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Extreme Progressive Principles

Updated on December 9, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


In the media, we often hear the term extreme conservative principles or beliefs...but when they talk about progressive ideas, it is never described in the same fashion. Why is that? The term "extreme" implies it is out of the norm. So the media is implicitly biased in just the way they report the news. They themselves are aligned with the progressive agenda and therefore agrees for the most part with the progressive ideas.

- Dec. 2019

A List of Progressive Views...

  • We are a secular nation
  • The Constitution as established is flawed
  • We are a white dominated nation
  • Borders are exclusive and should not be enforced
  • Healthcare is a basic human right and should be universal
  • Abortion is a right of the mother, she has total control or choice over her own body
  • Support a gender neutral policy...
  • Support equality for all groups and subgroups
  • Climate change is mostly due to human activities
  • Capitalism is unfair and exploits the workers and lead to income inequality
  • Government is the solution to all our needs and problems
  • the rich should be taxed more to provide for all
  • gun control is needed to prevent mass shootings
  • "hate" speech should be banned
  • We are part of the world community and should abide by International laws
  • We cannot be a great nation as long as there are people being oppressed...
  • Progressives believe our Pentagon is the problem and refuse to help our own defense department while cuddling to China - latest Google revelation.


1. Progressives believe our nation was founded as a secular nation. They want God and any references to God be removed from the public square. They also want "In God We Trust" removed from our currency.

2. Progressives think out Constitution is antiquated and has flaws. They believe it needs to be updated for modern times. They point to South Africa as a model for new democracies.

3. Progressives still think our nation is racist and that it is dominated by whites who wants to keep our nation white by preventing minorities from immigrating here.

4. Progressives believe in an open borders policy and also wants to eliminate ICE. They also support sanctuary cities which help protect undocumented immigrants from deportation even after having been convicted of felonies.

5. Progressives believe healthcare is a basic human right and that the State should provide free healthcare for all.

6. A main issue progressives care about is the right to choose abortion. They believe this is a "right" of the women to make any decisions regarding their body. Some even support late term abortions which is essentially murder.

7. Progressives believe in gender neutral policies such as the use of public restrooms.

8. Progressives use identity politics to divide us into groups. They treat each group or subgroup as victims. Victims that need to be protected.

Details Continue...

9. Progressives believe climate change is mostly caused by human activities, especially the use of fossil fuels which they believe causes the greenhouse effect. They ignore the complexity of the climate and the natural components which may have greater effects, such as our sun.

10. Progressives believe that capitalism lead to greed and income inequality. They prefer socialism where everyone is more or less equal...equally poor.

11. Progressives believe government is the solution to all our problems. They ignore the evidence that the proposed solutions are worse than the ills they are curing.

12. Progressives are against the rich and wants to punish them with high taxes. They claim these people did not earn their riches. "you didn't build that" was what Obama said to these titans of industry.

13. Progressives are anti-gun ownership. They think the 2nd amendment is obsolete and needs to be repealed. To save the children from being massacred by mass shooters.

14. Progressives are not a fan of the free speech, first Amendment either. They believe college campuses should have a free speech zone and the rest of the campus should not be allowed to have opinions different from their professors and their liberal views.

15. Progressives are a big supporter of the UN and the world government.

16. Progressives do not believe in American exceptionalism and often think we are not a great nation...and that we are the source of many problems around the globe.

17. Progressives do not support our military and the defense of our nation. In contrast, they rather work with our adversaries rather than help the Pentagon. Case in point, the Google company decided to withdraw from the AI initiative with the Pentagon but works with China to establish an AI lab in Beijing.


I listed some of the progressive beliefs. If I am in error, please let me know and I will make any corrections or adjustments. Please take the poll at the bottom. I am making a comparison of public opinion between progressives vs. conservatives.

Unscientific Poll

Are The Beliefs Listed Above Extreme? (1 to 5) 1 least and 5 most extreme?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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