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Esd6 Meeting on Friday, January 27, 2012

Updated on May 27, 2019
Abecedarian profile image

Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn has a long history of not telling the truth, so much so, she gotten very good at it.

Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, ESD#6 Board President
Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn, ESD#6 Board President

More of the Same

The Emergency Services District had their January meeting and by the looks of it, they are still going after the Volunteer Fire Department's equipment, not paying them what they should and spending taxpayer dollars on items that are not in the best interest of fire safety.

Agenda action items

#6. Action concerning the USDA letter of conditions and essentials for a fire station (equipment).

#7. Budget Amendment to add line item for vehicle analysis. Normally, you would put this budget item in before you spent the money, however, Ms. Mendelsohn is known for not following the rules of order and so now they need to amend the budget.

#8. Approve expenses and "ratify" payment. (Ratify: to approve expenses that they already paid without board approval.) And "provide" repayment to Government Capital Corporation in February 2012. (Must be the "pay day" loan that they took out to make payments because they had already spent the funds for the year.) However, nowhere in the agenda does it show an amount to approve. The word "provide" used strategically could mean: 1) to include as a condition. 2) to stipulate. 3) to support.

#10. Consider "appropriate" payment for Ata-Bexar VFD expenses.

#11. Consider "appropriate" payment for Sandy Oaks VFD expenses, as well as, status on a "second" lien for ESD6.

#12. Consider "appropriate" payment for South Bexar Fire & Rescue, as well as, status on a "second" lien for ESD6.

#13. Status of Southside ISD vs. ESD6- last known status was that the case was dropped with prejudice, so that the SISD could re-open the case if needed. Attorney advice on the status of the sale of the Quint (ladder truck) and the District Court's order to execute liens, May 6, 2011, required by Sandy Oaks VFD and Ata-Bexar VFD. I have not been able to acquire a copy, as of yet, of this "Court Order", in order to comment further.

#14. Request to the court for enforcement of order requiring second liens, dispostion of the Quint and request a hearing for pending claims.

All of the legal wrangling to acquire equipment must be costing the taxpayers quite a bit of money.

Ms. Mendelsohn and her attorney, Louis T. Rosenberg have continually bombarded the VFD's with requests for documents at a pace that exceeds necessity and borders on insanity. The VFD's are short handed and underpaid, but Ms. Mendelsohn at the expense of the taxpayer keeps Mr. Rosenberg financially solvent while bleeding the VFD's even drier with "busy work", which in turn helps her cause. Without the desired paperwork, she denies payments, a technique she has used since October 10, 2010. Mr. Rosenberg continues to rake in tax dollars, $11,356.24 in this latest treasurers report.


Bill Davidson- $1,500, O'Connell Robertson (Architect for Community Center) $5,000, Jaster Quintanilla (clearing-unowned property) $2,000.

More tax dollars spent on non-fire safety, while the fire departments go underfunded and threats of losing their equipment.

The verdict is in

Once again, Ms. Mendelsohn and the ESD6 Board were found to be lacking. Lacking moral fiber and the ability to tell the truth.

The major item in question of course was the non-payment of the Sandy Oaks VFD's Quint (ladder truck) and the fact that Sandy Oaks sold it. Ms. Mendelsohn, once again, made excuses for her actions by making comments that were substantiated as lies. According to Ms. Mendelsohn, the "analyst" that was hired, said that they didn't need the Quint as much as they needed Brush trucks because they could get mutual aid response from the City Fire Departments or Toyota (Joe Hearn's employer). However, the analyst did not do his research or report for the ESD6 until after the Quint had been sold, so that topic would have been a mute point at best at the time of the analysis. Secondly, the ESD6 does not have a mutual aid agreement with Toyota.

A local news coverage video can be seen of Ms. Mendelsohn lying to not only the reporter, but to the entire city of San Antonio and surrounding areas who watched. So, who will be held accountable; when heaven forbid a disaster hits the school district or one of the corporations that have come in and the equipment isn't available to render aid. Ms. Mendelsohn and the ESD6 or the "analyst" who told her it wasn't necessary to have this truck. It would certainly be in the best interest of the analyst to come forward and clarify some information with the media on the liability he was just issued by Ms. Mendelsohn.

The other item that is detrimental to the safety of the South East Bexar County residents is the fact that without Sandy Oaks VFD's Quint, it will take at least 45 minutes to an hour before assistance of that kind can arrive. A fire spreads very quickly when oxygenated; can anyone afford to wait 45 minutes to an hour for aid?

Ms. Mendelsohn, is she capable of being honest with the community?

