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Dump Trump: Politically Incorrect

Updated on December 3, 2017
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Mother of two girls & grandmother to 6. Writing is my hobby, my work, my play, & my passion. I have enjoyed writing online since March 2007.


Outright Lies, Racial Slurs, Derogatory Comments, Bullying and Name Calling, so Why is He Still Here?

I'm shocked Donald Trump in recent months hasn't faced a volley of slander and defamation of character lawsuits tossed his direction. More shocking though is why he has been allowed to continue to demean the United States political system with racial hate filled remarks, half truths, and out and out right lies. This once staid institution crumbling into a raucous mockery to be greeted with a resounding round of applause.

Hate speech? In some countries his words would be silenced as such. Still he stands at the microphone inciting those with anger in their eyes and white fire racing through their veins. Just shy of clinically insane? Perhaps.

Yet he continues. His blustering egocentric righteousness striking deep within the narrow minded values of those who believe that they deserve so much more than the general masses receive.

A false idol of unbelievable proportions. A booming voice, large stature, small hands, and small heart. He reigns as savior in the frustrated eyes of those who have grown weary of believing they can attain the status of the ever elusive dream known as middle class. And in the eyes of those he seeks to shun he brings fear. He steals their safety, security and respect.

It's Puzzling How the U.S. Political Landscape has Changed


His Reputation has Not Always Been as Squeaky Clean as it Could be.

It is common knowledge that in the past Trump has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times. It's also widely known that he came out of these deals pretty much unscathed by setting up the deal to leave his investors and more than a few small business people with their wallets cleaned out.

He's openly admitted that he pays as few taxes as possible and continues to refuse to release what is in those papers he files. There are rumors that for some years despite earning millions of dollars that his tax bill sat at zero and it is a known fact that he keeps goats on his golf courses so he can sneak through a loophole and claim those businesses as farm land (Quite a substantial saving I've heard.)

He also at one point did not pay his tax bill for a number of years and then negotiated a deal with a well known governor to pay a mere fraction of what he rightfully should have. Who covers the shortfall? Your guess is as good as mine. Infrastructure as in water, sewer, roads, and bridges are always in need of expensive repair and they rely on the tax dollars that each individual pays in order to cover these costs.

Many times referred to as a bully in his dealings and with a reputation for stepping on the little guy, at each rally Trump beamingly smiles down on his admirers. "I'm rich, I'm really rich", and these words seem to make everything else okay. It doesn't seem to matter who you use or abuse so long as you can come out on top.

His words haven't made much sense at times, they have definitely circled back on themselves more than a few times, and there have been a lot of lies (a really large lot of lies) yet his loyal followers dotingly ignore his indiscretions.


A Lot has Happened Since the 2016 U.S. Election

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There's a Very Big Prize at Stake in the Reckless Game he Plays

Whitehouse | Source

Setting the Back Drop for the 2016 U.S. Election

The night of Obama's inauguration there was a secondary meeting occurring nearby. It was a Republican meeting where the invited participants agreed to obstruct and block Democratic initiatives coming out of the future Obama presidency (See video below).

With the country in a deep economic slump the plan was to have a Democratic presidency that accomplished nothing and left the US people feeling frustrated enough to turn instead to the Republican party for salvation.

The sad fact of this move was that it left the American people lacking in the passing of initiatives which could have increased the betterment of their lives. It also may be the reason why they would so easily believe the controversial rantings of Donald Trump, a candidate with no previous political experience what so ever.

Despite the fierce opposition to his presidency Obama was able to pass quite a few major legislative bills during his term. The gridlock however did serve to leave many important initiatives sitting idly on a congressional desk or outright rejected into the nearest trash can.

Quite a large percentage of the population become frustrated with their current lot and with the inability of their government to help them move into a more comfortable financial situation.

A Conspiracy to Block the Democratic Processes of Government

Is Trump the Destruction of the Republican Party or is he a Product of Their Creation?

This situation was obviously largely created through a lack of respect for the democratic process and it created a further deepening lack of respect or trust. So when Trump emerged onto the scene with his boisterous blustering talk of freeing the masses from the corrupt system that was keeping them down, some believed him.

When he told little half truths they allowed that too and when he started telling big lies they also let those slide as well. Hell they even begin building excuses for his nonsensical statements. The original conspiracy had netted itself another but this time the skeleton in the closet was going to grow into a monster of unimaginable proportions.

Trump's arrogance has him not only attacking the opposition's Democratic party but also his own Republican party. His rants demean the vulnerable, minorities, women, and in the future most likely any group or person who may be vulnerable to his abuses. It is how a bully manipulates those around him.

So Let's do a Little Fact Checking on Donald

You Can Find the New York Times List of Donald's Lies Here

Just in case your curious nature is getting the better of you here are the President's mistruths in his own words: New York Times List of Lies July 21st 2017

A Lot has Happened Since the 2016 U.S. Election

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 4 months ago from Central Florida

      I'm with you, Trump is a total disaster for the U.S. Just think what a different world it would be if Bernie Sanders was president. He was my first choice, but ultimately the vote was Hillary or Trump so I voted for her.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 4 months ago

      Other than the general dissinformational content of this article , all is well ! One day , perhaps with this alt-left finally matures , we will all view the accomplishments of Trumps two terms . Until then we will continue these childish and openly immature accusations. Why is the first accusation of the left always" racism" ?All this Bias labeling has to end .