure and stench from whence they came and now soaked in delusional corruption of self grandiosity sleep only in this life. They will face the fires of damnation. Love your brothers and deny them not their daily bread nor frustrate their livelihood.For the lord on that day will hold you accountable for your thought and deed.amen

    • profile image

      frustrated serco employee 8 years ago

      I'm an employee of Serco, and this strike has gone on long enough. I would rather be at work, than stand out in the cold and rain all day. No wonder I get sick often. I just want to get back to work, and have this all be over with. I am just so sick and tired of no one doing anything to help with this strike. On Monday we will be in our 15th week, that's almost 4 mths long. If we are legislated back to work that's great, I would be very happy, and than the arbitrators can handle it. Im very depressed and angry over this crap. Liberals and NDP please get in there and help us.

    • profile image

      annoying 8 years ago

      Totally annoying, see this

      These are 2 Union employee comments copied from TorontoSun forum

      1. anonimus November 13th 2009, 5:21pm

      I am a drivetest employee and I can't believe how me and my coworkers are threatened, intimidated, coersed and bribed ($400 cash per week strike pay for 24 hours picketing) into supporting this stupid strike.

      The union give you ballots to vote on the offer but you have to put your name on the envelope so they know who you are. The USW tells us there are all sort of scary things in the company offer but I read it and it doesn't say what they say it does. Then in the middle of all this they tell me to go vote for the head guy at the USW who is going to lose his job in the coming elections. Is that the real reason we are on strike??? I thought unions were supposed to protect workers...not play games with them.

      2. anonymus November 16th 2009, 10:57am

      I agree with you anonimus. I too am an emplyee of Serco. The vote was a joke. One box going from city to city.AH AH. Serco cannot fight employees who do not want to return to work for them.

      The union wants us back with MTO and MTO does not want us. So we are really out of luck. I would love to see the offices reopen and to see how many of us would be back to work. I think this is the only way to see if the 78 percent of employees really voted against the contract

    • profile image

      mike  8 years ago

      This strike is insaine! I can't believe there is no way for anyone to get there license I was gonna apply for police cadets but I need my Full G, this is unfair And really pissing me off.

    • profile image

      getfacts 8 years ago

      LBCO-Not privatized, Ontario managed, accountable to government

      SERCO DES INC-Privatized, BRITISH offshore company, SUPPOSED to be accountable to the government (they have an @)*!(% contract) but for some reason big brother wont put his foot down.

      Can't really compare the two. At all.

      Actually, when the MTO was running the show, it was FAR more efficient than it is now. Please people, get your )@%*)!^ facts straight before you shoot your fingers off -.-

      At the end of the day, over 300,000 Ontarians have been affected by this strike. Yeah, Bradley, most ontario drivers won't be affected by the strike, as he says on the MTO website about the strike....perfect words because THE ONES AFFECTED CANT DRIVE -.-

    • profile image

      stix 8 years ago

      this strike ruined my life.

    • profile image

      Elie 8 years ago

      The government of Ontario hired this non-Canadian company to presumably run the drive test business more afficiently than government di(admission of incompetence) but nothing has changed. The same people are doing the same things the same old way. The government has responsability to look after the business and well being of its taxd payers but is failing to do so. Both parties are separated by non earth-shattering issues but are being stubborn. The government must step in and ensure that the tests that are its responsibility are offered to the Ontario public who are PAYING handsomely for them.Those examiners are doing a good job keeping our roads safe and we want them back on the job. Thier request for job security is not unreasonable. Minister of Transportation should do his job and stop saying "it's not our responsibility". Yes It Is. Serco is a monopoly business and it has the moral and legal obligation to keep our drivers in business. Learn from the LCBO who acted responsibly due to its monopoly status

    • profile image

      j-zipps 8 years ago

      i want my fukin g2 if this bullshit goes on anylonger i am gonnna shoot myself in t he fukin head, i have no way of getting around and what about wen i want to go to schoo you know what i say to the faggits on my fukin cazzo

    • profile image

      Martin 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Reddy 8 years ago

      Hay Lets all do something about this contact:647.863.1499

    • profile image

      L.Anil Kumar  8 years ago

      Is Canada A backward Nation ?. In Backward Nation Strick are for weeks but in Canada they are for months so what does it mean ?

    • profile image

      lori leckie 8 years ago

      Call your MP, the media, minister of labour, Serco Des, the union, minister of transportation and anyone else you can think of. That is what I've done.

    • profile image

      cass 8 years ago

      I legit don't even care how the strike was started; or why its there. But they are being selfish for not allowing people to get their licences.

      I want to go to University out of town next year and that is going to be proven difficult because I wont have my G2.

      Just fix the damn problem so people can get on their merry ways.

    • profile image

      indunil julian 8 years ago

      we ned are driving lichen plese call to this number 9054591361at2.00a clock

    • profile image

      mike f 8 years ago

      I agree this has gone on too long. I am trying to work as a paramedic and need my class F but can't get it and therefore can't get a job. This is affecting more than just high school students wanting their parents car.

    • profile image

      Rachelle 8 years ago

      It needs to stop I want to go for my G and cant because of this i work for the milltery with youth and meed my G This is getting out of hand stop being so lazy and get back to work i am sure there are many who are unemployed who would love a job so be thank full you have a job and stop being so gready think of not just your selfs but others who need to drive go BACK TO WORK AND KNOCK THIS OFF 9 WEEKS IS LONG ENOUGH YOUR PUNCHING EVERY ONE ELSE CAUSE YOUR NOT HAPPY WHEN I AM NOT HAPPY I CANT JUST PICK UP AND RALE EVERY ONE ELSE UP TO GO ON STRIKE GET WITH IT PEOPLE

    • jamesluc6 profile image

      jamesluc6 8 years ago

      I will update the hub once the strike is over!

    • profile image

      Jim S 8 years ago

      Hopefully they agree to this offer now!

    • profile image

      Tom 8 years ago

      I hope they accept the offer so I can get my g2

    • profile image

      Tom  8 years ago

      End it now.

    • profile image

      Tom 8 years ago

      I heard there going back to the table. Hope this gets resolved

    • profile image

      Carrie 8 years ago

      Yes the strike had gone on too long thanks for the tip on the written tests, i got to write my G1

    • profile image

      Stopthestrike 8 years ago

      This strike needs to stop now, I need to get my g2


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