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Crisis of Energy

Updated on May 15, 2013

On Tuesday, June 15th 2010, President Obama gave the American People a status report on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. 

To begin with, it is refreshing to hear a leader speak in terms of encouragement and hope, not fear.  But there is, to me, a major component missing from Obama's plans for energy independence that he presented. 

For some reason, President Obama seems unwilling to advance energy conservation as a component of energy independence.  I can understand why; oil, natural gas and coal all have powerful lobbies, and help drive the economies of many key states.  Also, with the Republicans making 60 votes the required amount for almost any legislation to pass, he needs every vote he can get.

Of course, a conservation agenda would mean that American Culture would have to shift from one based on consumption to one on sustainability.  Change our measure from how much we have, to how long things last.  A change in how Americans live, work, and perhaps even eat.  These changes would be long-term, spanning perhaps generations.

A first stage toward this transition would be something that Obama made little mention of in the speech, and something that could help energize the Democratic grassroots base.  Reduce the political power of corporations and CEOs.  It is these forces who stand to lose the most from a sustainable society, and are the ones leading the cries to "Drill, Drill, Drill", and likely behind the obstructionists of the GOP and their mouthpieces like Beck and Limbaugh.

But the transition needs to made, if just to allow the technical measures to take root.  We've made such transitions before in America, and I don't see why we can't do it again.  The question still is, how willing are we to do so.  


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    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 7 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      John B. Bad's comment concerning the availability of the element Lithium and it being mined in Afganistan speaks volumes about at least one reason we have a presence there.Another is an oil pipeline being built that goes through there also.

      We,could have had many energy alternatives since the beginning of the industrial revolution ,but there seems to be a determined effort to keep low cost or almost free energy from the population of the world at large.

      Control is the single most obvious reason for this.

      Another is a monopoly on the sources of energy we do have.

      Any sincere search online will reveal the truth.

      Almost all attemps to bring low cost or almost free energy into use over the years has been bought out,or brought down one way or another.

      If,we deserve lowcost,inexspensive,independent off the grid energy devices that are not dependent on power transmission lines we will have to have the will and support of a great many people determined to get it done.

      Solar and wind are not what I'm talking about.

      I'm talking about machines that use scientific principles that have been dismissed by the official scientific community in favor of an inferior way of generating energy.

      The benini circuit utilizes the back E.M.F. to tap the energy from this back Electro Motive Force.

      Energy lost in the form of heat in the traditional energy generator or electric motor comes from this back E.M.F.Soi,instead of creating heat ,we can get more force in the form of mechanical or electrical force from this excess energy.

      Then there are more efficient ways of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen than the traditional low voltage ,high current that has been used in the past.

      In fact one inventor from texas built a car that used the old method of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen by utilizing two generators in his car.One was used exclusively to power his electrolytic water to gas carborator,and the other to run all the cars other electrical needs.I have no idea what his cars fuel millage was.It,probably was not very good but ,then we are talking about a car that runs on water in 1938.

      Dr Paul Laviolette on free energy

      Dr Paul Czysz on free energy McDonnell Douglas Engineer

    • John B Badd profile image

      John B Badd 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      The reason they do not push conservation is that our economic system is based on consuming. They do not want their stocks to falter any more than they already have. Also the democrats are just as invested in alternative fuel sources as the republicans are in oil. It all boils down to politicians making money, not what is best for the people or the planet.

      After all the stuff Gore preached and his "Prize Winning Documentary" he still drives SUV's , owns multiple non energy efficient homes, and has millions invested in companies developing alternative fuel sources.

      And if they think ending our dependence on oil is going to stop the fuel wars look up how rare lithium is and how we are running out of it. (Lithium is used for cell phone and laptop batteries as well as light batteries in "energy efficient" vehicles) And guess where they just happened to discover a large supply of lithium which is un mined - Afghanistan.

      Hmm . . .

    • Bilaras profile image

      Edward Harris MSc 7 years ago from Earth

      BP seems to be untouchable.. They should pay billions for this oil spill.

      Thanks for posting your views