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Earth Changes as the Cleansing Begins Including Japan

Updated on September 20, 2018

The Cleansing of the Planet Earth


Earth Changes occuring because of the Cleansing Incl. Japan

Because of this question and answer sessions to the Higher Beings that I have been in contact with for over 20 years, I have begun the summary of the channelled book "Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth" given to me during the early 90's and published in 1995. The book was taken out of print very quickly and because of the important detailed information given on the cleansing of the earth planet and what earth changes would occur I am including part of that summary here and will add subsequent hubs until it is finished. This has been a very difficult task to do because of the explicit material involved and I am remembering again how I felt when I first channelled this material some 20 yrs ago. I knew then that the info was true in content and I resonated with it at a very deep level but felt much happier when the second book was given which gives us advice on how to raise ourselves up and become who we truly are which ultimately enables us to deal with the changes which will and are occuring. The second book is available free of charge if you go to my profile page and see the links to my network. Namaste

Could you tell us what to expect over the next months in the area of earth changes and severe climate changes?

We can assist you much better if we refer you to the script that is already in your possession. We cannot give you different details than you already have. These details are as relevant now as they were when given first time. We would suggest that you take those details and begin to make of them a set of precise observations which can be given out as a summary and a precise time watch. When one line of energy clearance is completed you will then be able to assess what is to happen next and in which order the rest of your planet will indeed be cleansed. This cleansing is not random, it was never thought ever that it could be random. There are many energy lines and vortices which surround your planet earth. It is because of these vortices of energy that we can bring in the changes. We cannot affect the planet herself physically but we can assist the healing energies to be brought in one by one to assist her to throw off the mantle of negative bearing, negative energy flow which will not allow her to go freely into the new universally energy continuum which she approaches now within the cosmic whole.

At which section of the scrip shall I begin the précis, summary of the facts previously given.?

We will give you explicit details of each section that requires to be made into a summary. The first part of the script was given in order to prepare for the details of the changes therefore these can be passed over. When you reach the sections which begin to give explicit details of the changes then please take them down again and give them in the words that we have given to you before. If you begin to change them the meaning will be altered. Please follow our instructions.

How would you then like me to present these for the public?

We will instruct you as you go along your journey, you are well aware that things are about to change drastically for both yourselves and your families. As you journey on you will not have the usual parameters to abide by because much of the structure of your society will be pulling apart ready to administer the salve to her wounds. Her wounds will be deep for the society which has been driven by the economy of the world will now end and the economy of the world will be afloat in its own mire. Those who try to hold these problems together will not succeed. It cannot now be refloated as a viable way to live together. Because of this we will be assisting you much more in the now moment, as time goes on you will be able to hear us speak to you much as you hear your friends on the phone! We do not jest, as the energies raise higher and higher in the vicinity of your planet earth then we will be your companions in a much more direct way.

From the script given as the book “Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth” given originally around 1993 – published 1995 .

“Be at one with your Universe. The time approaches when the two suns will become your gods. This will come about when the Sun has begun her cycle of rebirth. She will assist your transition. You must become aware of the power of the energy that is rained down on you from the solar system. This solar system is your power house. She has the power to destroy or rekindle the flame of life. Many now have become rigid in their way of thinking that no energy source has the power to destroy your planet. We must tell you that the Earth’s crust could become aflame if the Earth’s balance was adjusted to envelop her into a chosen orbit of the Sun. Many have predicted that the Sun’s rays will ultimately burn their way through the Earth’s crust, but none have predicted that the Sun herself will be split in two as the changes take place in the heavens above. Our estimation of the explosion can not be measured in your earthly minds. We cannot begin to explain to you that the area affected will be grossly underestimated by the humanoid response to existence.

We must now forecast ahead to the times when much change and fortitude will be needed on the planet Earth. Be aware that the information will be somewhat catastrophic, therefore you will need to be very precise when giving this information to those around you. Be aware also that we will be notifying many sources of similar details. At first the energy that surrounds the planet Earth will become very dense. This denseness is not negative, it is only the intensity of the energy that produces the density. This energy will protect the planet Earth and will enable many light-workers to proceed with the anchoring processes. This anchoring will prevent the Earth from becoming too unstable during the transitional stages of her growth. She will be torn apart physically from the interior to the exterior but the energy field around her will enable the ‘completion’ process to take place. Her auric field will be adjusted over the next six months, so that the energies do not affect the balance of her motion in space.

