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Enlightened Americans - How Many Politicians Does It Take?

Updated on June 10, 2012

How Many Politicians Does It Take ...


Three. A Democrat to force you to use an expensive "green" light bulb, a Republican to make sure only the middle class pays for it and a Libertarian to make sure you can be legally stoned with no supervision when you screw it in.

Under the scenario above the light bulb never gets changed, because nobody's willing to compromise.The Democrat could have agreed to use a less expensive energy efficient bulb and phase in the totally green bulb over time so that people would be more prepared and it would cost less to implement. The Republican could have agreed to eliminate the profitable light bulb manufacturing company's middle class taxpayer funded subsidies and ensure that everyone would be sharing in the cost of the bulb equally. And the Libertarian could have agreed to allow some oversight of the bulb screwing process to ensure proper installation and safety, but could still stay stoned while doing it.

The current political situation is analogous to several light bulbs that while not completely burnt out are flickering and need to be changed.


Enlightened Americans feel that implementing simple things like business friendly specific, defined, consistent and long term tax code and tax rate changes would have a positive effect on the over-all economy. These changes could ensure that everybody paid their "fair share" without having to raise everyone's taxes. We also feel that businesses need less senseless government regulations that in most cases do nothing more than add to the cost of doing business and make it almost impossible or at least impractical for them to invest, expand, grow and ultimately hire. Business is what America does better than anyone else in the world, so helping Americans do more business and benefit the rest of the world should be our first priority.


Here again Enlightened Americans believe the answers are simple. Just like in business and household finance, a budget, and we mean a real, well thought out, partisan politics aside, take no bullshit budget that takes into account the areas of the economy that the government has a need to participate in, like medicare, social security and healthcare, needs to be implemented. No one can seriously believe that programs that were established over fifty years ago when the country was smaller and much less complicated are still effective. And while no one has the stomach or the guts to say it too loudly before the upcoming election, these programs need to be fixed or otherwise millions of Americans will be left without the benefits they have either already worked for or will work for their entire lives. If we're don't address these programs now there will be no retirement age, because you will never be able to retire. Think about the possibility of having to work until you're 70 or 75 when you're in your twenties or the idea of having to continue to work when your 70, because some politician spent the money you saved on some political pet project just to get re-elected. How many politicians does it take to fix medicare and social security? The answer is none of them, because they don't have to rely on those programs for survival.


Contrary to popular opinion, and that opinion shifting depending on which party and which candidate you hear from, Enlightened Americans realize that the world is a mess and desperately needs smart, level headed, stable leadership to help fix it. All over the world there is unrest and difficulty. Innocent people are being killed for no reason and no one either wants or knows how to stop it. It seems we're more interested in blaming one another for the situation instead of working with one another to make it better. Instead of just wanting a better world for our children, we should want a better world for ourselves. We can't wait. Let our children be children and not have to worry about and live with the stupid decisions we made when they were children.

Enlightened Americans know that while there will always be unrest and differences of opinion, there seems to be more of it today than ever before all over the world and all those bulbs are ready to burn out and desperately need to be changed no matter what party or politician we're for or against. God Bless America.


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    • carmenise profile imageAUTHOR

      carlo armenise 

      6 years ago from las vegas

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my hub. I appreciate your point of view and look forward to more of your thoughts.

    • mio cid profile image

      mio cid 

      6 years ago from Uruguay

      your hub makes so much sense it's ridiculous, now if you can see it and i can see it certainly the political leaders can see it, but they are prisoners of their own interest groups that put them in power and it is ultimately up to us the voters to give them the political coverage in large enough numbers to be able to do the right thing,I'm an eternal optimist and the peoples end up being right at the end,although sometimes it takes longer than we wish,but i think we shouldn't blame the politicians we should blame ourselves because we vote them into office,we have the last word,and we have no one to blame but ourselves.


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