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Juncker Remains Instransigent to May.

Updated on December 14, 2018
EU man Jean-Claude Junkcer.
EU man Jean-Claude Junkcer. | Source

Theresa May narrowly survived a vote of no confidence in parliament the other night. Tories had gathered to vote on the future of their leader and Prime Minister Theresa May.

The vote came about when the 1922 Committee received 48 letters from disgruntled MP's in a bid oust Mrs May. Apparently, on the night of the gathering, Theresa May had to beg her MP's to let her keep her job. Apparently, she had to promise not to lead her party into the 2022 election and make way for a new leader by or before then.

The thing is why did she promise she would not lead her party into the next general election? Some time ago she had already promised not to do this and would only be the woman who oversaw the UK leaving the EU in 2019 March 29. Perhaps she hoped against hope MP's may have forgotten her pledge and thought it would be possible to lead the Tories into the next general election?

Anyhow she did survive receiving the backing of 200 of her MP's as opposed to 117 who wanted her out. She is safe for a year now but never the less Mrs May is damaged. It can only be a matter of time before she stands down (after the UK has left the EU perhaps) or candidates step forward to challenge her leadership, or a vote of no confidence is called on her leadership by her party or the opposition. Either way, Theresa May is determined to fight on, for now, come what may and has stuck to her plan doggedly.

The 11 December 2018 will always live in the memory of when Theresa May chose to delay the vote on her Brexit deal in the Commons. The EU had already approved the deal hammered at out 'Chequers' but the British Parliament had then to rubber stamp it. She sent out MP's to every corner of the nation to get ordinary folk to back her deal. In the end, though this seemed wasteful as it was MP's who would be voting on her deal, not the electorate.

Theresa May was expected to lose the vote massively hence the reason why she delayed the vote. She has been rushing around the EU to get a new deal that all parties could vote through on Brexit but Jean-Claude Juncker was having none of it.

She addressed a meeting in Brussels of the EU 27 and took questions also. However, she left for the UK after this empty handed with Mr Juncker saying the plan agreed between the EU and UK (Mrs May's plan) was the only one on the table. They could probably help with some concessions but that was it they were sticking to the 'Chequers' deal.

Theresa May knows that whatever concessions (if any) the EU grant over her deal it will more than likely not be passed by parliament. Her DUP partners in the coalition government have made it clear they cannot support her deal. Jeremy Corbyn and other opposition leaders have also made it plain they will not support the deal.

Theresa May casts a lonely and beaten figure whether she is in parliament, at the EU or being interviewed. Jeremy Corbyn has had the chance of plunging the metaphorical knife into Mrs May by tabling a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister (which is what Margaret Thatcher did to Labour in the '70s which enacted a general election and brought Thatcher to power).

Rules have slightly changed since Margaret Thatcher's time, however, Corbyn if he got enough backers could possibly force a general election but the DUP said they would stand with Mrs May on this one. So why has Jeremy Corbyn not gone forward with a vote of no confidence? Does he feel sorry for his Conservative adversary? Is he too much of a gentleman to kick the Prime Minister when she is already down? Speculation is that at the moment he may not win a vote of no confidence which could weaken his position. It would appear Mr Corbyn is biding his time and like William, the Conqueror in 1066 is seeing which way the wind is blowing before he makes his move.

One thing is for sure Mrs May has been stoic and brave but it could also be argued she is stupid and foolhardy.

Bio of Jean-Claude Juncker.

1) Born in Redange, Luxembourg.

2) Date of birth: 9 December 1954.

3) Married to Christine Freising in 1979.

4) Prime Minister of Luxembourg for 18 years.

5) Studied law at Strasbourg university between 1975 - 1979.

6) Did not go into law as he entered politics instead.

7) He is President of the European Commission.

8) Mr Juncker has held this position since 2014.

9) Has a number of awards namely: Charlemagne prize, Services to Austria and the Quadriga Order of Friendship.

10) It is rumoured he is a drunkard.


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