There are several synopses of the concurring events that are happening on the planet in several different quarters. These events are not so much cataclysmic happenings as they are smaller, but more powerful snatches of energy transferences. We must differentiate between the energy transferences and the more apolcalyptic energy exchanges, because much has been said of the great changes that will come about on your planet Earth over the next coming years. The energy transferences are very much to do with the overall energy input that is being placed within the Earth’s atmosphere. These energy transferences are mildly accumulating between the stratosphere and the atmosphere, in order to bring about the more catalytic changes within the overall plan.

Apart from the severe weather conditions prevailing over the planet, there are many more energy transferences that will affect certain direct areas. The effect this will have is that many more tidal waves, earth traumas and hurricanes will take place over the ensuing months ahead. Because of this there will be much need to address the public at large, not on a small scale, but within large public places and with the use of the media when ever possible. Much of what has happened will be considered minor compared to the coming apocalypse situation. It is not because of the areas themselves, but because of the energy build-up in these areas that they will be cleansed.

This will then lead to the next stage of the major plan which is that the oceans and waterways will be cleared. This clearance will begin the last stages of the Earth’s physical rebirth. The plan of action from this point is one of universal concern, not planetary. The universal energy system has no motion, no time and no space; it is operational because it just ‘is’.

At this moment in time, the Earth has become severely damaged by humanoid existence. She does not stand easy in her orbit. We must attempt to cleanse the areas that have for so long harboured negative energy. The cleansing will begin with the ‘dirt’ being stripped from the energy lines. This will commence when the energy that has been placed upon the Earth reaches its highest frequency. We cannot give a date for this, because there are many factors that affect the energy reaching its highest frequency. The frequency at the moment has reached the fifty percent mark, and is in the process of rising again. From this time on, the energy will rise in increments of about ten percent. This will enable the population to begin to realise what is happening, rather than be shocked in submission. We are awaiting the time when the energy reaches approximately seventy-five percent before the preparation for the cleansing can begin.

We must now attempt to address the problems which lie within the West Indies. This area has much confusion, both on an energy level and within the land masses themselves. We do not consider that the area is polluted, but much has been laid down within the energy field. This has a lot to do with the overall energy of the people. They have somewhat of a casual nature – one that does not promote action. They must be given the instructions to become more warrior-like. We do not mean aggressive, but low-key optimism. We need to adjust their environment so that the energy holds more fire vibration. By this we mean energy that is actually inspiring and creative – both in a warrior-like way and passive.

It is very important that you all have the understanding as to why these exchanges will take place. We must add here that it is not because of the people; it is because of the planet Earth. Much movement happens within the universal system. It is not obvious to you on planet Earth with your third dimensional understanding. It is only because of the oncoming changes that you will become involved.

Much of this movement will be concerned with the areas around Scotland, Majorca, Tunisia, the Spanish mainland, Italy, Nova Scotia and Portland in Oregon. These particular areas are in much need of cleansing. It is not because of the people now inhabiting the land, but because of the past history. It will be considered as part of the bad luck of the draw as it were, because nobody at this point will consider that there are major energy shifts and interference affecting the land itself.

Do not be too concerned with these effects. They will not cause too much affray, but will need to be counted as the beginning of the more major cleansing actions. After these lines have been correctly charged, you will begin to see other surrounding areas become more adaptable to the new changing climates. Around the Spanish mainland there will be new growth beginning to emerge in the way of fresh, greener grasslands and more interesting species of plant life. This will give way to lush crops and more exotic undergrowth. In Tunisia the soil will become more friable, and eventually much more of an economically viable cultivation area.

In Scotland, much of the land will be lost to seas, but before this begins energy will be felt around the Highlands to such an extent that one will believe the heavenly hosts have descended. This will cause many to leave the area, but also to invade, it will be entirely dependent upon the vibration of those concerned. It is a major cleansing in Scotland, one which she will never recover from. Scotland, as you know it, will not be in existence for much more than three years. After this period of time the area will become partly waterlogged and partially extinct. The waves will wash upon the Scottish shores for more than three months with a wind velocity that has never been felt on your planet before, and will never be felt again. Much of the Scottish coastline will be lost. There are few areas which will remain but these are much further southward, and extending into England. The smaller islands will not survive, they have for a long time lived on borrowed time – this time was allowed because of the upgrading consciousness of the people now inhabiting the islands. Much of the land that will be lost will remain deep below the ocean. Smaller pieces of land will appear to the west of the Hebrides, these pieces of land will become inhabited only by small wildlife.

