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FWD: Seeking the Truth

Updated on October 8, 2014
Creek-rock fossils TN 2014
Creek-rock fossils TN 2014 | Source

I generalized my assertion of how to seek truth as to imply that the individual seeking knowledge and truth should use caution when accepting the truth as proclaimed by profit-seeking parties; i.e. the conclusion of Nazi Aryans: “Jews are a lesser sub-race of human because they aren't from Atlantis” or the US Marijuana Tax Act of 1937: ”Weed makes people play Satanic Jazz music which leads to Hispanics and Negroes raping White women”. These ”rationalized” concepts were and still are used by government, clergy, and ”scientists” as the basis of their lies used to oppress and control the ignorant masses who are trained from birth to accept immediately present authorities as the source of absolute truth. While overwhelming research has proved these concepts to be false, some people still accept it as the truth because of cognitive dissonance or indifference. Personal opinions or agendas have no leverage in science fact.

1. We can only logically proclaim the truth as presented by
verifiable, coherent, and tested observations: science. If we have no
evidence of it, or evidence of it’s effects, then it is only speculation
and can not be be held as truth. There are of course things we don’t
completely understand and educated guesses are made in the
attempt to explain them, though hypothesis are not true statements
in themselves and must first be both testable and falsifiable and
validated in experiments in order to be accepted as a valid theory. A
theory is not an absolute truth, but a framework on which to build
further experiments and testing of another hypothesis. At no point
can a wild speculation be used as a theory to base experiments with
which to yield true results. Is there an absolute truth we don’t
know about? So far I only know 2 we know of for sure: death and taxes.

2. The scientific method is the fundamental architecture of
modern human knowledge and rationalizations of nature.
Speculations that can not be tested or have been tested and found
false are not valid science and as a result can not be touted as truth.

© 2014 Jaydeus


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