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Famous Manhunt Events in History

Updated on March 25, 2014


From homicide to gang war, police forces are always ready to battle the odd men out. However, catching a culprit is not an easy matter as manhunt needs meticulous planning and be persuasive to end with the search. Manhunt’s are thus done in groups where the chief co-ordinates an able team to nab the suspect.

The world has seen a lot of events related to manhunt from earlier times. These events later got promoted through books and films in general reaching to masses as a thrilling story.

Here lies some of the major manhunt stories that sparkled a lot of interest among people.


Bombing at Boston Marathon

The bombing, in the year 2013 April 15 killed around three people and injury of at least 200. Federal Bureau of Investigation started a massive manhunt to find two key suspects: Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. With lots of hi-action and drama, the team was finally able to corner them to be taken to prison.


Taliban and Bin Laden

Probably the most endearing manhunt stories that people often come across is the story behind the capture of Taliban’s mastermind, Osama Bin Laden. After many unsuccessful manhunt a group of 21 SEALS attacked his house and executed them right away, killing the most wanted man in the history of crime.


Ted Kaczynski

Once a well-known mathematician turned into a serial killer. This is the story of “Unabomber” nickname of Ted. It took 18 years to nab this famous persona and was considered the lengthiest case in U.S History.


James Earl Ray

Killer of Martin Luther King, the U.S. police had to embark on a massive manhunt and was arrested from London in the year 1969.


Ned Kelly

An outlaw from Australia, Kelly robbed banks and killed three policemen. He was said to have served the poor and free them from the clutches of British rule. For a brief stint he proved lucky until police finally nabbed him and was hanged in the year 1880.


Christopher Dorner

Following a tiff with the law and administration, former Los Angeles Police Officer Dorner was sentenced for his rampant shooting spree among innocent people. With two weeks of search, LAPD finally cornered him but was unable to catch him alive.


IRA Massacre

In the year 1983, thirty-eight members of Irish Republican Army fled from prison. This is one of the largest manhunt in Ireland’s history and thousands of police officers and soldiers were deployed for the event.


John Wilkins Booth

The man behind the murder of Abraham Lincoln, Booth was successful to hideout for five days after he was caught by the police.


Adam Yahiye Gadahn

California born Adam came into spotlight after 9/11 attack. He supported the bombing and released a video. A month later he was charged of treason by U.S. courts. He is still on the hunt and an estimated $1 million reward for proper information that may lead to his arrest.


Moammar Gadhafi

Former leader of Libya, dictator Gadhafi had to seek refuge in his hometown of Sirte when the opposition took over the government. He was later nabbed after a massive manhunt and was killed brutally by people.


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