Nova Scotia has many inlets and islands. Much of the land within these inlet areas will become waterlogged and then extinct. It is because of the negative energies that lay around these inlets that much of the land will be lost. If the energy is only slightly negative, then land is not lost but just rebalanced. If the energy has accumulated debris within its field, then it cannot be rebalanced, but must be rejected.

Much of the land within the area known to you as the Hebrides will become rejected. Other far northern areas of Scotland have much debris lodged within the energy system. We cannot re-adjust these energies; they must be finally and completely rebalanced. After rebalancing, the land will be lost, it will not recover.

Much of the land around the Nova Scotia inlets will be released into the ocean. His is because of the energy build-up and firmly entrenched lumps of negative debris in the energy field.

After balancing, any energy that has not been cleansed is released into the ocean, together with landmass attached to it. At a later stage the oceans themselves will be completely cleansed of this negative energy, but first we must cleanse the earth areas. If we do not cleanse the earth areas first, then the oceans will not be able to filter the energy debris. We cannot lose earth matter. We must enable the Earth’s filter system to include all debris.

The Earth is complete in herself; she does not lose or gain anything during any of the civilisations on Earth, only cleanses and rebuilds. If she was not inhabited, then she would be self-cleansing constantly in order to stay clean. It is only because of the human involvement that her system has become severely clogged. Your energies are an intrusion on the Earth Planet. It was only because of divine intervention that humans were allowed to inhabit the Earth plane.

Much of the cleansing will be carried out through the Earth’s own system. If we require more ‘cleansing fluids’, then we will be allowed to use surges of energy. These surges will be in the form of storm blasts. Storm blasts are quick, calculated blasts of electric energy which may devastate areas, but will nevertheless cleanse any debris and negative vibrations. We do not wish to harm, therefore these will only be used as a last resort.

We must have no more confusion. We will cleanse the planet, but she must stay clean. This is not now an option; those who cannot stay in a positive frame of mind will not survive in the energies that are upgrading on your planet. We do not speak of months, but over the next few years it will become increasingly more and more difficult to sustain life from a lower vibrational frequency.

The next stage of the cleansing process will involve the area of Greece – mainland and islands. She will become very much involved in strife as the energy system in that part of the world is quickened. Much of her strife will be connected with the energy lines which run from the edge of the continent to the island of Majorca. The island of Majorca will take the main part of the energy input, but as she is connected to Greece both by energy lines and inheritance, then she will be very badly affected. The effects will be somewhat of a different nature, as she has much rock formation, both on the surface and beneath the ocean around her coastline, this rock formation will be affected greatly. The land areas themselves will become somewhat concertinaed, meaning that they will suffer somewhat of a jarred affect. This will cause much land to be lost, but not necessarily great loss of life, as this country is not greatly populated.

The energy around the Atlantic Ocean will become very torrid. This will lead to much land loss in the areas of Sweden and Denmark. The Atlantic Ocean will become over-swelled and cause great tidal waves upon the beaches of both these countries. It is because of the build-up of energy within the middle of the Atlantic that this will occur. The North Sea will become exceptionally over-full, and cause great changes along the coastlines of these countries. You do not understand yet how these oceans interconnect on an energy level; when one is under stress, the others respond. It is as if they are part of the same entity, which undoubtedly they are. The oceans have one energy – that of the element of water. It does not matter where the trouble begins, all will feel it.

This build-up of energy will also cause much of the coastline of France to be affected. She will suffer much loss of life as her coastal areas are not well protected. Most countries have managed to prepare in some way for changes that may occur; France has not.

This build-up will also affect some parts of Northern Canada. Around the areas of the Great Lakes the energy will become torrid. The Great Lakes will become affected because of streamline energy transference. Below the lakes are energy lines which join with the energy of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Because you cannot see these energy lines below the oceans, you have not really taken them into account. Much is said of the energy lines within the earth areas, but not so of the oceans.

