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Europe Looking at Africa to Relieve Climate Change with Solar Energy

Updated on November 6, 2015

Could Europe be Taking the First Major Step in Thwarting Climate Change?

Sunseting over the first of the solar panels.
Sunseting over the first of the solar panels. | Source


People with ambition to combat climate change have been speaking about opening up a solar mirror farm in north Africa for a while. Morocco is what the town is called and it receives a substantial amount of sunlight per year, relative to other places. It's about time some one decided to take a step forward for a better world tomorrow.

About 5 weeks from now in Ouarzazate, Morocco; the first section of one of the largest solar energy plants ever built will be turning online.

The total cost of the entire operation is a roughly estimated 10 billion dollars (usd; converted), financially assisted by the European Union and the World Bank. The goal of completion is going to be sometime in 2020, provided plans don't get too out of shape.


These solar mirrors will be producing roughly 875 megawatts of power. This is more than enough to supply Morocco's needs and still have a lot left over to ship to Europe. This operation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 750,000 tons per year!

The complex uses magnificent technologies that almost seem scienceficition. A vast amount of crescent-shaped mirrors refracting sunlight, sending them to a focus point on a tower. Like the plants you see in Fallout, for my fellow gamers. The mirrors are equipped with small computer chips which synchronizes them with the constantly moving earth.

Once the tower begins receiving the thermal energy from the mirrors it does the following:

  1. Heats up tons of salt and begins to pump it into a thermal storage area.
  2. Enables plant to run turbines at a consistent rate 24/7.
  3. After salt is cooled off it will be sent back to the top to be reused.


This operation is not an isolated event. Plans are being made for doing the same thing in Chile, as well as Nevada, United States of America.

This is the dedication to change that mankind needs! The time to change the world is now! Lower carbon emissions as much as we possibly can and have a better world for tomorrow for it is our duty as residents of this planet, our home, to keep it clean, keep it green!


5 stars for the information

Saving Earth

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