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Evolutionary Creation of Gender Bias : The Social Analysis on the Root Cause of the Sexual Exploitations Among Women

Updated on May 12, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

      The natural life of species has instinctively dictated by the biological genes and habitat. The main activity for the biological existence is the proactive natural development that provided specific role of gender orientations on procreation, security and physiological needs adaptation. The gender orientation development of species evolves from by the natural gift of the male species to play the important role on the security and procreation to preserve the natural destruction of the familial origin on complementary process. The female species have the natural role to the procreation and nurturing the existence of race in natural physiological way. The life support in the nurturing and rearing process is so important to sustain the life cycle. There is no life existence without the complementary process of the male and female species as the evolution of its species as dictated by the natural way of the gender to the adaptation of habitat. This holds true to the mammalian kingdom and all other life forms including fishes, insects, animals and plants. There is a natural way for the procreation for the continuous evolution of the species whatever miserable consequences might happen to the female specie. The security has its own habitat protection and configured weapons to protect in the nurturing and rearing activities and the protection of life support. The male species have always instinctively protect the female species and its offspring from the danger of extermination by its own physiological strengthened with adjustable adaptation to the habitat.

     On the other hand, the biological and physiological responses of the human species have the same natural adaptation on its role orientation for the procreation, security and physiological support. The pre-historic time has the same process as explained above, however, the change in time and growing experiences in the adaptation, protection and procreation had evolved to a more complicated life . It had still the same process on its instinctively designed physiological and biological for the adaptation of the habitat through the “survival of the fittest”. However, the growing concern of security and physiological support had evolved to little more complex by the used of flint stones and fires . The Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods had transformed the beginning of the new era for human species for the control for the habitat no longer part of the mammalian evolution as they discovered and invented the new way for the security , physiological and biological support to sustain the growing familial activities. The physiological support were being strengthen by the ancient technology not only hunting but the domestication of animals, cultivating the farm (agriculture), fishing in the river and coastal areas, and the creation of industries.

     The female species had been the forefront of family development on its procreation support exemplified by the emotional dimension of the complementary love and compassion. The nurturing of the offspring were focused on their role in the family on the physiological and biological support for food, clothing, and shelter. The male species provided the physiological support and security to sustain the bloodline of the family. The physiological support was in the ancient activities on agriculture, fishing and hunting. While the security support followed by the physical strength and used of advanced weapons such as bow and arrow, flint stones, and sharp metals which protected them by the living predators in the forest .

    What made the life complicated in the pre-historic time was the growing understanding of the human species on emotional attachments, social adaptation ,and mental development. It was no longer simply the proactive natural development by means of procreation, security and physiological needs adaptation but the adjustments of complex lifestyles.

The genesis of familial life of human species may follow this life cycle:

1.The procreation support on nurturing the offspring from the infancy period. It followed the physiological adaptation of the offspring with gender role on the specific work in the family and fieldwork. While, the security of the family which was assigned to the physical strength of the men.

2.The growing complexities of social life provided the guiding actions and attitudes for any member of the family, clan and tribe to follow certain norms, folkways, tradition, and culture. The elderly provided the keystones in turning the tide on the social obligations of the family members.

3.The tribal leader ( just like any animal groups) to provide the strategy on life sustenance, security protection , and physiological support in collective manner by the growing family into clan and tribe. The men with physical strengths secured the tribe by any other tribal groups that wanted to expand their territory.

4.Just like in the jungle that secured certain territorial jurisdiction of the animal kingdom, the human society had beginning to enforce the insatiable interest for territorial expansion. The men were fighting the polarity human interest on the influence for power and authority to control the life sustenance, security protection and physiological support. As a result there was the creation of slaves by the defeated tribes, respect of the king and queen, the elderly had the obligation to give advice and consolidate the political power.

5.The history of warring clans and tribes had been dominated by men as the front line for the security and protection the territory. The other men worked in the farm ,civil works , trade and commerce.

6.The women had provided the procreation, emotional attachment of the family , conduct house holds work and nurture the children. The defeat of the territory means the rape of women, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, maid and servants.