Italy will become lost to the sea for a time. Her neighbouring countries will assist her at this time. Much of the energy around Italy has become dirtied by the administration of negative attitudes. The sea around her coastlines will swell and cover much of her topsoil. She will recover very well because of the attitude of the people. They will join together to recover the land. The water will seep away after approximately twelve months. The land that was before very arid will become lush and productive. Much will need to be done to cleanse the oceans of the debris collected from the land masses but we will assist you with this as the time approaches.

The cleansing will continue with much landsliding and energising of land masses. Amongst those areas to suffer greatly will be those of Sweden and Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia has many mountains and streams. These will become loose and muddy, causing much slipping of the land into the sea. These mountains have become covered by topsoil. They have been covered over during other great periods of cataclysm on the Earth planet. The mountains are now harbouring great energy forces. They are built of rock and granite and have held energy for many generations. The area which joins the sea has an escape valve which feeds the energy to other parts of the world.

The areas around Mesopotamia will feed energy to various other countries. When we energise one particular place, it will affect many others. You cannot have an energy system that just responds in one particular area. The word system enables to you understand the complexity of what is about to come to pass. Sweden herself will recover but not for a great many years. She will be habitable, but not on the scale of today. Her masses of population will leave before the energising has been completed.

Many will flee these areas because of non-understanding of events. It is because of this that we must try to allow as many people as possible to understand. Before long these events will become day-to-day events. Your newsrooms will not be able to keep ahead of the information being thrown on their desks.

Another region which will see great changes is on the southern side of Japan. This will begin the great changes destined for this country over the next ten months. Both inland and at sea, the area in and around Japan will undergo drastic movements. This will be in the form of earthquakes and also great tidal waves, some which will completely obliterate the coastal areas. Much of the area will be consumed by water, and the mud and debris. Tokyo has before been approached by disaster. The disaster that is now approaching is one of great magnitude. It is one of greater calamity than will be expected, because of this we will give you specific details of damage that will be encountered. If you are aware of this, then details can be given to the world. We do not give you empty words; it is because of our love for your people that we are attempting to forewarn those of you are are able to respond. The damage around the coastal inlet areas will be greatest. The energy that needs to be released has accumulated in these inlets because of the energy transference on your planet today.

TO BE CONTINUED – This is a précis of one section of the book. I will be putting up more parts of the earth cleansing information as quickly as I can – this takes time as I am typing them out and leaving out much of the other information as this exercise is to make available the areas that Earth changes are likely to occur according to the Higher Beings.

I do not have access to copies of the book now since it is out of print but copies are still available on the internet – “Advent Calendar for the Salvation of the Planet Earth” by Linda Joslin published 1995 by Gateway books – second hand copies are available on Amazon.


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    • chamilj profile image


      9 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Thanks for the information. Approximately how many years will take this to complete?

      By the way how about Sri Lanka? A small Island located in Indian Ocean?

    • mojefballa profile image

      Ikeji Chinweuba 

      9 years ago from Nigeria

      nice hub. a bit of informative.

    • Max Clayne profile image

      Max Clayne 

      9 years ago

      All what is happening around us now are clear signs that we are living in the end times as it's been revealed in the Quran and the Bible.

    • goprisca profile image


      9 years ago from Bangalore


      Very informative hub

    • vinner profile image


      9 years ago from India

      If you check the history of world you can see that it is the survival of the fittest. Earlier more big animals were the kings like dinoser. Now it is the time for humans. We have brain but not much physical capabilities. So the next chance will be of some small insects with less brain

    • DanuckInUSA profile image


      9 years ago from Medford, Oregon

      No man will know the end.

    • Mindfulness profile image


      9 years ago

      Thank you for your channelling on this subject. I, personally, am of the belief that the body may choose to pass on but the soul still ascends to a higher conscious reality with or without the body and all is as it should be, for the higher purpose and we should keep the positive mental attitude flowing, flowing, flowing.

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      9 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hundreds of thousand have already died over the past few years. In japan its a good example of people understanding what could happen on that particularly piece of land mass and they move very quickly when that 8 minute warning was given. Even so there were stories of those that went back to get something which then led to them being carried away on the water. This is something to take heed of, the material is of no consequence now but many still hang on to houses that are on fault lines, homes that are on flood plains and also that would make sure they took some of there possessions with them! Be awake and aware and begin to operate intuitively with no regard for your physical possessions. This is a cleansing of the planet not us but many die when they do not heed their inner warnings.


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Universal Laws

      With no intent to disapprove your hub,

      It reads to me as "Billions will die".

      Pretty dire news.



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