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Ed Miliband Brought In.

Updated on December 24, 2019

Ed Miliband.

Autopsy of Labour's Permanent Time in Opposition.

Ed Miliband, ex-leader of the Labour party, who led Labour's general election campaign in 2015, has been drafted in. Drafted in to investigate and determine why, Labour, lost the 2019 general election.

Ed Miliband will know all about loss, he succeeded Tony Blair, as the TUC (Trades Union Congress) wanted a more left-leaning leader. An alternative if you will, to the right-wing red Toryism of Tony Blair. David Miliband, the more right-leaning of the two brothers, was Blair's preferred successor, but he lost out to his brother. Like all siblings, it seemed at the time David, grudgingly welcomed his brother's victory.

Ed Miliband from the start was mocked by the right-leaning press. some said he looked like the human character out of 'Wallace and Gromit'. Others attacked him for his Jewish/Polish far-left father who apparently, hated the UK. Others when it came to the general election, mocked him for his policies. Thus, and the right-wing press is partly to blame for this (for his vilification), he lost the general election, against Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron. The press is mainly owned by right-leaning groups or individuals, who metaphorically crucify any Labour leader, especially if they are left or far - left. This was the case with Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock, Ed Miliband and of course, Jeremy Corbyn. Only Tony Blair, much vilified by the Labour left, had the credentials to satisfy the right-wing press.

So, Ed Miliband, along with Jeremy Corbyn, Lucy Powell MP, Shabana Mahmood a TUC Rep, and a dethroned MP Jo Platt will dissect Labours defeat this year. Momentum, the group set up to back Jeremy Corbyn, (some have called this group, a party within a party) will also be on board, together with others. Will this coming together of Labour individuals, groups, etc, also include Blairite representation? It is important, if Labour is a broad church, to include Labour left, right and of course those from the centre.

When Blair ruled the roost in Labour, right-wing politics was the Modus Operandi that governed Labours thinking. When Corbyn took over, the party became more left-leaning. Each leader shapes the party in which way they think it should go. Squabbling over what went wrong for Labour during the 2019 general election, given human nature, is bound to happen and it has. However, Labour must do an honest assessment of their 2019 general election defeat, including all Labour supporters, members, supporters and MPs, of all views, within the party. The reason why Labour has been in opposition for 9 years must also be looked at, a real root and branch investigation.

It is easy to say, every time Labour has a far-left leader, they never do well. Electing someone like, Keir Starmer, who the Labour right see as continuing Tony Blair's legacy, may not be the answer either.

Labour is in a real hole right now, and with Boris Johnson, claiming he is the working-class champion, they are likely to stay in that hole, for the foreseeable. Time, however, maybe, on Labour's side, if they wait. If Boris, over his 5-year term in government, doesn't deliver on his promises, then that may be Labours chance and way back into government.

But let's get serious, what if things don't go wrong for Boris, what if he does deliver, both on Brexit and his promises (to help those less well off and other promises)? This is why whoever follows Jeremy Corbyn, must hit the ground running, must be ready to fight the Tories on all fronts, be charismatic and bring left and right together. Have policies that connect with people, whatever their status in life, then and only then, can they be again, a government in waiting.


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