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Edward Snowden

Updated on April 25, 2014

Is this the face of a hero of humanity or arch villain?

This once obscure individual who lived in paradise, sacrificed all to spill the truth of big brother, revealing the extent of our collective existence to a world wide dystopia.
This once obscure individual who lived in paradise, sacrificed all to spill the truth of big brother, revealing the extent of our collective existence to a world wide dystopia.

The Greatest Whistle-blower Yet, in Exile

On June 6th, 2013, the working class of the world started to become aware of how much big brother is spying on all that we do around the world. As of this writing, the revelations are still pouring out. Edward Snowden has succeeded in one aspect that no one as yet has commented, and that is revealing just how interconnected the elite are in every country around the world. He continues to reveal just how deep the rat hole is that has the 99% lined up in the sights of the international corporate bosses. We have to wonder when all this news will trigger a world wide explosion, considering the fact that one of the rumoured revelations covers chemtrail poisoning, an infobomb dropped on July11th. This latter revelation may be a misinformation bomb designed to discredit Snowden. Lately, as of January 23rd, 2014, we have learned that he is concerned for his security in the face of mounting death threats. Some have been made publicly by leading political power brokers. At one point it was suggested that a bounty was placed on him and that bounty hunters were on the loose.

The day after June 6th, 2013, he released a detailed statement as detailed in the graphic below and this speaks for all of us:

Is Ed Snowden a hero or villain?

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Now let us look at what he referred to as far as the 4th and 5th amendments of the American Constitution. For that we consider the Constitution for the United States of America, not the Constitution of the United States of America as well as article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The fourth amendment was included into the constitution 1789 and states;

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” (2)

The revelation that Verizon among most other cell phone and computer servers were willingly or unwittingly massively spied upon by the National Security Agency (NSA) was the initial bombshell dropped by Ed Snowden. Now, many of us know that pervasive surveillance has been going on for a very long time, but what makes this different, is that it is international in scope with all countries spying on each other and their entire populations too on all levels. It has gone global and that only a handful of countries now threatened with sanctions, will offer Ed Snowden asylum.

Ed Snowden has applied for asylum in Russia, which was finally granted as a temporary one year visa by Putin et al. The Russian state offered conditional asylum so long as Snowden would discontinue dropping his bomb shells. He did for a while, but as of July 30/31, he began dropping them again, suggesting that the deal collapsed. This later apparently changed as he continued to let out one disclosure after another, each one worse than the previous revelation. The newest revelation is that GPS locators are included in all new cars and trucks and they can be remotely shut down by the military and police. This was later confirmed when a hacker broke into the code of a chip controlling a car and he was able to wrest control away from the driver in Vancouver, BC. What was not said via the media, but implied, this includes all other devices equipped with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems including planes, boats, wheelchairs, motorcycles, computers, televisions, video player/recorders, Ipads, Ipods, medical life support equipment and cell phones. Any one of these can be shut down remotely outside of the users input. Some can even be turned into improvised munitions by hacking There are already plenty of stories on these incidents, written off as malfunctions, that are in circulation. If you become a suspected terrorist, you will have to escape on foot. Some folks have a verichip installed inside them and they can be tracked and then followed by a drone.

Many modern gadgets also contain a computer chip and all of these have an IP address, something else addressed by Snowden, but well known by those who use and understand computers and related technologies. This means that the user can be located using GPS and identified through the IP address attached to every single individual device that contains chips capable of connecting and intercommunicating with the internet. Even a cell phone that is turned off, with the battery removed, can be used to track and name the carrier. All modern swipe cards also have trackers as they have a passive RF device imbedded inside. In addition, every single use of such a device, leaves a paper trail so spies know where and what you are doing in real time. This is because in a separate revelation, there is a back up system with a battery that consumers don't know about. This is linked to the NSA, CES and like organizations.

The fifth amendment was included in 1791 and covers details pertaining to Grand Juries, double jeopardy, self incrimination and due process (3). These are highly important issues to effect justice in a true manner. This is something being completely denied to Ed Snowden and by implication suggested by him as well, the rest of us. This is the importance of what Ed Snowden has revealed to the world, is that everyone is suspect and is closely watched. If the authorities want you, they can get you and under the host of legislation born since Sept. 11Th, 2001, they can nab anyone, anywhere at any time without warrant of giving reason and detain that person indefinitely.

He refers to article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is;

  1. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation.

  2. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

By now, from his declaration in point 1, and other instances, these rights are no longer supported or enforced, given the current legislation such as the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act, the extradition treaty, suspension of Habeus Corpus and the National Security Authorization Act. Then there is the extraordinary rendition exercised by the CIA and FBI where a person can be extracted from almost any locale and shipped off to one of 54 cooperating countries to be tortured against the intent of the Geneva Convention Against Torture.

