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The Family-Oriented Approach to Human Development: A Social Equity Model for “Family Empowerment”

Updated on May 12, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

     There seems to be social dilemma as to the continuous gender struggle on “gender’s right”, “sexual exploitation”, “physical abuse”, and other moral turpitude implicated by the dominance of men of the highly structured society. The “feminism movement” has been always correct on whatever women rights on all social dimensions in the past centuries. As an artificial cloth to relieve on “gender equality” from the feminine struggle in the past, it resulted to the international government advocacy on “Gender and Development (GAD). There have been development success on this endeavor no doubt the women find their employment in the community. They have given all the national government support on all front line services. They have given full cloth of power and authority to finally justify the “ gender equality” from the naïve wisdom for “gender or women empowerment” than men could no longer physically, morally and mentally abused the women. The international community provides all the necessary development program in the “ Gender and Development” particularly in providing employment and income to them. The national government development thrust at all regions in the world finally provided all the financial support through the international government agencies for the “micro-enterprise programs”, “sustainable developments”, “cooperative enterprises”, and other livelihood programs to support them.

     As a result of this development initiatives of the international community and the national government agencies, the banner of success finds its way from the websites of the International Government Funding Agencies on this “Gender and Development Program” on an illustrative faces of happy women in the community . From this illustration of the gender and development program the sense of appreciation from women “ All faces are smiling for native women in Asia and Africa as they carry their offspring’ working in the livelihood program,

Family – Oriented Approach to Human Development : The Family Orientation on the Reciprocity of Employment and Income

     The global scenario in the underdeveloped countries may come in this situation as the root cause of social and economic problems in Asia and Africa

     On prostitution, the women are force to work as GRO or prostitutes because of the need of money for the basic needs of the family. The parents have no fix income to support the large family the only way to provide an income is working in the club or bar. This is the best way to support the needs of the family wherein sex exploitation is acceptable means to satisfy the basic needs of the children.

     The inability to find an stable job of men may result to the breakdown of family values. The men use the unproductive time for social gathering such as drinking and gambling. As a result the atmosphere of unproductive activities may be able to provoke in quarreling or even physically abused the wife.

     The Gender and Development Program of the national government may give the women a chance to be employed with the smiling face on the documentary picture as they have additional income for the family. As a result women are more over-burdened by the household works and sometimes the money are used by the husband for the unproductive means. The cycle of poverty and sufferings among women turned out to become the horrifying crucifixion of supporting the family.

     They have some money to support the family, however, the unproductive husband may have the opportunity to get the money on the old traditional way on the personal vices of women .Believe me when I say that battered women are those good wife who gave everything to their children and even the vices of the husband. It is a weird world in the underdeveloped countries from the compassionate and loving ideals of women.

     The proud liberators of the feminine movement and GAD condemned the dominance of men. Finding good example in west on the liberation of women as the final solution would still be divorced. The women of the west find much time with other men to enjoy the liberation of love, sex and money. While women in the east find the way to be liberated to men when they give what they have in compassionate and loving way to support the entire family.

     The women in the east love their family including their husband as they bowed to love one another. The gender equality is the support of family-oriented approach to human development. The existence of the feminine group and GAD advocacy may not find the genuine solution for the gender equality unless men participate the program to harness love and compassion. We must not let women work anymore in the GAD advocacy. There “smiles” are too much for the compassion of their family. If the root cause of the problem in gender equality is men then they are the solution of the problem. Once you harness them in productive work , they may find compassion and love to their family. This is the moderation of their greed which may start in the process of marriage.

    The Gender and Development Advocacy for women is to provide priority work for them ,however, it means more responsibility of women of the over burden work at home. The women should not be given employment priority even on the micro-enterprise rather than their husbands who shall have the GAD employment priority. The deplorable conditions of women in Asia and Africa have the root cause of the underemployment and unemployment of their husbands. There are no productive enterprise and employment generation program

     If the International Funding Agencies may provide funding assistance for the GAD programs this is the common scenario in the impoverished areas of Asia and Africa:

     The women have the responsibility in the rearing and nurturing their children (4-8) on the daily household works. The cleaning of the house; cooking the food; washing the dishes; and providing other services to the children and husband. If women are working in the micro-enterprise you expect them to smile in the documentary picture because of the additional income they receive in working. But the problem of the women now is how they would divide their family works. If the husband has no work then he will be the one tackling the responsibilities at home in a superficial manner. Instead of the husband is working for his wife and family, the international assistance may have counter-productive cycle in building harmonious and balance family.

      The women privileges on the grant and assistance will remain counter-productive in as much as women primarily protect the needs of the family whatever the consequence may get from the grant. The International Funding Agencies may still follow whatever capacity building program for the GAD, however, the husband must always involved in the transition of quality of life. This is designed to work for the harmonious balance of the husband and wife in nurturing the family.

      Once the provisions of social needs are met, the social dilemma may reduce at reasonable level. The employment and income shall be the responsibility of the husband to provide the needed financial resources of the family. It can still complement that for the additional income of the family by the help of the wife. However, this creates another problem in the family as who will take care the children.

