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Education in Modern Society - The way it should be and the way it isn't

Updated on February 11, 2012


Here I am once again to write something about absurd things which are happening around us but we have become tolerant about these things and we do not want to take measures to put these things back on track. This time, I am going to pull the trigger on Education system and the way it is being carried out in the developing nations - especially India. In this blog, I am going to discuss how mediocre the education system has become, tremendous pressure which kids have to face, social competence, lack of far sightedness etc.

I will begin with a short introductory story of mine. Since the beginning of my childhood days, I have always been an average student scoring between 65% - 75% marks. I passed my 10th boards with 68% marks while a majority of my classmates with 85% and some of them even managed to score above 90%.That was the end of my happy teenage. With this kind of average result, scoldings were ok for me, it was comparison with others was hard to digest. Worst part was that i took things too seriously and decided that I will prove everyone wrong by scoring good marks. Well that was a foolish thought and I pressured myself to such an extent that next two years were too difficult to thrive as an individual. I scored 70% (not much again) in my 12th boards.

Well, fortunes turned around again and I went to Delhi for medical preparations. There I met two most interesting people of my life - my Uncle (fellow blogger) and Aunt. They played an important role in providing me with wisdom.They suggested me good books to read, great movies to watch and provided me the knowledge about selecting articles,books, movies and so on.

Now coming back to the main topic, the problem with Indian education system is its ever degrading quality since the start of 21st century. Children are traumatized everywhere regarding studies - be it in school, house or society . At school, children are spoon fed by the teachers about those topics which are related with their subject. Only book knowledge is provided without any practical knowledge. This kind of prolonged treatment changes the mindset of a child as he now starts mugging up the things and kills his zeal to understand new things with its practical implementations. Secondly, they don't get enough support from parents. Parents just want their children to perform better and better and rise up like inflation.These things create a void between children and parents. Finally, with the arrival of 21st century, a new trend became common among the youths. They were attracted towards those kind of courses which were considered hot during that period of time. All these factors have contributed an important role in degrading the quality of education.

I will end by by putting the idea that the object of education should be to prepare the young ones to educate themselves throughout their lives. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character should be the goal of true education. Formal education will make you a living but self education will make you a fortune.


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    • profile image

      Payal Rawat. 6 years ago

      Vishal...u wrt gr8 ....u ideas(writing) simply seems fantastic....!!!

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      on everyone

    • profile image

      Riddhi Hathiwala 6 years ago

      its good but i cudnt understand to whom have u pointed the pointer on...

    • vishal.rossi profile image

      vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland

      kids should understand what success really is and they should reach out to acquire more knowledge

    • saket71 profile image

      saket71 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      Love the statement comparing the expected growth trajectory of kids with inflation. Do revise a bit though and add some more in points about what you mean by amending the situation. You want system overhaul or kids to understand what success really is, or what you mean to say when you write that parents do not support kids enough. What is the support you suppose, parents should provide, parents can sometime guide from front, sometime push from back, depending on where they stand. One can not hold parents lack of understanding against them, on their lack of interest, and taking the shorter easier way to fulfill their duty by providing finances with absolutely no interest in increasing the appetite for learning, surely on can. Secondly, the change without can only begin with the world within. It is important for kids to be able to look inwards and reach out to the world in new light, knowledge is all spread around, and it makes a meaning if it could make you a kinder and gentler soul.