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© 2012 Lady Liberty


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    • profile image

      chance squires 

      9 years ago

      My dad is with yall and yall is not the o.e mad I am two .yall can ita new one or get it back I don't like the E.S.D #6 CAUSE THEY DON'T THINK ABOUT THE SAFTY

    • Abecedarian profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Liberty 

      9 years ago from These United States, Texas

      Well it seems the media is finally giving it some attention without the cover-up spin and tempers are starting to flare up again. The one thing I did get from the feed back is that Ms. Mendelsohn feels unappreciated as a "volunteer", which is actually kind of funny, due to the fact of what she's doing to volunteers. However, if Ms. Mendelsohn doesn't feel respected and is quote,a "volunteer", then she can simply walk away. It's that simple. From her history, she has never had a problem walking away from other boards that she's been appointed to and lost interest in.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Sylvia's comment that she and the other board members are volunteers just like the fire fighters was a comment that really stuck in my craw!!!!! There is no comparison!! Like Stacy said, you don't see any of them getting up in the dead of the night to go answer a call. Or leaving the dinner table, or changing plans at the last minute because all of a sudden tones drop for your station. Hell, they can't even bring the fire fighters some cold water when they're out there fighting fires in the broad daylight. Volunteer, my @$$!!!! Plus I have a hard time believing these miscreants aren't profiting out of this from somewhere. Can you say kickbacks? Can you say well I won't say it. Knowing Sylvia, she'd scream slander and have the ESD pay Lou to represent her against me in court. She demands respect from the fire departments and the community, but I have found nothing about any of them to show respect for.

      I love the old saying - What goes around comes around. I only hope I'm there to see it when they're paying the price. Oh, how the mighty do fall!! It should be a very long drop.

    • Abecedarian profile imageAUTHOR

      Lady Liberty 

      9 years ago from These United States, Texas

      @Stacy, it is quite understandable. The frustration you and your volunteers must feel on a daily basis can be overwhelming. Stay strong and don't give up, easy words to say, but your community needs you. Yes, and auto correct is suppose to make it easier on you, it actually gives me a headache.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Yeah there are some typos on this due to my auto correct. The first sentence should state I attended this meeting

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I attends this meet and did a interview with woai that made the ten pm news.

      The bottom line to all of this is your volunteer fire departments are at our breaking point and that's just where they want us. I have been in sandy oaks vfd since I was born and it was ran behind my grandparents house. I don't run calls for me I run calls for you all and we used to have a lot of help but since this whole ESD BS came about, we have lost soooo many good men and women because they don't want to fight anymore for something they have done for so many years and we don't have the extra money to fix the equipment that's broke. Yes the ESD will pay for repairs on trucks they pay for but most of our trucks are grant funded and we can't have a taxing government on the title. We were forced to sale our quint which was our 75 foot ladder truck due to lack of funding and the ESD inability and refusal to make the payment. It wasn't the easiest discussion to make since as you all know this area is growing rapidly and there are larger buildings more hazardous materials are present and not to mention the school district. As stated earlier the ESD board stated they are concerned for the community and they too volunteer as board members but my God making us get rid of a fire truck which was a huge assest to this area was the best for us out here. Seriously? While the camara crew was recording everything was pretty calm however after their departure it was heated as usual. The whole comments of this office and each and every board member is available all the time was a crock because I had tried to get ahold of a certain board member SEVERAL times with no response and last I heard all correspondence had to go through the office manger. I would like to see them wake up at 3 in the morning out of a dead sleep and run out of their house putting on shoes and put out a house fire or do CPR for 30 mins.

      Its time for a change guys I don't understand why our tax money isn't going right to the fire departments how hard is that pay your operating expenses and give the rest you the fire departments for trucks and manpower. You tell me, would you run into a burning building for ten dollars a hour without medical insurance? I thank not but we do and 90% of the time its for free. Go ask a San Antonio firefighter about his or her pay and benifits then ask them would they want to trade that for what we can offer and oh yeah your pay is subject to availability of the ESD if they find a project to spend money on your not getting paid guys sorry. Oh and not to mention if any of the fds total a truck as of right now good luck replacing it since they dropped coverage amount. I spoke to Mr Davidson the consultant and he said he stressed the fact that his estimates on trucks were stand alone value (these values were incorrect too but us firemen have to prove different and we have to do that for free too,) not the replacement values. Our 200@ Pierce Enforcer with a custom cab is 250,000.00 to replace but its insured for 190,000.00. That's a big difference isn't it. I'm sorry for this rant but something haves to give because its getting harder and harder every week to keep moral with our members.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Had the "pleasure" of attending this meeting. I'd like to say it was fun, but after all, it is the ESD, so NOT. The highlights that stuck with me were 1.)the attorney for the ESD informing South Bexar that if they didn't fall in line they would be named in the next lawsuit (I am paraphrasing, of course); and 2.) Sylvia announcing that everyone sitting on that board are "volunteers" in this community just like the fire fighters and that they won't stand for being disrespected anymore (again I paraphrase). The repayment of the payday loan was a partial payment. The balance is due in February. There was a lady reporter and camera man from Channel 4 there for the 1st half, but it wasn't until after they left that things got exciting. What a shame! The "good stuff" didn't get on the news! Bottom line, it looks to me like the ESD is upset that the quint was sold and they didn't get the money for it, and the ESD is trying really hard to make South Bexar park their trucks. What a crock!!!!!!!


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