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Endorsements of Bernie Sanders

Updated on May 31, 2017
Virginia Allain profile image

Politics affects all our lives. I made thousands of phone calls in the 2016 elections and now lead a group of women activists, all retirees.

Feel the Bern


Listen to the awesome endorsements by legislators, activists, and celebrities for Senator Bernie Sanders. I've gathered videos here for historical reference.

Sanders' campaign for president in 2016 was derailed by a number of factors from the Democratic National Committee's preferential treatment of Hillary Clinton to the refusal of the media to give even a smidgeon of airtime to his campaign. The Democratic Convention was carefully orchestrated to prevent Bernie's delegates from effectively converting others to vote for him there.

Senators and Representatives Who Were Feeling the Bern

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Leaves the Democratic National Committee Position So She Can Endorse Bernie Sanders

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Keith Ellison's Endorsement of Bernie Sanders (YouTube Video)

Representative Alan Grayson, a Progressive, Endorses Senator Sanders

Celebrities for Bernie


Economists and Other Experts Who Think Bernie Was the Best

170 Economists Say Bernie Sanders Reform Plan Is Best

Economist Explains Why a Bernie Economy Would Soar (YouTube from The Big Picture)

Black Activists Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Killer Mike Endorses Bernie in This Powerful Speech

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