     The deploring human conditions for women are deeply rooted by the physiological response of species. All livings things have an evolutionary pattern for procreation that made them response to sexual instinct. The animal kingdom response to the sexual instinct based on the reproductive response on certain biological time for mating. Therefore, the sexual drive of the animal may defend so much during the fertility period of the female and find someone fitted to the procreation on the physical strength and leadership, and of course the female qualification desire that may is adaptable to the habitat. Interestingly, animal kingdom has no sexual abuse or slaves that may happen; the procreation process for the female side may become a subject of instinctive fight on the male side. The victorious male has the opportunity to procreate based on the sexual instinct they have. In the end, of the procreation process the family sustenance and security begins the life cycle of the preservation of species.

     The pre-historic period had the same physiological response on the procreation, sustenance and security of the family. It changed this physiological concept of procreation, when men became so engrossed in the cycle of political war on territorial expansion that produced from the tribe then state to kingdom. The life became complex in the social adoption for the conformity of human behavior in order to prevent societal chaos. The evolution of family created new order of social phenomena such as norms, folkways, mores, and laws. The women played an important role in the family responsibility on substance, nurturing and educating the offspring and compassionate love to their partner. There was family harmony and balance in the society .

     The broke down of this family cycle of harmony and balance was within the religious and supernatural beliefs, the social laws , and the destructive consequences of war and the psychological response of the human species.

1.The religious and supernatural beliefs wherein women were buried beside the coffin of her husband. The women were forced to marry the brother for her deceased husband. The sacrifice of women for bountiful harvest any other violence that affected their life.

2.The social laws from the rigid gender societal structure on the physical dominance of men . The security and protection of the family members were at the hand of men and elders. The women were not given the political and social dominance in the protection and security of the family members.

3.The destructive war on territorial expansion created human slaves. The women were considered as a social commodity such as sexual slaves and servants of the aggressors.

4.The most destructive reason of the sexual violation of women even the peaceful time of the past and contemporary time is the physiological response of men. The sexual instincts of men define the insatiable sexual violence of women until now.

     The contemporary time no longer holds the social dilemma of religious beliefs, social laws, and war. This social dilemma is still byproduct of the physiological response of men about their sexual drive. This is now a social cancer from the mutation of physiologic response of men.

     The social advocacy on gender equality from the feminist movements and GAD programs remained far from reality to reduce gender bias. It holds that there is now the liberation of women as their human rights and freedom that is now equal to all men. In the contemporary time, the gender equality is at the pinnacle of success in the human liberation of women. I believe they have done so much to change the gender culture awareness in Europe .These have been the result of the gender success in developed countries:

1. The high incidence of divorce and single mother because of the “fucking shit” father whose main interest is on masculinity, dominance and most of all the sexual drive for beautiful women.

2. The women kept on dating compassionate and good men as future partner. These are the genuine partners you can find as family now in developed countries.

3. The rise of feminist movement to sustain the fight against the gender discrimination including the responsibility of UN in the advocacy of “Gender and Development”

    However, the sexual drive of men in developed countries remains active based on this “age of commercialism” as the object of demand in economics:

1. The commercial products on whisky, scotch, beer, and red wine with theme of highly desirable for the physiologic response may find advertiser to use the sexy and beautiful women .

2. The commercial bar provides women in action as GRO and prostitutes. It also includes the use of magazines and pornographic materials where in the women are exposed in degrading sexual object just to meet the sexual drive men.

3. Women rights are fighting all the social dimension of gender bias, gay rights , lesbian rights, rights of abortion, and all other rights just to break the gender bias. The breakdown of family is culturally imminent once violated the rights of women from the highly societal structure

Find Out the answer on this social dilemma on this article “The Family-Oriented Approach to Human Development: A Social Equity Model for “Family Empowerment” in the Global Community”


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    • profile image

      Nadine Leon 7 years ago

      i find it very interessant... i'm convinced that the imbalance on Earth and its ecosistem is due to the inequality between male and femele. Expansionism, domination of male has brought an overexploitation of our Earth. Love and compassion, together women,are became less important. The result is that all the world is treated as an object to use without respect...

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      touches the heart this should not happen well read its sad we feed off the pain differences of others thanks