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Death Panel Health Care And Government Retaliation

Updated on December 23, 2014

My Burst Appendix

Government's Tyrannical Use of Health Care

I must go public with my medical condition because, if I don't, I will never be free to work where I want to in the United States. I will also never receive medical care in my country (I am deliberately left “undiagnosed”). I will never have privacy in my personal life, or ever have freedom of any kind. If I become a ward of the state, you will know why. This is what our government has created me to be, and what it did to me could happen to you – if you let it.

They will not cart you to a death camp, but it might feel like they did. They will not line you up over a pit and execute you in the head, but you might wish they had. They will soak you, pillage you, and it will be done because you are not like them. All this will be done to you when you are medically insured and it might happen only because of the way you look or what you believe. I know it because it happened to me.

Without a diagnosis for a partially-treated burst appendix, I walked. After six months bedridden with only two weeks of CIPRO to keep me alive, I walked. I had to walk because if I lay there I would die. I could not get disability because I had no diagnosis – and I had the best health insurance money could buy, which shows that having medical insurance for medical care does not necessarily mean you will receive medical care.

The doctors knew I was dying. They waited upon my death. They chided me, and they stuck me with needles to bruise my arms. One doctor took a needle and moved it back and forth in my arm so it would result in a bruise up my entire forearm, and when I rushed to another doctor about it was told, “We don’t do that in this office.” But he ended up doing worse, telling me I was going to die. “We all die,” he said. “You have peritonitis,” he told me. “Why don’t you help me”? I asked. “You have to give me something, anything,” he replied. “What do you want from me”! I screamed and cursed him vile, and I did it again and again. I could see what they were doing, ignoring blatant medical facts. I could see they were avoiding the obvious so I would die.

I got antibiotics off the Internet and some friends gave me their old antibiotic prescriptions. But all the while the infection raged throughout my body, in my head, my face, in my legs and hip bones, the antibiotics only working but a short time that required always a successive course. For awhile I had a doctor provide me an unlimited supply, but he was underground and had to eventually stop. No amount of antibiotics would suffice because untreated peritonitis absorbs deep into tissues that only intravenous antibiotics can heal.

The infection burned in my abdomen like a bullet wound, and the infection raged also like a fire throughout my body but, even so, I walked. I walked like a good soldier in the Bataan March, that if I should stop I would surely die. But I did not die because I would not die for them – because this is what they wanted and I would not give them that pleasure in their heads.

The Bataan March in 1942 sowed the seed for Americans’ rage against the Japanese that gave us the power to prevail in World War II. It was one of the most brutal displays of evil human beings are capable of bestowing upon each other. Those that know the battles of that war know well that it was truly a miracle we eventually won; but what they may not know is that it was that inner cry for justice against a tyrannical force capable of such brutality that we had no choice but to prevail – like the retribution a father whose daughter is raped becomes the strength of ten men, so were we a nation united whose strength was magnified by the brutality of the Bataan March – united against a force we were determined to defeat.

Free Americans will never, not ever, be put under any tyrannical force. But what happened to me evidences the brutality physicians are capable of when given absolute power, and what they become when the government allows it. I know because they did it to me, and do not think they cannot, or will not, do it to you.

I am now, literally, a prisoner in my own country - all because I spoke out about my medical condition and wrote the government for ten years about my exploitation. Now I am blacklisted and monitored every day of my life by the FBI - even now as I write this - because I survived and am alive to tell you all what physicians, collectively, did to me. Everything that has happened to me centers around, entirely, my medical condition. If I had died, you would never have known – but I lived. If I am ever going to be given the rights of the living, however, I need all of you to know and I hope by telling you, you will in turn tell others.

I was treated with hostility and rage from physicians, and this is why it is so important to get my story out. The simple remedy of providing me intravenous antibiotics was calculatedly and purposely denied. Doctors told me, “I don’t read x-rays,” and the doctor who took this x-ray became so hostile towards me that I could never return to him – he also denied I had anything wrong with me. What then ensued was a “collective” hostility towards me by ALL doctors. All of it being done to protect the first doctor I had seen from medical liability. Not only this, but they sent me to psychiatrists and psychologists in the throes of this condition and I was subsequently labeled “bipolar,” which is total b.s. [Read how "bi-polar" can be a symptom of severe systemic infection. See] What they were trying to do is insulate themselves from their “murder” of me by putting a psychological label on it. [I did, however, have one psyche doctor tell me I was “discriminated against” by doctors because, in his words, “You exude power,” which is absolutely absurd; however, does this not demonstrate that I was left for dead because of the way I look?]

