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Family requests humanitarian release of terminally ill inmate!

Updated on August 29, 2012
Jerry Garcia w/daughter Geri
Jerry Garcia w/daughter Geri | Source
Garcia far right in happier times with the family that pleads for his humanitarian release
Garcia far right in happier times with the family that pleads for his humanitarian release | Source

Jerry Garcia diagnosed with terminal illness, family wants him to die at home!

At the Jefferson County Detention Center he's known as inmate number P01064506, but to his family he's known as a father, grandfather, brother and friend. Jerry Garcia, 62 of Denver is currently being held on a 3rd degree assault conviction. His family will be the first to admit, that Garcia, has led a problematic life that has led to a life that never really worked for him. However the stark exception to Garcia's disappointments and substance abuse issues, are his family. They want him to have a bit of peace in his final stage of life, and wish to have him surrounded by the family that loves him. Mr. Garcia, has been diagnosed with terminal cirrhosis of the liver, by jail physician, Dr. Brill. Perhaps the diagnosis is a symbolic gesture for the hard living that Garcia has engaged in for most of his life? A source that works for the Jefferson County Detention Center said that the bill for Garcia's medical treatments and security to transport him to treatments" could cost Colorado tax payers in excess of a six figure amount easily".

The current assault conviction stems from an argument that Garcia had with a girlfriend, who was recently released from a prision in South Dakota. The girlfirend has vehmetilly defended Garcia and has told authorities she is not afraid of Garcia in anyway. Garcia's daughter, Geri Garcia, may just be one of Garcia's staunchest supporters. She would like her father to be released so that he can be with the family that loves him and cares about him. Arrangements have been made for Garcia to be tended to at his daughter's Denver home, if and when he is released for humanitarian reasons. Ms. Garcia, says that he wasn't the perfect parent, and he's very flawed, but "he's my dad and I love him". Garcia doesn't understand why the taxpayers should be burdened with her father's care, when the family is more then willing to take on all of the responsibility. Many inmates all around the country have been released early for humanitarian reasons, such as Garcia's. Some of the inmates in the past that were released had convictions for serious charges such as rape and murder. According to medical and family sources, Garcia is not expected to make it to his 63rd birthday. The family is asking that all those concerned and and wishing to help their cause, contact Congressman Mike Coffman at (720)283-9772.


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    • profile image

      Ramon Flores 5 years ago

      the Lockerbie murderer who killed 270 people was let go. This is a 3rd degree assault. Someone needs to make the right, responsible, compassionate decision and let Mr. Garcia live his last days with his family.

    • Barry Maez profile image

      Barry Maez 5 years ago

      can anyone who. knows the law.concerning cruel and unusual pu nishment please help this family..any clergy..who knows about these kinds of just hard to believe this is the first time..this horrible situation has happened.jerry isn,t a flight risk.or a danger to the cummunity..what purpose is it serveing..

    • profile image

      Jesse Garcia 5 years ago

      Thank you Donna Thomas for shedding a light on this abuse of authority and lack of compassion for basic human decency, when medical staff and no opposition from the District attorneys office agreed to send our dad home to die with a sense of dignity he chose to sentence him to death in a jail cell(for a misdemeanor offense) , we are a loving but desperate family hoping for someone to listen and praying for a miracle.