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WE are Mexico's drug problem

Updated on March 29, 2012

Never Ending War

The wave cannot be stopped.
The wave cannot be stopped.

Legalize It

"Police and law enforcement understand the facts," said Aaron Zelman, President of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. "They know restrictive, prohibition type laws only breeds more crime."

I copied that quote from an essay on gun control laws. However, it really does apply to the issue of the drug war. Just recently, 12 bodies were found on the side of a road in the state of Michocan, Mexico. A threatening note was found beside the bodies.

The war on drugs has become a scourge for our society. Drugs are now the centerpiece of war that has claimed over 8600 people in Mexico alone because of drugs. Isn't it obvious that our restrictive, prohibition type laws are only breeding crime.

WE are Mexico's drug problem because most drugs are legal in Mexico for personal consumption. So, Mexicans can have any drug that they want as long as they use it in the privacy of their on homes. Yet, the violence continues. This is because most of the drugs in Mexico are for American consumption and the biggest drug on that list is not cocaine, but marijuana.

Restrictive drug laws have caused countless deaths and allowed cartels to terrorize entire nations. The main problem is that it is America's fault. We have an appetite for illegal drugs that cannot be satiated and government's heavy-handed tactics have only made it worse. We need to begin to take responsibility for our on weaknesses and change restrictive drug laws so that those who need it can get help.

I was adopted into a family of addictive personalities. There were five kids in this family and at one point or another all but myself were addicted to something. The oldest son is a crack addict, the next to oldest son died from food addiction and smoking addiction, the next son was killed in a crack house, and the daughter has been a hooker on and off because of drugs.

People have addictions and we need to deal with them humanely. Lets end the war on drugs.


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