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Eliminating our differences-Part Two

Updated on March 13, 2013
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An experienced integrative healthcare professional & Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists


Race and color

Many are born pure bred just like any pure bred canine whilst others are born with a mixed tinge to them. As our world develops and intertwine, the number of inter-racial people in our community so to speak are gradually increasing day by day.

Mixed blood teenagers are one of the major groups of people who constantly face the prejudice of being neither black nor white, neither Asian or European from their peers and society as a whole. Many great love stories have been denied a happy ending due to the man-made belief and portrayal that required you to marry one who is of the same in culture, skin color etc.

I remember seeing on television one time about how a famous pop diva herself faced the very fears and prejudice having grown up as part of a mixed family. Teasing was one thing because she and her siblings differed somewhat in their skin hue or color and how they looked on the outside. Shots that were fired at her house and people poisoning her pet dog were just a few on the many extremely tormenting incidents they have experienced. No matter what social level of accommodation they lived in, the torture did not end. Even at the very beginning, her own mother who was Irish had faced prejudice from her mother's family when she wed the diva's father who was half Venezuelan.

"People at school call me names and it hurts...! Being inter-racial is not easy; having a black father and a white mother makes it a lot worse. My brother's darker than I am and so many of the white folks dislike him whereas the black community think I'm the enemy...", a teenage girl shared her thoughts and feelings so many decades ago.

There are many more people who share this reality. Even though some may pass the survival of the fittest test, others may not be so lucky because some may have the strength to go on and be proud of who they really are whilst many others may feel so alone and left out with no one to confide in.

Racism and prejudice whatever they may be are one of the many causes of suicides. All of us are people and we live in a community. We all need to support one another as we all require more understanding and cooperation rather than more prejudice in this world. Just because we may not comprehend their culture or just because they are different does not give us license to hurt people regardless of their age, gender, race, color and religion.

The language and culture barrier can be easily be demolished once everyone stops judging one another and learn to adapt to one another's habits by teaching and exchanging our languages, engaging in the many cultural festivities say, but most importantly, to enjoy and embrace being part of one another's experiences and learn from one another to become better people as we go along our journey in life.

It doesn't matter whether you are black, white, yellow, brown, albino etc, deep within we are all equal as spiritual beings visiting Earth that we all currently reside in.


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