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Drug Use and Abuse: Addiction, Overdose, Living as an Addict or Loving an Addict

Updated on February 25, 2016

One Remaining Friend- a Poem

It's so easy to judge others

When you're not the one in pain.

It's easier to turn your back

Than to watch a loved one fail again

And go back to the drug sacks, pills, or binge drinking.

I know that quitting is completely up to them...

But when everyone has walked away and there's no support,

No family or even friends,

Why would they give up the one escape

The world has given them?

Why wouldn't they self medicate

And start using again?

That drug has never abandoned them,

That drug has never judged them,

Talked down to them, shamed them, blamed them...

When there is no support left

Why wouldn't they turn to

Their one remaining friend?

How Has Addiction Affected You?

Everyone is affected by addiction.


Whether you're aware of it or not, even if you've never once touched an illegal substance or so much as a drop of alcohol, someone you know has.

If you're lucky enough to honestly say, "I've never been an addict of any kind, and I have no loved ones who are addicts or have ever been addicts...", then you're just that- LUCKY.

More likely than not, you are something else as well: unaware, in the dark, or in denial. There aren't many people who haven't known at least one alcoholic, prescription drug addict, or user of street drugs.

The drug war not only failed, it backfired, and addiction is even more prevalent in today's society than it was before the DEA was formed.

Addiction can come in many forms, and can be found in many places. It is no longer an issue contained within the fringes of society. It is now a full blown epidemic, the effects of which can be felt from the biggest cities to the smallest country towns. Black or white, rich or poor, educated or illiterate, addiction can be found everywhere, and does not discriminate.

I would like for this page to be considered a safe place and treated as such. By "safe place," I mean to discuss honestly and openly about personal battles with addiction, how a loved one's addiction has affected you, or the loss of loved ones to addiction/overdose, without fear of judgment or backlash.

Please do not post any comments that stem from hatred.

This is meant to be an exercise of love, support, compassion, understanding, and respect for one another's battles, and any comments posted are supposed to fit within that framework.

I would be honored to hear your stories, to share my experiences with you and listen to yours. Perhaps through supporting one another we'll come out of this stronger for it.


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