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FYI, Rwanda Has a Government in Exile

Updated on September 11, 2017
Paul Kagame profile image

I rose to power after shooting the plane carrying the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, to spark a genocide that would justify regime change

US Senator Ted Cruz with Nahimana and his team.
US Senator Ted Cruz with Nahimana and his team.

Amused Rwandans would like to know, what happened to Thomas Nahimana's imaginary government in exile?

When Father Thomas Nahimana boldly declared that he had established a government in exile, most people thought the former Catholic priest was completely insane. Not because this looked like another publicity stunt right after Nahimana had repeatedly claimed he was going back to Rwanda to run against me in my fake elections - but every time, something conveniently prevented him from boarding planes or getting tickets; and not because Nahimana was also asking for money so as to run this imaginary government thrust upon Rwandans and not because Nahimana also included Rwanda's imprisoned heroes Victoire Ingabire and Deo Mushayidi in this fictitious government without consulting them or their respective parties; but because seriously? On whose authority, Thomas? Your support base doesn't extend much outside your TMZ-esque website, and don't you think Rwandans have already been through enough after me and my genocidal government were forced on them by Western powers?

Putting Nahimana's sanity or lack thereof aside, it seems his publicity stunt didn't work because apart from a few photo-bombs with bemused US senators like Ted Cruz, the imaginary government of Nahimana has quickly faded into oblivion. Which is a good thing because quite honestly, a narcissistic megalomaniac with self-ordination propensities such as myself is able to recognize another narcissistic megalomaniac with self-ordination propensities.


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