The Justice Department told me to continue contacting it and I submitted hundreds of documents about my medical condition and was told everything I submitted would remain “confidential.” But they never kept that promise. They call it a "quality of care" issue that it does not handle. If that were so, then why were doctors "collectively" keeping me from getting help? That our government believes doctors should be allowed to kill and discriminate with impunity is the issue - not the quality of care. "Quality of care" infers that doctors were doing the best they could - but my evidence supports the contrary.

The New York Times reported 100,000 deaths per year in hospitals from medical misadventure in the decade of the ‘90s. Ralph Nadar put the number at 300,000 a year. In my own investigation of the matter I uncovered an enormous amount of those deaths were not the old or the young – but the working, those middle-aged, those in their child-bearing years. Never before in the history of this country have there been so many deaths in hospitals! [Read more about this in the book “Medical Trapment”] But I survived!! I survived!! And I live to tell you all how the government in health care will used against us if we allow it. Do not allow it.

If physicians exploit patients with HMO or other health insurance, with so many dying, what do you think will happen under a nationalized health care system? Please get the message out about government's involvement with health care and how they worked to assist physicians in keeping me from receiving medical help, to silence me and to keep me from employment. We are all in peril. We are all in peril because the plan is to make us physically weak with chronic infections and illness and then subject us to the brutality of greedy and despotic physicians. Pass on the word. How can we ever have a socialistic medical system when hate and divisions of a country’s people are so strong as to kill so many? Please help me by passing on this message.

Moreover, my case is an example of how your medical information will be provided your employers - without you knowing a thing about it. When I became an employee at a company that has frequent contact (and a contract) with the government, my medical information was shared with the employer, and I was subsequently discriminated against. I was forced out of the company and filed a discriminatory lawsuit against the company that resulted in my becoming blacklisted in my career as a legal secretary. Now I cannot work - anywhere.

It is all the more reason I must get this message out since we may all be faced with the likes of what happened to me one day, if we allow our government in our medical care. But this is what the liberals want, is it not? Control over every aspect of our lives, our bodies, our souls. If you think this cannot happen to you, you’re wrong.

The backlash I received and receive now for filing my medical complaint with the Justice Department is all due to the fact that my observation of doctors sharing my medical information was and is true – and they don’t like that I know. They want me silenced. By use of my social security number, each doctor who refused me care and those subsequent and following knew I was marked. I was marked for death because if I were diagnosed the first doctor who let me go to die would be sued. If I were diagnosed – a diagnosis so easy, so plain to see – it would reveal attempted murder that was a secret they did not want to get out. Evidence for the truth about what I say here is the x-ray photo I attach to this article, which is an OBVIOUS burst appendix. [Doctors tried to take this x-ray from me but I had it digitally photographed because I knew they would try - and they did exactly that.] The government calls this a "quality of care" issue. Oh, really? This is no "quality of care" issue. Think about it: If doctors wanted to avoid diagnosis of me they could have easily provided intravenous antibiotics presumptively, telling me they were doing so even though they did not know what was wrong. But they would not because it was not part of their plan for me, their plan of "hate."

It is here that the connection between medicine and our government is revealed. Contrary to the government’s denial of not being involved in our medical care – or whether we live or die at the hands of doctors – the government is entrenched in our medical care, and they have been for quite awhile. The fall-out from my medical complaint has since resulted in retaliation from the FBI which, of course, makes me blacklisted from employment. They have gone to my past and prospective employers and they tell them lies, and when the employer hears what they say, they abuse me at work so I will be forced to quit.

Please visit my website to understand how infectious disease is exploited to render me - and soon you - powerless. Observe how past victims were all working-age Americans. Observe how medical common sense is absent – as it was with me and my burst appendix. Observe the radiographic photograph with this article. Observe, think, observe, think. Think science, think ahead, think real hard if you want the hubris brutality of our government to rule your life. Empower the patient - for the patient could be you one day.

Pass on the word, pass on this article. If the Justice Department and physicians are allowed to kill with impunity, regardless of sex, class, race or political affiliation, then we are all in peril. If they were silent about all the deaths in hospitals - but held congressional hearings about the brakes in Toyota vehicles - do not think for a moment they will care about mass deaths again - unless you demand it. If patients medically insured are being abused and killed for profit by doctors, what do you think will happen under ObamaCare? Demand accountability for all those that died! Demand to know how the government will deal with sex, class, race or political affiliation under ObamaCare. DEMAND an answer now before it is too late for you - and all of us.


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