     The viability of the GAD projects may of course come in their own home as they make any livelihood programs that may add their income as the condition may warrant: “The women shall have the job at home with flexible time to work for the items to be sold in the market.”

A. Adoption of the Social Equity Model for Employment and Income for Gender Equality

     Basically, the international development goals is to sustain the employment generation program to attain the modest economic and social impact on the pro-poor program by initiating a social responsibility team to provide technical, management, financial and marketing support in the social equity program. The development mission is to provide sustained technical, management, financial and marketing support through the complementary process by linkages and partnership with the public and private sector in the development of social equity programs of the stakeholder.

The development objectives in the social equity programs are

1. Continue the International Standard Management Program of the International Funding Agencies on the implementation of their development strategies of the social equity program for employment generation and creation of development enterprise such as micro-enterprise and medium scale enterprise to the stakeholders.

2. Create manage team for the social equity program by the sovereign state for the sustained technical, management,financial and economic support on the development enterprise implemented by the International Funding Agencies .

3. Provide development policy guidelines in the implementation of the social equity programs as employment generation program and micro-enterprise development for the stakeholders.

4. Create an Operational Management Team for the Social Equity Programs for coordinating centers,field support,institutional linkages, ME strategies , financial and management support.

5. Provide the partnership and linkages with the national government agencies such as trade and investment, commercial banks, export and import bureaus,and business centers.

6. Create employment agency for the job generation program for the micro-enterprise or medium scale enterprise.

7. Implement in sustained way the production,distribution and marketing of social equity good and services

8. Develop the marketing mix and segmentation of Social Equity Goods and Services

Development Strategy

1. International Standard Management Program

     There are no international changes as to the development policy of the international funding agency on the strategic planning to the implementation of the social equity program.It is usually the prerogative of the international funding agency to implement program that may best their strategic interest of the social equity program. The policy guidelines are in place on the identification of the pro-poor programs such as sustainable development, gender and development, job generation and micro-enterprise development.

2. Management of Social Equity Mechanism

a) Development Policy Guidelines on Sustained Support by the National Government and Local Government Units.

b) Operational Management Team of Social Equity Mechanism

1) Management Team Coordinating Support

2) Management Team Field Support and Institutional Linkages

3) Financial and Marketing Team Support

4) Evaluation and Monitoring Management Team Support

c) Complementary Partnership and Linkages with the national government agencies such as trade and investment, commercial banks, export and import bureaus, business centers.

1) National and Local Government Support Team on Social Equity

2) Local and National Trade and Investment Support Team for the Marketing Program

3) Business Centers Coordinating Centers ( Malls,Supermarket and Local Grocery Stores)

4) International Marketing Support and Quality Management

5) Commercial Banks Support

d) The employment agency job generation program for the micro-enterprise or medium scale enterprise.

e) Production, Distribution and Marketing of Social Equity Goods and Services.

f) Marketing Mix and Segmentation of Social Equity Goods and Services

      The direction of the social equity model for employment and income provides the sustained employment support of the poor people. The fusion of the GAD program is done by the gender strategy through the participation of men from the capacity building program on the different levels. Before giving the stable job of the poor people particularly men may first give the capacity building training for family-oriented approach to human development.

B. Family Support Orientation Training

     This is the social integration on the sole responsibility of the husband to provide the needed support of the family. It provides information about their responsibility to complementary nurture the children and their wife. The training also enhances their understanding about compassionate love, and values/ethical fusion in the family.

1. Social Equity Capacity Building for Family Support

2. Civil and Family Rights Advocacy for Children and Women

3. Values and Ethical Responsibility Training for the Family

4. Gender Commitment for Family Support

5. Gender and Development Strategy on Family-Oriented Approach to Human Development

6. Social Equity Employment and Income Share

7. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Family Support Program

C. Marriage Counseling and Sharing of Responsibility for the Family Support

     The continuation of the family support orientation training for a more responsive GAD program. The husband and wife come up with marriage commitment plan for the family support. Since the Social Equity Model gives them employment they may now find ways to solve the inherent family problems. The children are provided family orientation on the real condition of their family.

1. Marriage Counseling for the Parents

2. Family Support Sharing for the Children

3. Marriage Commitment Plan

4. Family Oriented Approach to Human Development

5. Monitoring and Evaluation of the Family Support Mechanism

D. Family Social Service Development Support

     The social equity model for employment and income gives the opportunity to monitor the family. They are given varied Monitoring and Evaluation report to find out whether there are no grave abuses by the parents particularly the husband such as the problem of the physical abuse of the wife. This is an extended social services support just like what is provided in social welfare and women’s desk.

  1. Family Support on Employment and Income
  2. Family Education and Career Development
  3. Family Health Card for Social Equity Program
  4. Family Marriage Counseling Center and Social Development.
  5. Monitoring and Evaluation on the Family Social Service Development Support

Find out more on the intriguing social dilemma on this article: “Evolutionary Creation of Gender Bias : The Social Analysis on the Root Cause of the Sexual Exploitations Among Women in the World”


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    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 

      11 years ago from South Africa

      A comprehensive Hub on a really important subject. Thanks so much for sharing this.

      Love and peace



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