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Election 2014: A Message to The Voters [249*9]

Updated on August 23, 2016

Dear Editor - It Bears Repeating

The Nov 2014 election is fast approaching and is one of the most critical mid-terms America has faced in a very long time, for the control of Congress hangs in the balance. You have heard this mantra many times before; but history shows it bears saying it again because of the unfortunate American tendency to turn our collective back on those who gave their lives to create and maintain this great country and our right to peacefully change our government. On Nov 4, 2014, Americans have two tough choices to make, 1) whether to turn Congress over to Republicans, leave it in gridlock, or give it to the Democrats and 2) whether to keep or dump the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

As everybody is well aware, Congress is in gridlock … by design. All propaganda aside, prior to President Obama’s inauguration, plans were made, well documented now (see Robert Draper's book "Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives", by top Republican leadership to totally obstruct President Obama’s policy objectives. As it played out, their strategy was implemented without regard to the harm it did to America. Did Democrats play hardball? Of course they did, Democrats weren’t going to roll over and play dead. Further, Democrats rarely compromised ... because there was nobody to compromise with for Conservatives publicly stated many times they were not interested in compromise, it was a dirty word to them. This is simple fact, not spin, there is too much video out there to prove what I assert to be true.



The Choice is Clear, Democrats or Gridlock

So, the choice for voters is clear, stay the course and leave the House in Republican hands who are controlled by very hard-Right conservatives and keep the Senate Democratic, barely where both Majority Leader Reed and Minority Leader McConnell have the power to decide what gets through the Senate. Or have a one Party Congress by letting the Democrats pick up 17 seats in the House and barely keep the Senate. Alternatively, keep the House in Republican hands and switching control of the Senate to the Republicans, again barely.

In the first case, gridlock is certain and President Obama will continue doing what he can by Executive Order. In the latter two cases, more law will get out of Congress, but not much more because either McConnell or Reed, sitting the Senate Minority Leader role will stop any legislation they don’t like from going through. Further, if the Republicans take control, I can see President Obama’s veto pen coming out a lot; again leading to gridlock and more government shutdowns.

It should be obvious then; the only scenario where government can get moving again is if the Democrats can somehow gain control of Congress. This is not a very likely outcome UNLESS Democratic minority (blacks (especially in Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina) and Latinos [especially in Texas!]) and women (again especially in Texas) come out in a BIG way. (I mention Texas because I feel Conyers is vulnerable if enough Texas women and Latinos register and vote for the Democratic candidate.)


Are You Going To Vote on November 4th?

  • 78% Democrat - Yes
  • 0% Democrat - No
  • 11% Republican - Yes
  • 0% Republican - No
  • 11% Independent - Yes
  • 0% Independent - No
  • 0% Other - Yes
  • 0% Other - No
9 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

What Happens To Your Health Insurance Depends On You Voting Or Not.

In addition, millions of people’s health lies in the balance as well. How so? If Republicans gain control, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka Obamacare, will be unfunded in major ways. I doubt it can be repealed, which a vast majority of Americans do not want, but they will figure out how to take the teeth out of it. Why is this important, since everybody hates it? Because many of you reading this probably signed up for it or will be starting in November. Even though, when you are asked by a pollster if you like ACA and, as a good Republican, you answer no, and then you go to the voting booth, please understand that when you vote for your favorite Republican candidate, you are voting to have him or her cancel your health insurance. Is that what you really want? It will happen, you know.

And Democratic politicians, you shouldn't be running away from Obamacare, it’s like running away from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. ACA is the best thing to happen to America since sliced bread and you should be drum beating that message harder than Conservatives are falsely saying it is going to fail. Further, you should be ashamed for letting your President down by ignoring his signature, your signature achievement which will go down in history alongside Social Security and Medicare.

Democratic voters, you too should be extremely worried, especially blacks and Latinos. If America does not end up with a Democratic Congress, it is a certainty that 1) Congress will not act on restoring Voting Rights, 2) Immigration reform will be left to Executive active, 3) 60% of all gun sales will still have no background checks, 4) Women’s rights in the workplace will continue to deteriorate, and 5) the assault on unions will increase. If this is what you want for yourselves, stay home and forsake your civic duty. If you want government to work, then go out and register and vote.

#RegisterAndVote #RegistreseParaVotar.

Scott Belford



© 2014 Scott Belford


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