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Evolution versus Creationism

Updated on January 6, 2013

Popular Misunderstanding of Christians' use of Science is a Deception

It is a distortion created by people who hate God to say, "Christians reject evolution and science." That is how this untruth circulates. In fact, the greatest scientists have often believed in God: Isaac Newton wrote three times as much about God as he ever did about science. Einstein also believed in God, despite recent efforts of atheists to repaint him as an atheist. God blesses those who honor him! Further, Christians (those who have not compromised in order to bend a knee to the opinions of man) believe that the world was created in 6 literal days of a day and a night each. (Yes, that is what scripture records!) We do believe in microevolution- the subtle adaptation of God's creation in order to preserve the created type. We do not believe that rocks become living beings by chance and time.

Now, the scientific process belongs to reason and philosophical principles. Problem, Observation, hypothesis, experiment, conclusion (& publish depending on which school of thought you are in) comprise the scientific process. Most who reject God on the basis of evolution have NOT done any reasoning to conclude their position.

Typically, the atheist does not consider, logically and without emotion, the facts of history and the testimony of believers, when they record their observations. This nature of the human animal is known in the study of psychology. When someone is front-loaded (by text books, for example, which promote Darwin in every topic from English Literature to Statistics to Finance) they tend to reject contrary evidence. This can be associated with confirmation bias and also cognitive dissonance.

True Science According to Facts

A true scientist challenges the raw data. A solidly trained philosopher will want to see each premise. He wants to see the data and check the premises, set up and analysis of correlations and relationships.

In mathematics, each new law is introduced with a "proof", a series of premises and the ultimate conclusion.

Somehow, these laws of thought and logic escape atheists. They call Darwinian macro-evolution a "law" when it has never been proved. Properly, macroevolution as Darwin promoted it (after heavy pressure from a group of other men). In fact, the raw data all point to two conclusions that atheists must reject to preserve their stance that the Bible is "a bunch of lies fabricated in the 3rd century" and that Almighty God is a "flying spaghetti monster." These conclusions are this: The earth is no older than about 6,000 years. And, approximately 4,000 years ago, a great flood covered the earth and buried cities, giant reptiles, forests, fish, shelled creatures, and even flying animals.

Evolution of the Nose According to Evolutionists

Science Supports Christianity, not Atheism

If they look in scientific, critical methods of reason, they will see a hard thing: that they have been deluded by a major set of deceptions. They find that Lucy, Piltdown Man, and other famous intermediaries allegedly linking ape to man were fabrications created by anthropologists and others who simply needed a find – anything – in order to keep their good paying positions in research, in the field, or in the museum.

The truth is, although some love to present it opposite to reality, is that science and Christianity go together well. It is atheism and science which are at odds. The pseudo-science in which most atheists blindly place their faith is a collection of already-disproven lies and wild, leaping, illogical extrapolations and non-sequiturs.

Expelled! No Intelligence Allowed Movie


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    • profile image

      Jesus Christ 

      6 years ago

      You are retarded.

    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Tom, I appreciate the role of peacemaker. I do disagree with you on carbon dating and the fossil record. Both of those systems are based on stratigraphy and the lies of Charles Lyell (pronounced, LIE-el).

      Carbon dating has "time" on the x-axis, as most graphs involving time do. How was that axis calibrated? It started with the assumption that stratigraphy is correct. The decay rate of carbon is much too long for someone to have measured it with any statistical reliability. Instead, it has been calibrated to match the "millions and billions" of years predicted by Lyell. The same fossils have been dated hundreds of thousands of years apart. There are many, many equations now to calculate certain time frames due to the large discrepencies in the actual carbon record compared to what they expect according to the prevailing equations (i.e., the equations do not actually work most of the time).

      Fossils are dated like this: they are assigned epochs according to the stratigraphical layer in which they are found. Layer are dated like this: they are dated according to the age of the fossils found in them.

      Circular argument, you say? Yes! And it is all based on- that's right - the now debunked stratigraphy of Charles Lyell, who said he made it up just to slander the Bible as a blow to the Christians, for him he professed hatred.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 

      6 years ago from home

      Boys boys boys lets simmer down...

      Could it be you are arguing essentiallythe same side of an arguement?

      lets look at what we know-

      1 the earth is here and is inhabited by many types of animals.

