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Will Britain Vote In or Out of the EU in the June 23 Referendum?

Updated on April 19, 2016

What is best? No one seems to know.

A momentous time in British History
A momentous time in British History | Source

The UK is about to make a historic judgement on its future

Our media and papers are a'buzz with little apart from the "In or Out" campaigners with just about 9 weeks to go before the country votes to remain part of the European Union, (The Ins), or call it a day and go it alone, (The Outs, also called "Brexit" for British Exit).
We have prime minister Cameron and some 60% of the ruling Tory government vigorously supporting the In group; he is aided and abbetted by much of the opposition Labour government, meaning those who favour leaving the Union having to fall back on Nigel Farage, (UKIP), long an opponent of us being in Europe, and doubtful luminaries, like lumbering Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, who has his eye on the prime minister's job.
The rest of us seem about equally divided whether to stay or regain our liberty and independent identity. The cry of "I want my country back" is a rallying call from Outs who are tired of Brussels* dictating to Britain what it can or cannot do: in trade, in its laws and in its human rights, etc. (*HQ of the Union government).
Many people are outraged that Cameron has taken nine million of our tax money and spent it on a flyers, going into every home in the country, extolling the virtue of staying In Europe. People have been advised to put the circular in an envelope and send it back to Westminster...most folk I speak to seem to have thrown it away.
This is indeed a historic moment in the history of the UK. It seems certain those voting to quit will not have Scotland with them; this means Britain will be reduced by nearly a third of its land mass and millions of its citizens. This will please many Scots who recently voted for Independence anyway and only lost by a small margin.
Voting will also be Northern Ireland and Wales, which will probably vote along with the English...or maybe not; Southern Ireland, a seperate nation, will vehemently oppose us leaving due to trade with Europe through the UK..
It is beyong the scope of this small article (and would exceed the prescience of its author) to explore many of the reasons to stay or to leave the EU, where we have been attached since the 1960's. (after battling France who kept us out for about 12 years!). There are screeds appearing everywhere online anyhow from individuals better placed to give reasons, along with all the think tanks and politicians who might be really clueless, but will have erudite opinions anyway. (A politico lost for words is lost!).
Cameron knows an Out vote will mean the end of him, as does Angela Merkel, the German chancellor who is on shaky ground already after her huge error in welcoming all and sundry to Germany (read Europe) last year.
The French, embroiled in trying to protect their language in an English using world, would love to see the back of us. They express outrage that Britain seems to be getting so much attention, to the detriment of French interests. Some countries, such as Norway, would miss us as they are only on the fringe of Europe, as is Switzerland and Iceland. Turkey is depending on close friend, Britain, to allow it in the EU, so will be against us leaving right now.
The cry from the Inn-ers is "We will lose most of our business with the EU;" Outers sneer back, saying, "Ha! Do you think Germany and France, etc., will refuse to sell us cars and other goods?" Unlikely...big money has scant regard for nationalism and the EU giants will continue to supply their well established markets. The UK, on the other hand, exports less than it buys from Europe and might find the burgeoning markets in Asia - China well established, and India playing catch up. These two populous nations represent something like nearly 3 billion consumers...a market as large as Europe! And there are billions more around the world who might enjoy the fruits of a free UK.
The Obama administration has expressed its desire to see the UK remain part of Europe, but this is unlikely to affect voters disenchanted with the Trump embroglio on June 23 when we go to the polls. Russia's Putin has not said much, but he would surely prefer to see a Britain more isolated from its friends, especially the US, so he may be secretly hoping the Outers take the day.
What does this non-political animal think? Well, many older voters will be trying to get the Britain they once had back: sans immigrants, sans terrorists, sans crowded NHS hospitals and clinics and sans outposts and an inner London composed of majorities from Africa, the Middle East and the ex. Balkan states. Britain feels really threatend by out of control immigration and desperately want to control our borders better, which would be easier without EU restrictions and the wacky proclamation of people like Merkel and the Pope!
On the other hand, the Union has done much to advance the middle and lower classes in Britain with hundreds of laws aimed at bettering the lot of the worker.
This makes the stance of wealthy Cameron and his fellow Oxbridge toffs a little strange. There seems something of the Remusian "Don't throw me in the Briar Patch" cunning of the Conservatives, (hundreds of whom DO support the do hundreds of the Labour side).
Meanwhile, China and India are being more actively wooed as the replacement for British Pounds Sterling...
A British exit would surely spell the imminent collapse of the EU as other nations, such as Greece and maybe Italy, etc., would have their own referendums to leave or stay.
Ah, me, the roiling of the ants in this vast ant mound, Earth!
Can we reach a second home in Space in time to save mankind??


