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End the Pandemic Shutdown of Government

Updated on April 22, 2020
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Everyone should be concerned enough about who they are and the values they believe in, to write a simple letter to their Senator's office.

"Its time to get over it!"
"Its time to get over it!" | Source

April 22, 2020

Dear Senator:

I am concerned that though the corona virus, covid19, is fast spreading and deadly for some, of the fact also that we have initiated nationwide containment efforts; ----and yet our government has virtually taken control of every facet of the business world, as well as that of the individual; peradventure, we have violated the first amendment rights of the Citizens of the United States of America. Namely that we are restricted to our homes and not able to go freely to our jobs and any other place that we customarily have reason (and the right!) to go.

Mr. Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, (along with many more concerned organizations) has come out publicly to state that it appears there is an underlying political agenda, driving this total shutdown of the economy and loss of freedoms which might very well reach into international and trade agreement areas, designed to bring an end to the Trump presidency as well as to the recent very solid economy, racial appeasement, and rather calm national security environment brought through the current presidential term. --- In fact, a claim exists that this whole process of medical crisis, though mostly valid in its cause, is nevertheless hiding a secondary agenda which does not bode well for the American Citizen, or for the preservation of our freedom based constitutional rights!

Who in this government, based on democracy or upon our inalienable rights, would dare keep people from attending their family, worshiping together, taking care of basic needs of the human condition? Who would dare restrict us from our livelihoods? From our Businesses, and from our natural outdoors? Who would dare imprison a free country such as the United States of America? Albeit, bribes, appeasement, "we'll make it up to you, if you let us play God over you?"

Our $1200. STIMULUS IS NOT EVEN A DROP IN THE BUCKET OF WHAT IT WOULD TAKE FOR US TO SELL OUT OUR FREEDOM! The small business buy-outs/assistance, are they designed to quiet the masses? Are we headed towards a World War II state of existence? IS this being unfairly used against the Trump Administration, to make him look like a Hitler/gestapo? ( while it is the passive intent of a murderous congress to overthrow his presidency? Using China's dislike for the strict sanctions and economic re-adjustment to bring the economy and the manufacturing base back to the United Stares? IS that so wrong as to need to frame this presidency? Wolves and villains seem to abound!

Please take steps to return our society back to normal. Please stand down the national guard, bring home the service members who are locked out from coming home to their families and set us free from the grip of those who seek to disband our sovereign USA, destroy our economy by causing national alarm and the larger looming threat to our government and society by extreme dampening of our freedoms and our rights to national equality, international sovereignty and our existence as a free state under God and before all Nations. Our greatness depends upon our freedoms and upon our trust in the Declaration of Independence, based on the Constitution of the United States of America, and upon our first and second amendment rights, by the #1, #2, #3, conditions of said documents.

So help me God; We either stand together, or we all fall. We must end any pretense of tyranny or police control, which starts at the congressional level and the atmosphere towards equal rights which is set upon by those elected to serve. I am asking that you apply all your voices towards the end of this unprecedented evil and return us to our conscientious freedoms as soon as humanly possible.

We should never have let it go this far, that it feels like a turkey has been killed and dressed and baked within the chambers of government and all are so busy feeding on the turkey that they forget there is a world, a nation to run, and a day by day calendar of appointments that have to be met, or we lose the farm, the dairy, the intelligence? and the common sense of life and decency is sacrificed for the sake of the turkey.


Michael O. Jones.

I ask that this letter be read in the halls of Congress, and in the capitol halls of Alabama.

© 2020 Oscar Jones


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