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What is the root cause of easy Access to Guns in the U.S.?

Updated on June 17, 2016

The answer is simple. It is the fear of tyranny and anarchy.

When George Bush was president, Fox news did not talk about the fear of tyranny or anarchy. It was only after Obama became president that this fear was put into the Fox news agenda and was constantly repeated by the Fox news staff and believed by Fox news listeners. Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reily, and the Fox news staff have all painted Obama as a tyrannical leader who will cause anarchy. They have even written books and published YouTube presentations on the subjects. The books were on the best sellers list for weeks at a time. So how does one deal with these awful notions? It’s simple, they protect themselves and their families by arming up based on the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms.

Who are the real benefactor of these fears?

The benefactors include the gun and ammunition manufactures, the NRA, congressmen and those who have easy access to firearms. The gun and ammunition manufactures earn mega bucks from selling firearms. They in turn fund the congressman for their elections and re-elections; and the NRA further fund the congressmen via their very powerful lobby groups; and the buyers continue to buy firearms; and the cycle repeats.

Fox New commentators like Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, and O’ Reily earn mega-bucks by plying their propaganda. Did you know that Fox News was owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian and Prince Al-Waleed, a Saudi Arabian Prince?

The head of the NRA, Wayne Lapierre receiving, $600,000. check from the head of Smith Wesson

The head of Smith Wesson and Wayne Lapierre, the head of the NRA.
The head of Smith Wesson and Wayne Lapierre, the head of the NRA.

Where is the Irony in all of this?

The irony is that while we are arming up and protecting ourselves from tyranny and anarchy, the terrorists, hate groups, and mentally ill have easy access to weapons to commit mass shootings and killings. But that doesn’t bother the gun advocates because they get to keep their firearms based on the rights of the 2nd amendment. The gun and ammunition manufactures continue to earn mega-bucks. And the congressmen get elected or re-elected. Nothing is done and everybody is happy, even the next mass shooter who may be a terrorist, mentally ill, or hateful person

What are the arguments against gun control?

The following is based on the many forums that I have participated in on gun control.

  • Gun advocates hate the sound of the words “gun control.” It makes them think that the government is coming for their guns and they are going to repeal the 2nd amendment.
  • The ban on assault weapons has not worked in the past, why should it work now?
  • Gun control doesn’t work in other countries, why would it work here?
  • More people are killed in car accidents yearly than are killed by guns. Therefore, we should ban cars, knives forks spoons, and all other forms of things that can kill people.
  • The inner cities are the problem. That’s where most people are killed every day. The government should do something about those issues and leave us law abiding citizens alone.
  • Why should I not be allowed to buy a high capacity assault type weapon? I’m a law abiding citizen and would never hurt anyone.
  • I only use my guns for target practice and sports.
  • I only collect guns.
  • I live in a rural area and can’t count on law enforcement to come to my aid in time and therefore I need weapons to defend myself.
  • Why should I have to register my gun(s) and myself when I’m a law abiding citizen?
  • I have to protect myself from the possibility of the effects of nuclear war or some other form of war.
  • I have to protect myself from the mentally ill.
  • Laws do not apply to criminals, therefore gun restrictions are not the answer.
  • Guns don’t kill people. People kill people
  • A gun is just a tool.

What are the arguments for gun control?

  • More guns equals more homicides.
  • More guns equals more suicides.
  • Most of the public and NRA members support background checks.
  • Most mass shootings are done using assault style firearms.
  • Banning any further sale of assault style weapons will save lives.
  • The second amendment is subject to interpretation..
  • Gun ownership per capita in the U.S. is the highest in the world.
  • Arming everyone won’t help and may create more problems than it solves.
  • Assault weapons are no defense against the military might of a country.
  • There is no need for civilians to own military style assault weapons.

Where do we go from here?

If you are a gun advocate, it’s very simple, you do nothing. Doing nothing is a choice and also a political decision. A sage person once said “That sometimes to do nothing is to do everything.”

If you want some type of gun control, it is much more difficult, Because as I stated earlier, there is big money behind the decision to do nothing. Any business associated with the manufacture and sale of guns and accessories stands to lose big money, including congressman and the NRA.

When enough people are fed up with the status quo, perhaps a grass-roots effort will help. But if you look at Sandy-Hook where all those innocent children and school teachers were killed, the parents and others went to Washington, but it did no good. Fear can be a great motivator to do nothing or it can be great motivator to do something. How many more mass killings is it going to take to do something?

Democracy is supposed to be based on the will and the voice of the people, but today more actions are based on the voice of money and fear. Will it be big money or fear that moves congress and the people to do something about this dilemma? Stay tuned as this saga unfolds.

Do you ever think that there will be reasonable gun control passed in the U.S.?

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What can be done to get congress to pass gun control laws?

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Do you believe the 2nd Amendment is subject to interpretation?

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