Snowden has asked for and been granted asylum in three Latin American countries that are now under threat of sanction by the US. He remained stuck in a no man's land at a Russian Airport, deemed as international territory and was not allowed to escape. Though he has been granted asylum, the US by its action, of bringing down a plane bound for Bolivia in S. America with the president aboard, has demonstrated that they will do anything to “bring Snowden to justice”, which can be seen as extraordinary rendition to be tortured to death for his crime of revealing how intrusive the state has become in everyone's lives. Snowden knows this as an insider, turned whistle-blower and has chosen the hard road, sacrificing family, a very comfortable life in Hawaii and a lucrative income. As such he is both a hero to humanity and continues to be so, as well as being genuinely spiritual. His revelations have generated an international frenzy of controversy that deepens with every new revelation. The perpetrators of this massive spying should be arrested instead and placed in a people's international tribunal for judgement. Meanwhile, pressure is intensifying on Russia, with developments in Kiev, Ukraine threatening the world Olympics next door in Sochi and plunging a country once part of the USSR into chaos with the intervention of the US, UK and Israel.

On or about August 1st, 2013, Russia granted Ed Snowden one years asylum, much to the consternation of the US government and security apparatus, who would like nothing more than to extraordinarily render him and give justice, American style. He finally left the airport and has gone to places unknown in Moscow with the blessing of Vladimir Putin. Though he went quite for a while as the deal was brokered, he has since spoken up again, revealing in what he says, is only one percent of what he has. This point should make all of us shudder! Even Hoover who had extensive dossiers, would be envious of the NSA to the extreme. If what the one percent of the revelations are so world shaking, what of the other 99%? Each bombshell is more devastating than the last.

But exposing the secrets of all pervasive spying is not all he revealed. There was an item buried in the bulk of his revelations concerning chips in cars, mobility aids, computers and other electronic controlled items. Computer chips are pervasive in most modern consumer goods and any one of them can spy on and locate you. Chips in cars can be used to remotely shut down your car in the event the police state want's to stop you cold in your tracks as a “flight risk”. It stands to reason that the same chip can cause the car to accelerate “out of control” in a bid to manufacture an accident. There is a second NSA leaker, who met a suspicious car death when his car was caught on security video racing at high speed and then blowing up like a bomb. It is known that such chip controlled technology is vulnerable to radio frequency input and warnings to turn off cell phones are posted in hospitals due to that. A lot of technologies can go haywire in the presence of RF signals. Most people don't know this about the technology in their possession. In the event of an EMP, almost all of it will be ruined. Only older cars will be able to function as they have only basic wiring for lights, starters and solenoids. If that goes, an older standard transmission will allow you to start the car when all others are dead.

Snowden has revealed the extent of the all pervasive state, which some analyze as being beyond Orwell's 1984. Indeed, it has so far surpassed Orwell, he now looks naive in comparison. We are globally in a surveillance state and under a world wide corporate tyranny that controls everything. The New World Order is here! We cannot thank Edward Snowden enough for his personal sacrifice for the benefit of the 99%! Every bombshell dropped, is another straw on the camel's back and one of these will break it and provide the flashpoint to ignite a world revolution. Indeed, flashpoint after flashpoint has ignited, before, during and after his revelations, but so far, the world corporate tyrants have been able to steer this away from total revolution into chaos instead. At this writing of Late January 2014, it now appears that Kiev is the latest victim of plunging into chaos, which is troubling to Russia.

The question must now be asked, why are such extensive dossiers being created for every individual on the planet? Each and every one of us has an ever expanding dossier, the average size of which must be about equal a New York telephone book complete with photos and real time video. So far, Edward Snowden has not ventured to suggest why, but if we pick up the threads from other stories, such as the law being considered to preemptively jail those potentially liable to commit an offence sometime in the future and those of private for profit prisons, the agenda becomes a little more clear. Huge dossiers are being accumulated on all of us, 99% of whom are innocent of any serious crime. That of course is true at this moment of time. However, the law is a constantly changing venture and what is not considered a crime today, may well be considered so tomorrow and visa versa. For instance, wearing a mask in public was not considered a crime early in 2013. Now it is in 2014 and is an arrestable offence with jail time attached, especially if you were protesting at the time. Dossiers contain high resolution photos of everyone taken from every position conceivable, even from low earth orbit in outer space! With most of the records stored electronically, formerly innocent people could then be identified as criminals and arrested for crimes retroactively to serve long sentences in a profitable private prison. Once in there, even exonerated later on, they may not be able to get out, just like dozens of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who are still there even though they have been given release orders almost a year ago. As corporate bosses seek ways to cut labour expenses, any and all avenues become legitimate in a widening circle of corruption at the very top. These wealthy and powerful individuals are themselves immune from the laws they make for the rest. You or I could wind up in prison for jay-walking, but they get away with trillions in financial fraud and war crimes that tortures and kills millions every day. This glaring fact is driving many people to seek a revolutionary change and big brother is there taking all the evidence it can grab to expand our dossiers to be used as evidence against us on the day the law is rewritten.

Forget about the constitution; that only applies to corporations. Forget about rights; they were trashed back in 9-11. Forget about due process; the real world is grand juries and kangaroo courts. Forget about amendments; these have been amended! Forget about being rescued from corporate fascism; the whole world is a vast deceiving network pretending to democracy when it is anything but. Someday soon, you will wake up to a pounding on the door in the dead of night. Upon opening the door, a killer robot cop greats you and shoots up the whole house before executing you. Why can this be said? Killer robots are now in development and getting rid of no longer useful idiots is a cost saving gesture. Edward Snowden has given us the revelation, which is still unfolding. How much longer will it before we get off our laurels and say “Enough is enough, the buck stops here!”








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