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Energy Independence and the oil crisis

Updated on September 11, 2010

Reasons for energy independence

It seems that every time one turns on the radio or the TV there is always bad news. Everyone wants to take a side. If you love to take sides and fight it seems like you are in the right generation for that. We hear about energy and the massively rich evil oil companies that the media wants to paint as the worst businessmen of the worst business in our generation next to maybe the tobacco and gun industries. However, I have a disagreement with these people.

Knowledge is the key to most things in this world. However, when I hear people talk about the oil industry, and most other political issues it seems like to many people get caught up in hype and do not pay attention to the facts surrounding the situations.

The fact is that as a business the oil industry has one of the smallest profit ratios.

The fact is that the oil industry spends a lot of money on research and development of resources.

The fact is that in many nations the oil industry has been taken over by the government, and the oil is kept for use only inside that nation.

The fact is that our congress has put great restrictions on our energy producing companies. The congress doesn't allow for the building of nuclear power plants. Nuclear power plants are built all over Europe. Most of the US Navy’s ships are nuclear. There has not been a nuclear problem with the Navy since as long as I can remember.

The fact is that there are several foreign countries that drill in international waters relatively close to our country. This is oil that we could and should be using to help this great country of the United States to be energy independent.

The fact is that congress is trying to put a moratorium on oil drilling, and pressing so hard on the coal industry, this country is heading for a world of pain.

The fact of the matter is that oil for the engine and refined gasoline that everyone can see the impact on their check book because of the cost of their automotive expenses at the pump is not the only thing that comes from drilling. It is a well known fact that the computer I am typing on has plastic components, and several other things such as the TV, the Car, the chairs we sit on the dishes we use, the tools to build a home, and the list goes on. The plastics that have revolutionized modern medicine that allows for complex surgery and the plastics that are a part of airplanes and helicopters, just look around and you see the byproducts of oil everywhere. If oil prices go up then not only do we feel it at the pump, we also feel it at the grocery store, the travel costs, entertainment products and the list goes on because all the products that we use are interconnected.

 I follow politics closely every day, and this cap and tax, I mean cap and trade is setting America up for failure. This Universal Healthcare is set up to fail, since medicine relies so heavily on plastic products the cost of Healthcare is going to rise as well.

The great state of California is not as great as it was once. There are several concepts for it to implement before it can rise to great heights once again. The oil of the coast needs to be drilled. Power plants need to be created, and sustained. The basic thought behind Nuclear energy is a simple concept of water. The windmills are fine, and solar power is fine but neither can compete with the effectiveness of the oil industry and the nuclear industry. These are what need to be explored and refined. The government at the Federal and the State levels need to get out of the way.

The main purpose of the Federal Government is to address the issues of National Defense. There is a great concern for National Defense if we are dependent on foreign oil. In our modern time we deal with a Global War on Terrorism and much of the money that is funneled into the hands of the terrorist come from the money wrapped up with aggressive anti-American nations. It does not take a genius in rocket science to figure out that energy independence is vital for National Security.  In warfare, often times it is the objective of soldiers to cut the enemies food and fuel supplies off so that they enemy will wither and be forced into a weakened state so that terms can be negotiated.  Is that what we want to happen to us from these terrorists that are sponsored by governments in the Middle East?

We need to be energy independent, and we need to be more than energy independent we need to be the leaders of Energy. The Roman Empire was great because it built roads, the Spanish and the British Empires were great because they were great sailors and ruled the Oceans. America became great because we created the automobile, and we created the airplane and then through the World Wars we gained the Air Superiority and developed further on this with Aircraft carriers which are basically a floating airport, and massive developments in the Space Race. The next challenge for the world is energy, and the nation that has control of the energy will be the next great super power.

With all the tensions that exist between environmentalists, the energy industries, specifically the oil industry, and the politicians playing the game for votes puts this country in danger. How can we fight the known enemy if we are fighting each other?

This spill of the gulf coast is nothing but a political game at this point, a political game with the people of the gulf coast getting hurt right now and the rest of America in the long run. There is no reason why the oil cannot be capped off. BP is at fault for the oil leak, and they need to stand up and be held accountable, which for the most part it looks like they have been. However, the President and all these politicians should be making this a prime concern, not a political game. The President needs to let the people get in and clean the mess, instead of stopping the Governor of Louisiana from allowing the people of Louisiana to stop the oil from washing up on their shores.  All resources should have been used from the very beginning and if this was done then it would have been solved a long time ago. This is nothing more than politics, politics for the Unions to get the clean up contracts later, politics to put a moratorium on offshore drilling, politics to push cap and trade. The BP oil leak is BP’s fault but the coast disaster is the fault of politics in America. I believe that the people of America are tired of the politicians no matter what party. They are tired of politics, and they want National Security, they want to lower the National Debt that affects National Security, they want to put an end to this Global War on Terrorism and this War on Drugs that everyone in the media and politics has ignored like it does not exist and they want jobs that they can put food on the table and pay the rent or mortgage whatever the case might be. People do not want to survive they want to thrive.

Energy independence in all forms is vital for the National Security and to lower the dependence on other nations which actual is counterproductive for National Security. The soldiers and the police do their job; these politicians need to do theirs. No more crazy politics the American people are tired of it and they’re going to speak by voting out the incumbents.


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