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Updated on October 17, 2011

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about NATO's intervention in Libya and the Civil War raging in the country right now. I'm pretty sure you also heard the "RUMORS" Spread about Leader Muammar Qaddafi.

I am here to tell you that you have been misinformed. WESTERN MEDIA says Protesters took to the streets in Febuary demanding reforms from Muammar Gaddafi and the regime. To the east of Libya reside certains tribes, who of which lost power when Gaddafi came to Power years ago. Some are still angry and jealous.. An assasination attempt was launched on Gaddafi years ago by members of these tribes and failed. So, it is safe to say that there is a reason to be some animosity dwelling in certain individuals. HOWEVER, WESTERN MEDIA also said that Muammar Gaddafi gave orders to fire on civilians and bomb them. THIS IS FALSE! During a Small Protest... A few hooligans caused some trouble... During a PRO GADDAFI protest... Some Al-Qaeda members shot at supporters, then Attacked a Police Station and stole weapons. They also attacked the Jail and released many Prisoners and Al-Qaeda operatives.

The UNITED STATES have even stated that they sent an Al-Aqaeda Operative to Libya for Interrogation and Imprisonment. This Man Is Now The Commander of the Libyan Rebels.

Western Media, NATO, Rebels, and Al-Jazeera all flipped the truth and claimed GADDAFI was attacking Civilians when in turn it was really the rebels trying to stir up trouble.

NATO THEN proposed a No-Fly Zone (allegedly to prevent Gaddafi from using planes to attack civilians) and shortly after began dropping bombs all over Libya. As you can hear from reports, You do not hear of ANY Military Aircraft being used by The Libyan Military. This "NO FLY ZONE" was merely a way to clear the skies for free oppurtunity to destroy the country and all of Gaddafi's Air Bases and Naval Stations.

NATO has been bombing Sirte, Bani Walid, and other areas Continously for months. Thousands of Civilians have died. Rebels claim to be pinned down by snipers who are merely WOMEN CIVILIANS defending their homes, city, and families. People are confused to as why these cities have not fallen. It is because ALL OF THE PEOPLE are defending it. The civilians who tried to escape the bombing and shelling were captured leaving the city in the desert and tortured and killed. The rebels constantly use the media to Lie and say they are achieving victories when they are really facing defeat at every turn. NATO is the only reason this war has lasted more than a week.

The Genocide Must Stop. NATO Must Cancel it's EVIL CAMPAIGN of Trying to Steal Libya's Oil and Wealth all because they are Jealous of How Rich and Powerful Gaddafi and Libya is. They are Mad Gaddafi claimed Possession of his OWN Oil and charging them, instead of them Controlling all the oil and Extorting The Country like they are used to. They are Mad Gaddafi has ALOT of GOLD and wants to Unite Africa and other Countries under the GOLD DINAR, which would make GADDAFI and AFRICA WAY richer than the European Powers.... This War is because of evil, greed, racism, and hate. The Libyan People are Purely fighting for their land, their freedom, independency, and pride. There is NO WAY to Justify what NATO is doing. IT IS CLEAR the Libyan PEOPLE only want Peace. No NATO, No War.

The PEOPLE LOVE their Leader! How dare you lie about this man and try to Assissinate him!

We must spread the truth and let the world know that this is Not Right and the Libyan People deserve their peace. Let the PEOPLE decide the country's fate. Let them fight for their own country. NATO should not be Killing Civilians, Trying to overthrow a regime, NOR MANIPULATING the MEDIA!. END NATO AGGRESSRION! FREE GREEN LIBYA!!!

There are Reports NATO has bomb Protesters such as these during Demonstrations just yesterday


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