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A Tale On Introverts

Updated on August 10, 2020
Annabel Wilhelmina profile image

Wilhelmina, a sociologist, is into phenomena that affects the society and vice versa. Indeed, it is a two-way traffic.

I just remembered a certain story that was narrated to me by a friend about his brother who seemed so distant from his family members. Luckily, he was the only who understood his brother more than his family. Actually, their mother always saw his distant son as a person who hated visitors. On the contrary, that was very different for his son.

Whenever visitors came around, his son would walk out. This would make his mother think of how he hated visitors as well as how unfriendly he was. His son would prefer silence to talking. To some people, it would appear rude especially when they are conversing and he is being silent. Due to his frequent silence, people usually referred to him as the silent one.

The boy also found it had to express himself. Whenever he did something wrong or when he was at fault, he would rather summon his brother to speak his faults out to his parents than do it himself. Literally, he was afraid of what might happen to him next after opening up.

In addition to that, when it came to sharing ideas on certain topics such as on relationships and others, he saw them being sensitive and wouldn't waste any other second discussing them. This was a little bit confusing to some of his colleagues.

The most surprising thing was his closeness towards his brother especially how they easily interacted. This really astounded a lot of people.

Who Is An Introvert?

From the above tale, i can define an introvert as a less talkative, comfortable around certain people, often appears distant and maybe a shy person.

Contrariwise, not all people who are introverts are shy or appear distant. An introvert courageously talks to people he/she is very comfortable and familiar with. On the other hand, when in discomfort, he/she hardly talks.

Understanding Introverts

The above tale showcases that we can understand introverts on the basis of how they associate themselves with their current surroundings. Thus, there are several ways in which an individual can be able to figure out who is an introvert or not. However, being anti-social, quiet and reserved happen to be the common traits among introverts.

Being Anti-Social

In one way or the other, introverts find it hard to interact with people and if they do, they are comfortable with the person they are interacting with. In most occasions, individuals who sit alone at a corner and rarely interact happen to be introverts. Do not mistake a person who sits away from the crowd because of his/her own disturbing issues or even a shy person for being an introvert since not all of them are introverts. How to use the two concepts to identify an introvert is slightly difficult. All in all, the act of socializing is not part of most introverts' diaries.

Why Is That?

Most introverts find occasions or other interactive activities to be draining. If you are a keen observer, such people need time to recharge after certain events. One major thing about introverts is that they enjoy their alone time and usually make the best out of it.

Quiet And Reserved

Introverts are usually quiet and reserved. In most cases, these traits are usually mistaken for rudeness, spitefulness and many other demeaning views. It is an introvert's nature to be quiet and reserved especially in situations or places of discomfort. Situations or places of discomfort can be very conflicting places for most introverts and so, to avoid such, they prefer being quiet and reserved. Thus, escaping from emerging dramas and conflicts that have intense impacts on their lives more so, their thoughts, is a relief to them.

Why Is That?

An introvert tends to have a habit of sitting alone in a corner or in a room alone, any suitable place of his/her choice, and starts evaluating his/her life. In most cases, if a certain situation had a serious impact on him, he/she would evaluate the situation at a deeper angle.

For example, if he/she is a victim of a certain situation whereby insults are hurled at him/her, he/she will take it personal to an extent of sitting down and personally evaluating the situation. Moreover, in such cases, their self-esteem can really be affected hence the only solution might be to keep quiet and stay calm or even walk away if need be.

Ever since lockdown and curfew measures were implemented, such Covid-19 measures have done a huge favor to most introverts particularly with the above mentioned common introvert traits. Moreover, they get to enjoy their alone time more than before.

Are You Introvert?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Wilhelmina Annabel


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