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    • Mazzy Bolero profile image

      Mazzy Bolero 20 months ago from the U.K.

      A good explanation but I can't agree that the EU has been great for the working class. We've seen British industry virtually entirely destroyed since we were taken into "The Common Market" in 1972. Britain created the Industrial Revolution and had the most skilled workforce in Europe - now the descendants of those who fought for freedom in WW2 are forced to compete with migrants for low grade, unskilled jobs, while Germany still has a vibrant industrial economy. Figures just published show 8 out of 10 newly created jobs in Britain went to foreign migrants over the past year. The EU is a foreign dictatorship which is running our country, no more, no less.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 21 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi Judy: I don't know about the world, it may have to wait the sun's super-nova, but humanity seems to being doing the best it can to completely ruin the quality of life...Bob

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 21 months ago from California

      Do you remember what the president sent the queen when he became president? Britian lost it's "Special Relationship" a long time ago. What is this world coming to. Best Judy

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 21 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Yes TT, and currency speculators are no doubt vigorously buying futures in currencies and assets whicvh would be affected if we voted Out. I don't think it will happen. People listen to Obama here and we don't want to lose our "Special Relationship" with the US, real or imagined....But we will be treated like the kid with his hand in the cookie jar afterwards and will have to be very meek dealing with Brussels.


    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 21 months ago from California

      I will be in London in a couple of weeks. I may have to do a poll of people I meet.

      When I look at the strength of the pound vs euro or dollar I think Britain must be doing something right.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 21 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Hahahah well put, Will...our "regressive" left is also in favor of us staying. But so is the sitting Tory party. The bastards will have to acually work if we leave the EU and the thought frightens them to death.

      Although I unfortunately can't help thinking we are better off "In," at this stage, I would love to see Britain stand up and be counted again, but depending on Europe for so much, so long, has made us sluggish and complacent. We once did so much for the world. Now we're nothing


    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 21 months ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      I cannot imagine my own country being subservient to some international union or to some foreign capital like Brussels. However, I can imagine our own progressive left being all in favor of it.

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 21 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Hi Amanda: I feel a bit like that, but it may be reversed with me: my heart tells me to leave and my head tells me to stay!

      I have to believe we are better off in, though, because I think many of the continent's politicos are a cut above ours!

      Too many sons and daughters of priviledge here: royalty, the Lords, Cameron and all the Oxbridge mob. Thoughout history they have done just what they like in poor old battered Britain. To an extent, Europe has protected us from our selfish special interests.

      But who knows really...I thinkl we'll stay in anyway: the public are sissies and the government doesn't want to work!

      We'll know soon!! Bob x

      I was in the Prado 3 weeks ago!

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 21 months ago from UK

      Such a difficult question. Should we stay or should we go? It would be nice to think that we are best placed to reform the EU by standing shoulder to shoulder with our European cousins, however, history teaches us that this idea is fairly delusional. My heart tells me to stay in Europe, my head tells me otherwise. I don't think I will have completely made up my mind until the actual ballot day, and even then I might stand in the booth muttering 'eeney meeney miney mo' under my breath! Hope you're well Bob, and enjoying the ongoing debate!

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 21 months ago from UK and Mexico

      Thanks Misty...just Texas or another ass??

      (I miss the days when I could bite as well as bark)

      Bob xo

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 21 months ago from North Texas

      Excellent presentation! While my own opinion couldn't possibly matter less, I should be counted as an 'outer.'

      Your little trip seems to have agreed with you. Do hope you have a chance to explore Texas. Will share this article, too. Take care . . . xxx