      2. the earth is billions of years old...caron dating and the fossil record prove life has been on the earth for billions of years.

      3. God creates the world in seven days- humans were created on the 6 th day- saying the lords day is 24 hours is silly-

      no where anyplace does it say GODs day is 24 hours

      4. The trouble folks seem to have is taking a LITERAL translation and LITERAL meanings from the bible...remember the bible as all "other holy books" were written by men, who only inspired by God, the writers are still fallible men.

      6. I have died for 6 minutes-in that time I heard the voice of who I can only surmise was God

      6. Einstein said "god does not play dice";

      7. Another famous theoretical physicist indicated the probability for life to have just "sprung up randomly-is equvalent to taking all the parts of a watch-old mechanical style thrown into a bucket shaken and having a working timepiece fall out - with the correct date and time"- That seems to say the earth had some help- hmmm

      who couldve done that????



    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Hundreds of millions of witnesses report the same results: We believe in the Word of God, and that His promises are true. Have you seen my videos on YouTube?

      Here is a video about a miraculous healing:

      ps- the "Son of Sam" person very likely really did hear voices. They were demons' voices. I have seen demons cast out of people; those people's lives completely changed. When Jesus comes, peace comes.

      That is why my YouTube channel is called "knowJesusKnowPeace" .

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 

      6 years ago

      (I have had many conversations with the Holy Spirit)

      Man from Modesto,

      Listen, I am not trying to put you down but I take exception to people claiming fact when what they claim plainly cannot be factual.

      You claim to have had conversations with a disembodied spirit; Son of Sam claimed the neighbor's dog talked to him. Do you not see that both claims have a much basis is fact as the other?

      All that has occured is that both of you believe that something mysterious occured - there is no way to repeat and process and objectively validate what occured.

      In other words, it is nothing but opinion.

    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      God is not unknowable. There are some things about God which cannot be conceptualized by us. Those things are unknowable. But, to know God is one of the most important- and best- aspects of being Christian.

      I have had many conversations with the Holy Spirit. He has taught me many things, which have come to pass. I joined the Marines in 1988 when the Holy Spirit told me to do so, and that the next big war would be in the Middle East. I requested and received a guaranteed contract to go to the Arabic course at DLI. Right when I graduated (Sept. 23), the Gulf War erupted (August 2).

      Later, I joined the GA Nat'l Guard in April, 2002. The Holy Spirit told me to join "and brush up on your Arabic." The Holy Spirit is real. Jesus is real. God is real. Demons are real. Hell is real.

      There are just a great many voices lying over and over and over again. Intentional or not, they are all servants of the devils, leading people to Hell.

      YOU make a choice on which set to believe. Those who belong to God believe HIS voice. Some of the sheep just don't know it yet. I hope you are in this set. Often, those who are asking questions, and those who are upset about the issue, are those whose hearts God is moving.

      I have a good feeling for you. I sincerely hope we meet in Heaven. Peace.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 

      6 years ago

      (Winston: God loves you)

      Man of Modesto,

      Can you put aside your belief just for a moment and consider this - no one, none of us, can have a clue as to knowledge of things unknowable. Gods, if there are such things, are unknowable creatures.

      At best, all you can say is that you think God loves you, and you think it is a specifi god and not Ra or Poseidon or Mars.

      I appreciate your opinion, but that is all it is.

    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Winston: God loves you. Peace.

    • Man from Modesto profile imageAUTHOR

      Man from Modesto 

      6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Thanks for adding to the conversation, Lone Ranger. It is true that there is a lot of manipulation of data. In fact, the entire "global warming" argument is based on the "hockey stick" graph. The manipulation of data that went into creating that graph was so extreme, that ANY series of RANDOM numbers produces the same graph when processed with the statistical functions they used.

    • profile image

      AKA Winston 

      6 years ago

      You sound like a Christian Imam.

    • profile image

      Lone Ranger 

      6 years ago

      So true. I believe true science and true knowledge will never conflict with God's Word. The contradiction occurs when science-fiction is employed and false-knowledge is propogated instead of truth.

      It's as if scientists say "I wouldn't have seen it, if I hadn't first believed it." This is to say that many scientists have a pre-conceived notion and belief-system that they want to promote and they can manipulate research, studies, and statistics any way they want to achieve the desired results.


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