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EDM Sauce Co-founder Elle Is Organized Crime's Dirty Little Secret: Stealing Songs, Slandering Artists And Making Money

Updated on June 22, 2016

Stealing from the best independent writers/composers songs in the Dance Music Scene

EDM Sauce Co-Founder Rachelle Palmer Frick (pen name "Elle"), 40, is accused of stealing legitimate sound recordings from independent artists and selling them for a profit through The EDM Network. The Network includes the Artist Intelligence Agency,AiA Records,,, Dubstep.NET, House.NET, TrapMusic.NET and GlitchHop.NE. They own over thirty SoundCloud Channels and numerous YouTube channels along with numerous affiliates. The group also has a strong partnership for multiple music festivals and booking agencies. Rachelle Frick's job, under her pen name Elle, is to steal sound recordings from legitimate artists selling their song through digital distribution. She made an estimated $250,000 in sales just the first five months of this year. Within hours of an independent artist release of a new album, Rachelle downloads the songs and forwards them along within this network.

These stolen songs are uploaded and appear in the Artists Intelligence Agency Catalog for sale at a premium price to Artists, Labels, Promoters, and Marketing Teams around the world. The illegally obtained sound recordings are sold worldwide to the highest bidders. Once the tracks sell, the new songs are made "legitimate" by applying state of the art technology to backdate tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube through their special "Patented" Music Technology System. This makes the legitimate artist look like he/she stole their own tracks.

Finally, EDM Sauce and other affiliated writers publish articles on plagiarism claiming the legitimate writer stole the songs. Oddly enough the song in question is always an exact copy of the original sold online, but for Elle the rightful owner will always be the one who pays her money and creates headlines, not the one who has the U.S. Copyright Registration and other documents. It's certain that Elle and her cohorts would do anything to appear like a legitimate seller/writer because she wants to fly under the radar of the FBI and the US Government.

Since when does an exchange of money make anyone the writer/composer of a sound recording? This case reveals the extensive problem independent artists have in combating large-scale theft, with professional thieves, like Elle, buying sound recordings from online and striking multiple deals with Artists, Labels and Agencies. The annual loss to worldwide is estimated at $30 billion. Elle's activity is organized crime.

So, Elle is still stealing sound recordings, why just let her keep doing this over and over? Rumor has it that the parties involved don't want to get her on petty theft for stealing one artist's music. The writers/composers are working with Federal Agencies to build a larger case that would bring stiffer penalties and longer jail time. Finally, there is justice.

Who will be their next victim?


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    • profile image

      Michael Weiss 20 months ago

      I really hope she gets caught. It's sad how people

      Can work so many years on a track as well as albums and then have it go poof by an organization that supposedly helps artists get out there. EDM SAUCE IS