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South East Bexar County Awareness: ESD6 fails again...South Bexar County grass fire gets out of control

Updated on June 22, 2014
AtaBexar Fire & Rescue
AtaBexar Fire & Rescue


Imagine, in a perfect world you live out in the country to enjoy the solitude that it brings and for years, you always knew that you had those awesome volunteer fire fighters taking care of you. Then greed and corruption reared its head into your community and now you have the danger, but not the coverage. How secure do you feel now?

ESD6 without any fire fighters are using carpetbagger fire fighters from ESD2, which just recently received a heavy payment of $142, 000 from South Bexar County tax funds. More than ESD6 Board President, Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn was willing to pay her existing 3 volunteer fire departments. So how did the ESD2 do in the Southern Bexar County fire that devastated a neighborhood and took three families and left the homeless? They failed.

What happened to your fire safety....

Do you feel that ESD2 is competent to take care of your needs?

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The fire that got away

The media said the fire was started by a discarded cigarette at the 3100 block of Owen Wood in the far southern portion of Bexar County, just west of 37 South.

Due to high winds and no humidity, the fire quickly spread through approximately 150 acres of brush, leaving in its wake the supports of what once was a structured home and charred land as far as the eye could see.

The ESD6 who had three volunteer fire departments under it's wing, devastated the ESD6 financially and used its power to settle personal grudges with members of the three departments; leaving them without contracts and paying excessively more to bring in firefighters from ESD2 to cover an area that they proved in this fire, they are not experienced in doing.

ESD2 Firefighters were heard saying that they would not take their trucks into the area because they were new and didn't want them to get stuck in the sand. They called a fire spot as contained before they drove off to get more water, the same fire quickly reignited when the wind picked up seconds later.

While they called the fire 100% controlled at 8:30 pm., people in homes near by were still spraying water on logs that kept igniting with the wind.

Who had to come to the rescue? Those listed below are just a few of the names that were seen, two others were rumored to have been there as well.

  • Harmony VFD
  • Somerset
  • AtaBexar
  • Air Force Fire Tankers
  • Toyota Fire Department

3100 owenwood san antonio texas:
3100 Owenwood Drive, San Antonio, TX 78264, USA

get directions

Origin of the fire that spread to 150 acres


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