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Earth Day 2009

Updated on November 18, 2009


The rain falls down on Mother Earth

 It is Spring ... a time of re-birth!

Flowers are blooming ... trees are budding ...

Sexes of ALL species are strutting ...

 All of God's children are rutting!!!

(HRMPH!) MY basement and yard are flooding!

During this "Season of The Earth"

The sun beats down with all its worth ...

Parches Earth's face and sere's Her skin ...

Hard to find a heartbeat within ...

Where's Her cause to be filled with mirth?

(HRMPH!)Praying that my peeps don't get hurt ...

The polar caps are melting fast ...

Age-old (Ward Hunt) ice shelf ... no more a mass ...

 Global warming is kicking our ass.

Most care about the price of gas ...

(HRMPH!) ME: How long will this paycheck last?!

"More doom & gloom" the headlines blast!

Mudslides, tornadoes, hurricanes

Releasing their furies ... AGAIN!

I'm asked, "Are prayers said in vain?"

Rain pelting on my windowpanes ...

(HRMPH!)Trying HARD not to go insane

From AIG's insulting gains!

Operate in love ... not in fear

Be forgiving (forgiven) while we are here

Lift your hands to the atmosphere ...

Then Mother Earth can stop Her tears.

(HRMPH!) It's time to choose some new careers.

I STILL believe that MY GOD hears!

Plan to save Earth's life ... AND ours ...

Collectively ... harness powers.

Show children how to plant flowers.

Kick out crime that hides and cowers.

(HRMPH!) Foreclosure is within hours.

Evening news makes my mouth sour.

BUT ... HOPE is on the horizon.

Let negativity be done.

Just turn your face towards the Son (Sun).

PLEASE ... free your mind to have some fun.

Then, "Yes, we can" say we have won!

(HRMPH!) And once again lay down my gun ....


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